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Ellen Worden - FW Profile
Full name: Ellen Elena Worden
Age: 17
Date of Birth: April 27th
Gender: Female
Zodiac Sign: Aries
Side: Golden Republic
Position: Golden City Citizen/Seeming Part Time Spy
Goals: Power, Perfected Social Status, Whatever she wants, the fall of the rebellion.
Friends: I’m not quite sure, but I’m sure has quite a good amount due to her charisma.
Enemies: Melissa, the Rebellion
Likes: Gossip, Secrets, Mirrors, Fashion, Luxury, Power, Socializing, Lies, Piano, Chess
Dislikes: Rebels, not getting what wants, people who try to control her, annoying people, foolish people
Family: Claudia Worden – mother, Everett Worden – father, Macy Worden – sister, Eleanor Worden – sister, Gerald Worden – brother, Ophelia Golden – aunt, Cora Golden – aunt-in-law, Rowan Golden – uncle in law, Henrietta Golden – aunt in law, Odessa Golden – Cousin
Personality:  Ellen appears to be your average teenage; focused on hanging out with frie
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Working of Color by FallenTributes Working of Color :iconfallentributes:FallenTributes 4 0 Starburst of Colors by FallenTributes Starburst of Colors :iconfallentributes:FallenTributes 3 0 Weaven Silk by FallenTributes Weaven Silk :iconfallentributes:FallenTributes 5 0
Ophelia Golden - FW Profile
Full name: Ophelia Bonita Golden (nee. Vandermorgan)
Age: 31
Date of Birth: July 16th
Gender: Female
Zodiac Sign: Cancer
Side: Golden Republic
Position: Queen
Goals: Getting revenge on the people who ‘wronged her’, the downfall of Pascale, having everyone be subordinate to her, having even more money, getting whatever it is that she wants.
Friends: Cora, Brooke, Rowan, Henrietta, A long list of rich socialites
Enemies: Dion (descended), Jessie, Pascale, Llewella, The Rebellion
Likes: Money, diamonds, elegance, fashion, power, business, social status, jewelry, high quality, romance, herself, mirrors, achieving, get what she wants, loyalists.
Dislikes: Rebels, not getting what wants, people who try to control her, the villages, Pascale, people who disagree with her, dirt, being married, not knowing the truth
Family: Evelyn Vandermorgan – Descended Mother, Thorn Vandermorgan – Descended Father, Everett Vandermorgan – Brother, Vivian Vandermorgan – Siste
:iconfallentributes:FallenTributes 2 1
A side that was chosen
She just wanted to be that innocent little girl who fell in love again. Wasn’t that it, deep down inside? She wondered that as she stared in the mirror longing, sitting at her vanity.
She had had any one who her parents didn’t approve of taken from her and murderer. Maybe Vivian had been right… may their parents wanted the best for themselves and not her. What did doing all of these horrible things accomplish anyway? A life that was a mess.
“Look a bit harder, into your mind, you’ll find what you want then and there,” she remembered hearing that on some ad or something of that sorting a few years ago. Maybe that’s what she had to do.
So, she did. She thought about many things like that. But then, she came to her own epiphany. It was control that was happiness. It was when she took control that made her happy. Dion’s poisoning. That when she took matters into her own hands and the outcome had pleased her very much, it wasn’t her par
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Hell has spoken.
“Sometimes, I’m not sure of this.”
Raven turned to her daughter. Eyes full of anger.
“You don’t get a choice. I made you the Queen of Vampires. You’re my way of getting things down, rather you like it or not.”
“Sometimes seeing them suffer is funny, but I think deep now inside, no matter what, this isn’t me.”
“I will make you into that if it’s the last thing I do. If I have to hex you I will. If I have to kill everyone you know I will.”
Rave had spoken. Hell had spoken. Elvira started at her mother with mixed emotions. Fear, admiration, and confusion.
But Raven was ruthless and she always got what she wanted, just what she wanted.
