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who does update occasionally XD
New Zealand
Stolen from the awesome :iconjakurinu-sama:

1. How long have YOU been dolling?
July 2003. Aka far too long. lol

2. You have to like something about it; what is it? What do you enjoy dolling?
It's a hobby. Way to kill time on rainy days. I've always loved pretty things, and dolling gives me an excuse to make some. Hence my soft spot for gowns and dresses. I also love the accomplised feeling you get when you put the finishing touches on a doll you are particularly proud of. lol.

3. What do you HATE dolling, eh? You know, clothes, hair..
Hair. And Black clothes. cos I'm not very good at either. lol

4. Your favorite part of your dolls, usually is:
Folds folds folds! That and the jewellery/flowers/sparkles and other lil touches that finishes off a doll

5. What do you put the most effort into: clothes/hair/stuff..or base editing?
Definitely the clothes. They are usually the main focus of my dolls, so I tend to concentrate mostly on those

6. Bases are a staple of the dolling community. Do you like using them, or do you prefer to go baseless?
I'm such a base user. lol. My knowledge of the the human anatomy is unfortunately limited to the squidgy bloody bits on the inside. Besides, there are so many great bases out there these days, you can't help but want to try them out :P

7. Not all dollers are basemakers..are you?
Nope.I've tried once or twice, and may do so again in the future (far future, lol) but I'm not a regular basemaker. (see previous comment about my grasp of the human anatomy. lol)

8. Are you part of any dolling forums?
Yes, even though I have a bad habit of lurking. Currently, I'm hanging around GLAM a lot ^_^

9. This community can suck ass sometimes. List for us FOUR pet peeves when it comes to the doll community, that you just wanna strangle people for:
strangle is a strong word, but some stuff I'd like to see improved
- Frankendolling. self explanatory.
- Lack of CC in the community - slightly hypocritic of me seeing as I rarely give out cc myself (usually only if 1- there's something to mention and 2- if I know the doller can handle it). But there's always the fear of accidently offending someone XD
- Tolerance of differing opinions - The dolling world is full of grey areas, live and let live, peoples ^_^
Only three, cos I can't think of a fourth XD

10. But there's awesome people here, too! List three of your favorite dollers.
Just three? You can't be serious?
:iconbitterkawaii: - This girl can do dresses like nobody's business
:iconxsirenx: - my newest dolling idol. Like I've told her, it's not human to be able to pixel so smoothly. She's also always up for giving people CC, which is something I admire.
:iconfionacreates: - I'm no tooler, but if I am, I'd wanna tool like dollmama.
:iconbeblue: - blue knows her stuff. Go read her tutorials if you haven't already.
:iconjakurinu-sama: - one word. hair. (Not to mention she's sweet enough to rot your teeth - and I mean that in the nicest possible way, of course :P)

Speaking of three people...Tag three dollers to do this
Again, just three? Dollers - knock yourselves out :D


Sunny's Terms of Use

Dolls and Pixels labeled unadoptable are (naturally ) unadoptable. This means you shouldn't display them on your site - they are usually made for a specific someone

Always link back to me if you choose to adopt (display my dolls) anywhere. Text or banner, doesn't matter. As long as the credit's on the same page as the doll, I'm happy  

Do not claim that my dolls are yours. My dolls are not open resources - do not change them in anyway, or make your dolls/graphics using parts of mine. - The only exception to this would be my bases:

If you use one of my bases for your dolls, link back to me. Text, button, whatever. It has to be on the SAME page as my base.

Feel free to edit these bases as much as you like, but rule one still applies!

Show me your work if you want! I'd love to see them and would love to showcast them at my site. (with your permission, of course.)
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  • Watching: Greys Anatomy - Season 1
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How was your summer in Sydney? ^^
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Wow! I love your art I love the Victorian era and i draw dresses myself!
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Thx ♥
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