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Diary of Eve Akiyama: entry no.2
  It has been many weeks since Eve departed. She has traveled thousands of miles, as she made it to route 29, and already she is exhausted. All she could do is slowly walk down the road and furiously curse her mothers words DON'T TAKE THE BUS!!! To get to New Bark Town, you have to travel on foot or by bike. That's how you find trainers and find new Pokémon. Trust me, that's how I met your father.
  "She is the spawn of Giratina, I swear"
  As she approaches a clearing in the forest, she spots a town up ahead. Pulling out her town map from her pocket, she flips through the device, only to find out its New Bark Town.
  "Finally!" In absolute relief she heads into the town. New Bark Town: The Town Where Winds of a New Beginning Blows.
  As she runs down the hill she is being shadowed by five figures hiding behind trees. These five are figures are Mike and his crew
  "So, you came after all? We're so glad you showed" Mikey: the leader with the black base
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Diary of Eve Akiyama: Entry no1
  It starts like any other day. At the crack of dawn there sound of a Dodrios call fills the air, signifying the beginning of a new day for the people of ecruteak. But one teen named Eve Akiyama, refuses wake. She's a wiry gothic Asian girl who dreams to become a great writer and to make that tell all book one day. As she lays there in bed, her mother comes in. Even though they're blood related, Eve shares more of her Asian traits with her Johtoan father, then her Unovan mother
  "Eve, wake up" she tries waking 
  "Wake up" she tries poking with her cane 
  "I said, wake UP!!!" She smacks Her with her cane.
  "AWW!!!" she gets up in pain.
  "WHAT THE HELL!?!" She looks at her mother in pain.
  "Now that you're up, I want you to come down and eat breakfast"
 Annoyed, she goes back to bed "in five minutes"
  "RISE AND SHINE!!!" her mother angrily smacks her again
  Minutes later, the two are eating waffles as Eve is holding her
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Cabin Fever
Feb, 2
I've been living in this cabin for two days now since I've started my vacation. Just now a blizzard came out of nowhere and has started blocking the Windows and doors with snow. As of now, I'm just waiting for storm to be over. Luckily I have some food, water and some firewood to keep over for a few days. For now I'll just wait it out.
Feb, 3
The snow hasn't gone away yet. It's getting so boring. I started rationing the food I have left. Hopefully it blows over soon because I really have to go outside. I just finished my last chocolate bar. I really wish I hadn't, cause I'm really craving for some more.
Feb, 4
I'm tired, and I really can't get any sleep. I'm trying to ration enough food as I can, but I'm having this huge urge to keep on eating, however I'm trying to resist. Why hasn't anyone come to find me yet. I'm starting to think that they aren't looking for me. I've been trying to radio in some help but all I'm getting is some static
Feb, 5
What the fuck is taking them so d
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Doves in the sky
Your voice is like spring
Your body's like summer
I love how you sing
There can be no other
You remind me of sunshine
Your eyes are like rain
You're my Valentine
You make me sane
I want to spend my life with you
And that's what I want to do
I'm just a fool in love
You make me cry
You're just like a dove
Who flys in the sky
They'll all laugh at us
Like kids on the bus
But we both have to fly
Like doves in the sky
And we both know why
You're like an eleven
Nothing can compare
Your beauty's a weapon
With that I swear
I want to spend my life with you
And that's what I want to do
I'm just a fool in love
You make me cry
You're just like a dove
Who flys in the sky
They'll all laugh at us
Like kids on the bus
But we both have to fly
Like doves in the sky
And we both know why
I want to spend my life with you
And that's what I want to do
And If you only knew
My feelings for you
I'm just a fool in love
You make me cry
:iconfallensoldierofhaven:fallensoldierofhaven 10 0
I just wanted closure
I don't want to lose her
She was my only friend
I know you're abused
I don't want to lose you
I wish we could start again
I want to be redeemed in your eyes
After you've been hurt by my lies
I don't want to be ostracized
I don't want this to be our last goodbye
I know the truth hurts
I know it can't be worse
After what I've done
I know that I used you
When you had no clue
We used to have so much fun
I want to be redeemed in your eyes
After you've been hurt by my lies
I don't want to be ostracized
I don't want this to be our last goodbye
I know that you're angry
I just wanna see you happy
I wish I had control
I just want to apologize
I know that it hurts inside
I wish I had a better soul
I just want to say sorry
For just about everything
It's just wasn't wise
I guess this is our last goodbye
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Dark Rose OC: Dark Rose Anderson
Name: Rose Anderson
Birthday: march 24 1924 (looks 21)
Hair: auburn, bob cut
Eyes: grey
Skin: pale white
Race: dhampire
Height: 5'11
Weight: 135
Build: lean but muscular