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How She Became This Way: Chapter 1
Rain drops fell down the window. She often watched them, wondering if they were some secret meaning behind them. Everyone else just laughed at her though when she shared that.
“Stop watching the raindrops!” Her mother Evelyn barked.
“But I like to watch them…” she muttered awkwardly.
“I didn’t ask if you liked them, did I?”
“Well…no, but I still do!”
“I don’t care.”
“Why not?
“It’s stupid and unhealthy to be like that.”
“Does that make me stupid and unhealthy?”
“Yes, yes it does.”
“You’re mean!”
Evelyn put her hand to her daughter’s check. “Don’t you ever speak like that to me again! Do you understand me?”
She bit her lip. “…Yes, mommy…”
“If you just listened and dealt with our privileges how you should, we could be close. Think about it,” Evelyn said.
“I want to be clo
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Goodbye my sister
“You weren’t always this way.”
“But I am now and that’s all that matters.”
“You can always cha—“
“Goodbye Vivian. I hope I never have to see your filthy face again.”
And that was the day Vivian Vandermorgan lost her sister.
Tires ran down her face as she let out a quiet mutter, “Goodbye Ophelia. I wish you only the best.”
But Ophelia had already walked out and she’d never walk back in. She’d never know her sister only wished her the best.
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Stars, Hide Your Fires: The Pursuit of Hapiness.
Stars, Hide Your Fires; Let Not Light See My Black and Deep Desires
Some people would call it a hash decision not made with thought, but no one would even know about this to make that judgment. It would be her secret and no one else’s expect for Cora; the only person who was completely trustworthy.
Soon she’d feel the freedom she desired for all these lonely years, soon all the power and control would be her’s. It was her happy future, no one else’s. Yes, that was how it had been decided.
It would be fine, oh yes, wouldn’t it? She thought to herself. The situation could defiantly have been worse. They only controlled their own country and two others, not the majority like they did a few years ago. She could handle it.
She wasn’t a bad person she told herself, just someone who was unhappy and finally taking the pursuit towards happiness. Her mind had
:iconfallentributes:FallenTributes 1 3
Was it worth it?
Was it worth it in the end? That’s the question she so often pondered in her days alone at home while Odessa was at private school and Dion was at the Golden Family Business. She didn’t need to work due to the economic status they had, but it wasn’t like she actually had a desire too. She would just rather not spend her whole day alone with nothing to do but listen to Henrietta’s many woes that existed solely in her own head and stare into blank space.
She deserved better, she though. She was Ophelia Golden Vandermorgan, she should be entitled to whatever she wanted.
She could still picture herself, only sixteen years old, being asked to marry the Golden Heir. She had been sitting on a coach, slightly terrified. She had always dreamed of power and not being just a queen, but the queen but it was also, at the same time, throwing away almost everything she loved.
Right away, when she learned her sister Vivian was with a rebel romantically, she ordered his executio
:iconfallentributes:FallenTributes 2 13
The Conspiracy of Death, Prolouge
No good deed goes unpunished they say. Well, then what about bad deeds? Did they just get forgot about? Was age and innocence an excuse? That wasn’t this situation, though. It was something quite different.
A teenage girl with long flowing brown hair and one of the prettiest smiles in the whole city in my people’s opinions came out of an office door. Innocently saying, “Goodbye dad, see you later.” But innocence was no excuse.
Or was it? That’s what the man at the poker table at the attic of the office building was wondering.
Earlier, that day that man had run into a pregnant mother ready to go into labor, her frantic husband, and their young daughter. Literally, ran into. But he pushed away his normal selfish, twisted ways for the sake of the innocence of the baby and the little girl standing right there. The greedy man then wondered, was the old man’s daughter innocent like that little girl and the baby to be born? But that was a worry for another
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Profile: Cora
Full name: Cora Lillian Golden
Age:  23
Date of Birth: April 18th
Gender: Female
Zodiac Sign: Cancer
Side: Golden Republic
Position: Government War Department Leader
Goals: Cora doesn’t honestly have that many goals, exactly. In all honesty, her goal is to kill as many people as possible.
