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19 text brushes

made some new text brushes

if u download , then comment / fav :)
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Took this, faved this, and added to favorite Corel PSP & Adobe Photoshop brushes. Thanks for posting these!
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These are great! I made this with them: More than I can take - 24 icons
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thank for share :)
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Nice i really like these sigs for my soft anime sigs
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Excellent ^^
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I absolutely LOVE your brushes! :)
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Love them! ^_^
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awesome brushes!

what font did you use for the title and subtitle of this banner?
i will use them. thanks! :D
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: love it ! thank u ! :D
jumala head brushid :)
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reallyy love your work :3
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Baw , seal on Yoline/Fallie ju . (:
need brushid on suuuuuuuuuurepärased ( K ) .
kasutan , koguaeg .
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kas su nimi on tuuli v?
kui on siis jee, kui ei ole siis feil, igatahes ma armastan su ps'i töid ja su brushe! ma kogu aeg kasutan neid(BRUSHE MA MÕTLEN)! Kas sa kasutad oma joonistustel digilaud?? ja muidugi väga proffesioonalne oled :aww:
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thanks for the awesome brushes ^^
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took them. thanks
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