Clothing: black jacket, black tank top, black shoes, black denim pants
Weapons: balanced throwing knives hidden in her clothes, 2 Bowie knives called "the rose thorns" which she never abandons, 2 mark XIX dessert eagles with .500 action express magazines hidden in the jacket, and a smith & Wesson model 500 x frame revolver with .500 smith & Wesson magnum cartridges in her pockets
Abilities: has all of the abilities of a vampire including superhuman strength and speed, claw like nails, immunity to disease and poison, increased senses, and regeneration without most of the weaknesses of a vampire. There are also charmed tattoos on her body that give her the abilities of increased speed, strength and flight.
Weaknesses: if the tattoos on her get damage she loses that increase strength, speed, and flight
Tattoos: on
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Superhero reference sheet: Blue Wolf
Real name: Nicholas "Nick" Richter
Sex: male
Age: 20
Height: 5"7'
Weight: 145
Hair: red, short, skrillex haircut
Eyes: blue
Skin: white
Build: lean, muscular
Home town: New York City
Accent: Staten Island accent
Clothing: navy hooded overcoat with symbol at the back, blue mask, shirt with his symbol placed up ones the chest, gloves, chuck Norris action jeans, and combat boots. Nick doesn't have good vision, so his mask was outfitted with lenses to help him see better
Vehicle: a glider
Weapons: two stun pistols that transform into an energy whip. And Two metal Kali sticks 
Personality: like any other New Yorker, Nick is snarky, sarcastic, and has a very cocky personality. But he's also a nice guy. He is also smart and can think quick on his feet. He also has an eidetic memory.
When he was young, Nick was always a tough kid growing up, along with his childhood friend Rachel Darwin. However as time goes by, the two began to move apart, as Nick became more like an enforcer in her eyes
:iconfallensoldierofhaven:fallensoldierofhaven 3 0
Mature content
The Prostitute :iconfallensoldierofhaven:fallensoldierofhaven 2 1
Lone Wolfen
Name: Unknown (goes by Lone Wolfen)
Sex: male
Age: unknown (seems to be in his early twenties)
Height: 5 foot 9
Weight: 133
Hair: brown, short and messy
Eyes: brown
Clothing: black hooded overcoat, navy buttoned long sleeve shirt, blue denim jeans, black and white Adidas, black fingerless gloves, and a pair of glasses
Personality: calm. snarky. rude towards others. sarcastic. enjoys messing with people. likes gaining information even if it's useless, although some of his information isn't useless and likes info that no one knows about. he is also very egotistical, however doesn't like talking about himself, despite all that he doesn't like to kill others, sure he maims some people but doesn't kill, he also doesn't want people to die because of him, he'll never tell what he's after but he will mix the truth with his lies just to mess with others.
Powers: has the power to control water and any form of liquid, he could even compress even compress water so he could hard enough to crus
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Pokemon oc: Luna Royel Cunningham
Luna Royel Cunningham
Age: 26
Sex: female
Height: 5'9"
Weight: 130 lbs
Hair: short, blonde, Bob cut
Eyes: blue
Birthday: November 1
Trainer class: hex maniac
Home town: lavender town
Clothing: black gothic dress, black fingerless opera gloves, black high heeled dress shoes, black dress socks.
Backstory: Before she was born Luna's parents are goths who practice witchcraft and black magic, and it wouldn't take long for her to take up the art as well. When she was seven she went in to lavender tower where she was surrounded by ghost pokemon. Instead of scaring her, they instead played with her, since then she goes to lavender tower to play with her new friends. By eight years old she started reading books from the classic horror writers, giving her new fascination of horror and the macabre. At ten she went to go on a Pokémon adventures with her ghost type friends. After her adventures she bought a mansion that was abandoned for a hundred years at the outskirts of town with money
:iconfallensoldierofhaven:fallensoldierofhaven 3 5
The Elven Lover
 Long ago in the distant land Ambrosia. A wedding is taking place that will bring two nations together. between the high elven queen of Illiad, Vanya, and the wood elf Archduke of Kurai, Veryan. From the guest Arriving on time to flower girl throwing rose petals down the aisle, everything was going exactly as planned. as the ceremony begins, Vanya walks down the aisle in a flowing white dress. All the guest stood up to see Vanya in all her beauty. As the priest asked "to those who don't want these two wed, speak now or forever hold your peace". As no one answered, the couple say their vows and then priest say "you may now kiss the bride". As the two begin to kiss, a sheer wind burst through the doors, shattering the stained glass windows. A dark shadow appears on the floor, and from it came the warlock Mathias, and his dark legion. His legion killed the guards and took Vanya prisoner. After surviving the attack, Veryan swears to save Vanya from Mathias, even if it means sacrificin
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The New England Witch: Chuck Levesque
former nickname: the wizard of Vancouver
