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This is just to say that there won't be a new page for Mega Evolved this week, I had a lot of work the last 2 weeks and the current page is still half finished. I will finish it and upload it the next monday, and I hope my workload allow me to continue the comic.

Sorry for the delay on Mega Evolved, but I've been working on a Oneshot for a contest and do not have time to keep drawing page for Mega Evolved.
So for now it will be on hiatus at least for a month.
A lot of people has been asking for them so I will give a public answer.

I have the pages, but after the suspension I decided that it's too much of a headache and I will to not upload them again on DA or anywhere else; I know that there are other sites but I do not like them or  have some reservations about them or I feel that the comic do not belong there.

So if someone have them, He/She can upload the pages and I won't say anything against it.
honestly I believed that It will take 1 day to get that count, but it took 5 hours.

Anyway thanks for all the support
I'm going to change the update time for the las pages of Mega Evolved to 15 days, that's because I'm trying to get a manga published on a paper magazine and I  was preselected, so I have work to do.
It is done, I have enough to draw after the comic.
0/14 requests finished
I did not choose all the requests to draw, if yours its not there it was because it was not a on a note,or  it was too NSFW and will be deleted from DA, or there was more than 1 character.
For people that asked for one character and then for different character, I choose one at random to draw.

Lately I have been working on a comic for a contest so I did not have time to work on Mega Evolved . So there won't be an update of Mega Evolved until January.
Thanks to everybody for supporting the story..

For being a story that I started on a whim because I wanted an AP comic with Pokemon characters (and I did not found one), it has been a pretty good run; even if part 2 was not as good in quality to the first.
I am the first to admit that part two has too many flaws and it could have been done much better, but in my defence Part 2 was plagged with a lot of problems; how bad it was? well, for each page there was a source file from the program that I use to draw, for Part 1 I have all the sourcefiles so I can go back and made changes to each page; for part 2 I only have the source files for the last 2 pages, all the others were corrupted or lost, so if I want to fix the previous pages it will mean remake them.

All those problems also made me change the story (for the worst at times), because after I had to draw a page 3 times from the start and then I have to start again,I  ended up tired of it and  to drawing a very different page instead.

How much the story changed:
- the original characters were Alain and Mairin, with Mairin finding the Mega Evolution machine and coming to believe that she was now a Magical Girl,with  Dawn and May being dragged into the mess.
- The first rewrite was to made Korrina the main character, and the first pages were going in that direction. There was a page showing the incident between Miette and Serena at the swimming pool, with Korrina arriving just in time to asve Clemont for the fallout. Then Clemont would have been kidnapped by Allie, and Korrina would have been forced to transform to rescue him. Dark-Korrina was set to appear but at the end, with Korrina going crazy because her conflicting emotions.
-Mega mallow was not supposed to appear, she was just a cameo
- There was supposed to be a fight against all the maids

I'm still happy that I'm finishing this part despite all the problems, and after buying a new pc I think there wont be more unexpected problems.
Well, I missed the 300k kiriban for 1 day (more or less)...
I left it open  for 2 hours and got buried on notes.

Now I have a lot of work to do

Thanks. :)
Well, after watching today's episode from pokemon anime, I'm not that surprised, I wrote the comic based on that something like that will happen (BTW I think it was on the check and that He didn't know what it means).
Now that the series has ended I will start uploading new pages for Mega Evolved.
I haven't noticed (until a week ago) that today (Sep 27) one year ago I uploaded the first page of Mega Evolved.

To be frank, it all started on a whim. One day I read a funny comic about mega evolution, and out of curiosity went looking for human mega evolutions but I only found gijinka. I ended up really wanting a comic about pokemon girls mega evolving, but after I didn't find anything I decided to give it a try and made my own comic just to stop wanting to read one.

At first it was supposed to be just one page mostly because I tend to get bored when drawing a character many times. I was surprised when people liked it and I still wanted to see mega pokemon girls , so I continued the comic .

I'm still surprised that people like the comic, and for that matter that there is so few human mega evolutions comics (I think that the idea is a really good doujin material), also I know I'm not the best writer and artist.

Anyway; thanks for the support, I will try to keep writing a good comic and making more mega girls.


I didn't visited DA so I may be surprised by the result. Seems May and Dawn won by a large margin. Now time to start sketching.
I have some plans for the Mega Evolved comic after the current story ends (which will be soon).
I'm going to change the main characters because Clemont needs a rest, Bonnie a stern talk and Korrina, Miette and Serena must calm their hormones.
I have the new main character ready but  I found that I need 2 more girls and could not decide who, so I want  to heard which girls you want to see megaevolving. Leave a comment with the names.


-The main character is not Ash. I want to wait how his character is handled on the new Aiola series to draw him (I like his new design btw).
- The 2 girls must be on the good side not villians.
- Sorry but no OC's, only from the anime or games.

I'm waiting for your comments.
Thnaks for th 75K views, was interesting to see.
i got enough ideas for a month.