Friends: Ophelia
Enemies: Henrietta, The Rebellion
Likes: Battle, War, Fighting Techniques, Advanced Plans, Murder, Guns, Mystery
Dislikes: Obvious People, Most People in General, The Rebellion, People who she didn’t get to kill her.
Family: Dion and Rowan –Brothers, Ophelia and Henrietta – sisters in law, Descended Parents,
Relationship Status: Single. Cora isn’t interested in romance, really.
Personality: Cora is completely ruthless on the outside and she has no problem with torturing people to horrid degrees and there’s no low she won’t go. She’s cold and calculating and always has her hand on the trigger. Despite her malice, she seems to be almo
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A Beautiful Day of Laughter
The day was beautiful with the perfect sunlight and temperature. It would be a great day in the city for outdoor activities such as picnics, bird-watching, bicycling, and…public execution.
It was a grand set-up for this execution; it had bright, expensive golden grandeur which was exactly how the predacious Royal House of Golden liked it. Besides, weren’t such glamorous decorations appropriate since it was a special execution?
A special execution, indeed – in fact some people might even consider the person being executed a relative of the ultra-powerful Golden family.
The man with tied up the be-header with his head under the massive blade was named William Foster. He was the fiancé of Vivian Vandermorgan, who had recently become a very trouble individual. Vivian was the sister of Ophelia Golden, a new member of the Golden Family and the newly-appointed Queen. She was as beautiful as she was vindictive. As gracefully deadly as a panther was a great way to desc
:iconfallentributes:FallenTributes 1 3
The Secret of the Royal Family
The Royal Family; a symbol of power, money, and intelligence. They seemed to well put-together in public, always at the most glamorous socialite events, a daughter who excelled in school and loved her parents dearly, and a mother and father hopelessly in love with each other. That’s what the people thought, that is what they saw.  
But, they didn’t know what was really going on that blanket of protection to maintain perfected status. It was all a well-thought out façade to keep it all together for the people. A family that was so functional, yet so clever, charismatic, and brilliant at making war strategies. But that wasn’t it. It was a mess neatly wrapped up with lies.
Ophelia Golden was the one that was considered the most popular socialite in the family, the one who actually enjoyed all the gaudy galas they attended. But she didn’t. She just pretended to, she pretended to be a mature, classy woman in public, never loosing her cool whatsoever even
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Profile - Vera Dorlowsk
Full name: Vera Coral Dorlowski
Age: 15
Date of Birth: March 29th
Gender: Female
Zodiac Sign: Aries
Side: (Rebel, Undecided, Government) Rebel
Position: (Staff, Rich Citizen, Troop) Troop
Goals: To escape the boat
Friends: No one
Enemies: The Government
Likes: Being alone, reading, rebelling, escape, hiding from Rowan
Dislikes: Rowan, The Royal Family, Conforming
Family: All died expect her long lost twin brother Viktor
Relationship Status: Single and wants to keep it that way
Personality: Loner by choice, rebellious, edgy, feisty, has a strong sense of right and wrong, headstrong but quiet
Good Traits: Strong sense of self, secure in her ambitions and beliefs
Flaws: easily-angered, has a lot of trust issues
Skills: Rebelling, Running, Hiding (because she’s so quiet), being ninja-like
Weaknesses: Can’t focus when it’s noisy, not physically strong (despite being flexible), can’t swim
Back-story, if any: There was a shortage the year, Vera’s older siblings w
:iconfallentributes:FallenTributes 1 0
This of course is my gallery. You'll find nothing that good in here, but if you look and comment I'd really apreticate the doing of that.


Emily Thorne by HappyLittleDreamer Emily Thorne :iconhappylittledreamer:HappyLittleDreamer 14 2 Emily Thorne - Revenge by IlariaCa Emily Thorne - Revenge :iconilariaca:IlariaCa 12 14 Victoria Grayson by slugaholic Victoria Grayson :iconslugaholic:slugaholic 8 4 Ophelia Question #1 by AskOpheliaandAqua Ophelia Question #1 :iconaskopheliaandaqua:AskOpheliaandAqua 3 4
Pascale's Story Chapter Two
I stepped into the dining room for breakfast.