sex: male
age: 45
height: 5'9"
weight: 145
hair: brown, unkept, wears a hat
eyes: amber
built: lean
skin: white
coven: the magic high council
place of birth: Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
home town: Salem, Massachusetts, USA
personality: chuck is a stern, stiff upper lip, cynic who doesn't trust. when he's was teaching Blair, he was always strict, but he always believed in her. However it's always a love/hate relationship especially since he's dating her mother 
magic abilities: he taught Blair all he knows, (go look at New England Witch oc: Blair Rochford)
backstory: when he was young, he was a very optimistic and carefree person he even became a member of his father's coven. When he was 21, he became the youngest most powerful magi to join the magic high council. However a year later he was challenged to a battle by a man
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Super Villain oc Reference sheet: Omen
Real Name: Patrick Grimm
Age: 34
Eyes: hazel (wears white contacts)
Hair: black (shaved bald along with eyebrows)
head: tattooed to look like a skull
Skin: white
Weigth: 166
Build: lean but muscular
Birth place: an Amish farm in rural Pennsylvania
Home town: none, he is a nomad
Clothing: a black robe with a hood, shirtless, black pants, and black boots
personality: Omen is schizophrenic, mainly because he talks to his scythe thinking its his brother. he's very charismatic, preaching his understanding of death to those who listened. he also cares deeply for his cult's brethren
Backstory: Patrick Grimm spent most of his life living on his family farm and has taken care of it, along with his older brother Lenny after their parents died. At age twenty his brother was dying of cancer. Patrick prayed desperately for God to help, but nothing happened. until he heard a voice from death himself, who has given him a revelation, that this is how its suppose to be. so to s
:iconfallensoldierofhaven:fallensoldierofhaven 6 0
The New England Witch OC: Karen Bell
Karen bell
Nickname: the harvest witch
sex: female
age: 18
height: 5"6'
weight: 113
hair: black, mid length, moptop
eyes: green, needs glasses
built: lean
skin: white
coven: unknown
place of birth: Cambridge, England
home town: Salem, Massachusetts
personality: even though she is sometimes cynical, but is very calm and kind, she very courageous in battle, and an expert botanist, but she is sort of a smart ass thanks to her Eidetic memory, and also she is a yaoi fan girl.
magic abilities:
blink: can travel short distances with a blink of an eye
healing: can heal her wounds
animal transformation: can transform into different animals, including mythological ones.
plant growth: her most notable spell is to increase the growth of plants.
backstory: Karen was born in Cambridge, England. Her mother is a librarian and her father who is not only the president of Cambridge university, but has made the university the most highly ranked academy in the world. However growing up after completing hig
:iconfallensoldierofhaven:fallensoldierofhaven 2 0
Superhero OC refference sheet: Wraith
real name: Nathan Gallows
sex: male
age: 24
height: 6 foot 8
weight: 240
skin: black
hair: black, cornrows
eyes: hazel
build: muscular
birthplace: Calgary, Alberta, Canada
hometown: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, U.S.A
clothing: a gray sleeveless hooded jacket over a kevlar vest with a W on it, black jeans, black mask, black and white Adidas sneakers.
weapons: two Baretta 8000's with silencers and tranquilizers, incendiaries along with a lot more, along with a stun gun
personality: the Wraith is cynical, aggressive, and doesn't trust anyone except his family and his childhood friend David Romero. He also does have a sense of justice.
backstory: Nathan grew up as the son of a policeman father and a lawyer mother. When he was 8 years old, his mother died while giving birth to his brother Elijah. Ever since then his father took to smoking. He then died lung cancer on Nathan's 16th birthday. Afterwords both Nathan and Elijah were then sent to there aunts house in Philadelpia. When Nathan was
:iconfallensoldierofhaven:fallensoldierofhaven 5 0
superhero oc referrenece sheet: the Shard
Real name: Elizabeth Crystal
Gender: female
Age: 24
Hair: black, long
Height: 6 foot 1
Weight: 140
Eyes: green
Hometown: London, England, United Kingdom
Clothing: a black sleeveless superhero outfit with white sides, black gloves, silver boots and a domino mask
Powers: has a crystal ring which worn can cover her body in crystal. each type of crystal gives her a different power such as emerald for strength, cobalt for speed, diamond for flight, topaz for lightning, ruby for fire, sapphire for increase strength and breathing underwater, and amethyst transform in to shadows.
Personality: she is total smart ass, but she has her own morals and she also cares a lot for her country and is willing to help those in need
Backstory: Elizabeth was born in London to a very wealthy family, however she spent some of her time at her grandmothers farm outside of London. At age 24, London was hit by a huge crime wave and she wants to help those in need. When she told her grandmother this, she revealed t
:iconfallensoldierofhaven:fallensoldierofhaven 3 0


