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Red and Greymeadow


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Red and Greymeadow


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Lord Jinai

VT Theories and Story Related Notes

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Merry Vinter mas ( Venturiantale )

Billy or Billy and Maddie

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Cosmic Highschool

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officer starbucks!

Acachalla RP

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Sari is still the tol one

VT Tale Series

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The Siblings

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My OCs and VT FanFic Fanart

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My Johnny Toast

Friend Stuff

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[F.A] Legend of spyro humanized


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Lazer beam blades pls


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Lets draw a beastie


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DeviantArt for Dummies

I am writing this guide for new members or anyone who has questions about deviantART and its members. Please comment if something doesn't make sense or if you need help! Please note, this is NOT a guide to everything on deviantART, just some stuff I thought was worth talking about.  PLZ ACCOUNTS: What is a "plz" account? A "plz" account is a deviantART account where the avatar is an emote that you can use in your journals, comments, etc. How do you use them? To use them, write :icon(thenameoftheaccount): An example is ~supertighthugplz (https://www.deviantart.com/supertighthugplz) which is written as :icon supertighthug plz: (minus the spaces) Some popular accounts are: :i

Tutorials, Design Sheets and Refs

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Stylized backgrounds practice


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Happy 2nd Anniversary Undertale


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Four wings rawr


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Daily Sketches - 14 April 2016

Sketch Dumps

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I'm bored, have a birthday scenario

Venturiantale b-day scenario, because boredom: Month: Jan: You told your secret to... Feb: You ate waffles with... Mar: You were kissed by... April: You travelled into undiscovered dimensions with... May: You switched lives with... June: You licked the tabletop with... July: You killed a dragon with... Aug: You played video games with... Sept: You were killed by... Oct: You played pocky with... Nov: You wrote a story about... Dec: You went to space with... Day: 1: Jordan 2: Cierra 3: Bethany 4: Isaac 5: Papa Acachalla 6: Gertrude 7: Billy 8: Sally 9: Spencer 10: Sue 11: Johnny Ghost 12: Johnny Toast 13: Fred Spooker 14: Colon 15: Jimmy Cas


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Theim Test 2

Shooba Comics and Characters

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Game, Movie, and Book Fanart

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E.O.A.R Cover (Redo 2017)


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Prehistoric Creatures

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Yellow Flower


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Artist Imitate: Krooked-Glasses


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How to never get writers block

1. Realize what you like, and write it down. Really, its as simple as that. All you have to do is, when you go "hey, I like this movie/show/book" break down as to why you like it and write it down. Even if you just like one scene in a movie, write it down; that way if you are ever stuck, just read the list over for inspiration. Here are a few examples: Avatar

Writing Tips

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