I was in a satin brown dress with a sky blue sash, I didn’t like sating but I kept this to myself. I’m sure Phylys was stressed enough.
My hair was combed and curled and held up in a high ponytail with a ribbon that matched my sash, gems glittered in my hair and on my neck and around my wrists. My ears held dangling earrings that swirled like ribbons of gold, I had on brown flats that matched the colour of my dress exactly, and I had white stockings underneath it all.
I had on a moderate amount of makeup which was mostly foundation, there was brown eye shadow above my eyes and lip gloss but I didn’t wear as much make up as Phylys. For this I was grateful.
I sat down across from Phylys as I did every day, though today—for her sake— I was extra careful to sit properly and not the way I preferred,
After breakfast we left the house in a fancy car which honestly scared me a little every time we rode in it because I
:iconivy-devi:Ivy-Devi 2 3
Pascale's Story
I was a village girl when I was born… I had the beginning of my childhood in a village… poor and deprived as the rest of them. Maybe more deprived than some. My mother died giving birth to me, and my father committed suicide at the thought of living without her. With no thought of how he was abandoning his baby daughter he killed himself. That’s what I’ve been told anyway. I don’t remember my parents. I was too young by far at the time, but I know that life isn’t the same without parents, especially as a child. Especially in the villages. Children were deprived in the villages when they did have parents, but living without them was even worse. Both emotionally and physically; Because without parents there was no one to have a chance of earning the money to send us to school, we all worked in factories if we were eight or older, and because there were few people willing to volunteer to help the orphans in an orphanage, we didn’t get a
:iconivy-devi:Ivy-Devi 2 4
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Amanzingly Tanleted Artist's Devinations can be found here!


by IvyDevi

So, to start off, the texture is really really great! Like perfect! I also think the shading on her skin from her clothes is amazing. T...


Hey everyone. I just wanted to say thank you… a year ago, I was in a bad place, even if it did only exist in my head. I've gone through therapy and other stuff, I'm in a much better place now, but I wanted to thank everyone I talked to on this site for being nice to me and for listening to me rant and complain. But to be honest… I don't feel like using dA anymore. I'm sorry, but that's how I honestly feel and that won't change. I've been thinking about this for a while, but I've been too scared to do this until now. Once again, I'm really sorry if this upsets anyone, but I've got to think of how I feel too. I was shaking with anxiety as I wrote this…I'm scared to do this, but not for my own sake. This site use to make me happy, but now it just gives me a headache. I'm not going to deactivate my account….for now; I'm not going to long on for a few months or weeks. I may eventually come back or deactivate it. – It's been a fun time. I wish you all the best. I hope your future endeavors go well. =)
Good bye.


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Hey man,
I just had Halloween and Fen's 7th birthday, he's almost as old as I was when he was born!! It's kinda freaky, oh and guess what! I'm gunna be doing FallenWorld with one of our old friends from the original cotrk rp! Super excited about that~ I'm having a bit of a nostalgic pocket again so I'm gunna come talk to you here a bit more... I look at your tumblr some and I love your sims stuff it's awesome! I bet you've been watching OUAT since the new season aired and I have been too! Peter Pan pisses me off and it would be great to have Regina as a villain but she doesn't make a bad protagonist tbh nor do Rumple or Hook~ I ship Mulan and Aurora so much and I hope Regina gets to be with Robin Hood eventually! I'm staying at Darianne's house in Virgina right now and I got a new jacket that I can put my thumbs through like half gloves and I was a Death Queen for Halloween and we stayed out till like 10 to get all the leftover candy it was awesome we totally got more candy than I've gotten in years! And we still didn't start till super late! I got a random nostalgic need for Railee too but she blocked me on everything... and I don't have the heart to ask Railee's best friend--one of my friends-- for help. I have a weird sleep schedule right now too I stay up almost all night every night ehe... the other night we got delirious (Me, Bailee, and Darianne) and skyped Becca while we threw candy around and tried to play monopoly and watch "Retarded Horse" an annoying video on YouTube XD we also had a long time where we thought there were ghosts in the house.... interesting time happening. I'll probably talk again in a couple weeks?
