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Schwarz Weiss by LillithsBernard
Justice League by Jonny5Alves
#OCCommission GOLD RUSH by emmshin
Mercedes C350 by DavidGrieninger
Beautiful by riscas
Beautiful by riscas
Love it by riscas
Fantasy Horror Sci-Fi
GENIE #OCCommission by emmshin
JURASSIC SIOUX MAN #OCCommission by emmshin
The PRETENDER #OCCommission by emmshin
ELASTIC HEROES #OCCommission by emmshin
Reach For The Sky by DavidGrieninger
Cherry Blossom Tree by DavidGrieninger
Hawaii (49) by IsabellaNY
Hawaii (50) by IsabellaNY
THE JOKER #SketchEmAll by emmshin
BATMAN | #SketchEmAll by emmshin
#SketchEmAll DeathStroke | Lineart | Emmshin by emmshin
#SketchEmAll NIGHTWING by emmshin
Marvel Heroes
#SketchEmAll THOR by emmshin
(Link) THOR #SketchEmAll by emmshin
#SketchEmAll WOLVERINE x DARK PHOENIX by emmshin
#SketchEmAll STORM by emmshin
Sirens by Ryoko-demon
Warcraft - King Llane by vaxzone
Powergirl - Earth Two: Society - DC Comics by FioreSofen
The Witcher cosplay - Cirilla by ver1sa
MAKOTA #SketchEmAll by emmshin
PILOSOPO TASYO #ArtofEmmshin by emmshin
DYNAMIC #OCCommission by emmshin
RUSH x JUSTICE #OCCommission by emmshin
Catching Lapras by exp121
-Flygon- by arvalis
-Steelix- by arvalis
Welcome to Alola by catandcrown
Sun blast by DerStrahl
In eternal darkness by KPEKEP
Space storm by KPEKEP
Purple planet by ElenaLight
KIKO EPiKO and his amazing friends, da'SK's by emmshin
Manga and Anime
SAILOR MOON #SketchEmAll by emmshin
Jeremy McKinnon. A Day to Remember by AsphodelGray
MAVERICK #OCCommission by emmshin
LAONG LAAN #ArtOfEmmshin by emmshin


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Group Info

When life gives us lemons, we make sure the lemons aren't poisoned before we start an international lemonade chain store!

We're a bunch of art and lemon loving deviants! New members, contributors, and watchers are always welcome with open arms. As long as you bring lemons, and art of course.

Rules? Try to keep it PG-13, but f-bombs are excepted. If you're a contributor, contribute. That means voting on submissions, and posting your own art at least once a month. I'm pretty lax about enforcing rules, so don't worry. I only kick people who are inactive for more than six months, or those who have offended others (so play nice).

Above all else, enjoy the group. This group was founded to share art, and for lesser known artists to showcase their stuff amidst the millions of deviants.

So stay devious, and welcome to Fallen Worlds,
Iris Emma (aka asianplatypus6).
Founded 8 Years ago
May 2, 2012

North America

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Art Collection

1,007 Members
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Heyo, just a quick check in

And I'd like to remind submitters, members, and contributors that if you have art that you desperately want featured in one of our group folders you are more than welcome to just message me the art so I can submit it myself!

We get so many submissions every day. But I can see very few actually get into the group before they expire. So if that is the case, feel free to send me a message letting me know what's what.

I'm not as active as I'd like to be. Unfortunately that means I don't vote on submissions as often as I should.

Again, apologies if your art is seemingly "overlooked". And sorry it's taken me so long to post anything. I'm not dead, just cruising along. Summer, everyone gets lazy when it gets hot.

Stay devious,
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But it's dead now... I think... :/
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I've been trying to post pictures for months, but no response
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I think it depends where you post them. Aslong it is submited into the normal folders it should be automaticaly approved I think.
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