Hoomin Lucia by Haruka-15 Hoomin Lucia :iconharuka-15:Haruka-15 36 5 Kae by Haruka-15 Kae :iconharuka-15:Haruka-15 32 4 Mistery (3/5 C) by TheKikkaKibaz Mistery (3/5 C) :iconthekikkakibaz:TheKikkaKibaz 60 3 Random Drawing by Lokenauz Random Drawing :iconlokenauz:Lokenauz 34 2 Zelda Pinup Art by Zeronis Zelda Pinup Art :iconzeronis:Zeronis 2,605 36 GEMSONA GACHA - OPEN! - UNLIMITED SLOTS by AdrianeCasini GEMSONA GACHA - OPEN! - UNLIMITED SLOTS :iconadrianecasini:AdrianeCasini 34 17 izuocha doujin HDcomic page4 by hikariangelove izuocha doujin HDcomic page4 :iconhikariangelove:hikariangelove 85 21 Mewtwo's Born by Hyperagua Mewtwo's Born :iconhyperagua:Hyperagua 31 7 +AT+ Dreamy and Cherumyu by firead +AT+ Dreamy and Cherumyu :iconfiread:firead 88 8 Art Academy: Boat by LuckyNumber113 Art Academy: Boat :iconluckynumber113:LuckyNumber113 8 0 [AT] Chop Socky Chooks by Starmischief [AT] Chop Socky Chooks :iconstarmischief:Starmischief 28 10 Crabtastic by Neaganan Crabtastic :iconneaganan:Neaganan 64 14 Harpy by Lokenauz Harpy :iconlokenauz:Lokenauz 24 3 [C] eliiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii by LYNX3000 [C] eliiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii :iconlynx3000:LYNX3000 281 41 Yellow coat girl - drawthisinyourstyle by LadySeegard Yellow coat girl - drawthisinyourstyle :iconladyseegard:LadySeegard 130 13 Sketchdump January 2019 [Random sketches] by DamaiMikaz Sketchdump January 2019 [Random sketches] :icondamaimikaz:DamaiMikaz 523 63

Journal History

WOW it's been a looooooong time since I did one of these

What's up my Fallen Army. I'm back and better than ever.

Okay technically it's not my big return from DA since I've been trying to keep myself up to date with all of the other artists for a couple of months.

BUT SCREW IT!!! this is my official return the site

First things first, I haven't been doing much writing throughout the entirety of last year and I didn't follow through in promising myself to completing Diary of Eve Akiyama before the end of the year. But I'm going to go back and finish it.

Also in september I became apart of this college program to help prepare me for college courses. So in away I'm actually doing school again. But I haven't officially enrolled yet due to courses costing an arm and a leg

I'm also doing twitch streams again. I don't have a set schedule yet because again school. so if anyone wants to follow here is the link

I have a patreon account for the twitch streams but it hasn't been set up yet so that will be something to look forward.

An update of the discord page. Now under construction unfortunately but I'll get it up and running the way I wanted it as soon as possible.

And finally my youtube channel. Unfortunately due to technical difficulties I can't do that podcast I've been meaning to make, but I have other ideas for content so I'm hoping you all look forward to it

Well that's it for the update, so for my Fallen Army



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