Love ya~
IvyDevi Featured By Owner Sep 4, 2013  Professional Digital Artist
Well I've had a fantastic month! I got an iPhone for my birthday as I told you and I got a job at a place called Playhouse Academy working with kids!! Perfect right???? In fact, the woman practically begged me to take the job which was amazing! And last week I went to Floyd Yoga Jam (a music festival in Virginia) where my parents performed a few times! It was amazing!!! We got there on Thursday (a day before the festival) and camped backstage by a lovely creek~ Then on Friday morning I saw the most amazing thing!! Aerial Silks! I was so fascinated, I talked to the girls who worked at the booth and we became good friends (I seem to be attracting them like crazy lately) but I had no money to buy lessons so I asked dad if there was any way I cou;d earn money and he said he had none, but him and the man (Matt) we were talking to came up with the idea of taking out venders trash for a couple bucks and I made SEVENTY ONE DOLLARS! In 3 days! I made 51 in the first 2 days of it and took my first lesson on Saturday right after I got to sing with David Newman-- an amazingly HUGE kirtan singer-- on stage!!! My lesson was great my new friend Brian, Fen, Grandad, Amma, and Daddy all watched~ That night we had a massive backstage party which we got bored with and moved to the platform attached to the stage while MC Yogi-- another even bigger kirtan guy who raps and had hundreds at his concert that night-- did his thing and then he invited us all on stage to dance with him!!!! I was so tired after that and went to bed haha~ On Sunday I earned the last of my money (plus 11 extra) and did another Aerial silks lesson and that night my parents played their music on the big stage and I did some dancing with a fire dancer on stage behind them and on and after their last song we all got to release 200 LANTERNS FULL OF FIRE into the sky!! It was so pretty! After that we had the biggest backstage party yet with pasta, pizza, popcorn, muffins, kombucha, and a ton of other things!! I took my first hot shower in a week and went to bed then. We left the next day~ Yesterday was driving and today I had fresh Asian pears straight from the tree! They were amazing!!!!!!!!!!! I got so addicted to them LOL! XD I don't think I'm going to make Odessa into a UTAU with you gone, you know? Seems kinda silly lol~ I don;t think I'll do Gwen either but miss Ruby is my heart and soul these days. I draw her and think about her loads~ This morning I realized if you do come back I'm going to have to just straight out say "Don't you dare come back here if you aren't here to stay." because I can't take my hopes being lifted and crushed again really, especially since I'm so happy these days! I hope you're doing well, my dear friend. I hope you're happy and well and that things with Donna aren't too scary, and that you can find full happiness in life. You have my blessings for the rest of your life, and even if we never talk again, you impacted my life in so many ways good and bad and I just want to thank you so very much for having been in my life. The good and the bad transform me for the best and I hope you release that everything horrible that happens will help make you the wonderful person you come to be.
Love from your friend,
IvyDevi Featured By Owner Aug 19, 2013  Professional Digital Artist
Been a while since I visited your page.... Well things are getting better, Im able to not cry and be desperate to talk to you anymore.. I roleplay your OCs in my head and on roleplays too sometimes... I'm thinking about getting a job at trader joe's or something in January~
IvyDevi Featured By Owner Aug 7, 2013  Professional Digital Artist
Yesterday was really fun except for my laptop screwing up, I got an iPhone 4 for my birthday!! That's what I'm on now. I really wish we could have talked that would have been an awesome bday gift (:

Last birthday we were still on Elvira's reign an Juliet's real name had been revealed lol and Elvirq called her Poozy xD
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