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Singing bird by FallenNekoChild Singing bird :iconfallennekochild:FallenNekoChild 8 4 All your base by FallenNekoChild All your base :iconfallennekochild:FallenNekoChild 0 4 Iggys fairy friends by FallenNekoChild Iggys fairy friends :iconfallennekochild:FallenNekoChild 0 2 German Motivation by FallenNekoChild German Motivation :iconfallennekochild:FallenNekoChild 1 6 LOL guess by FallenNekoChild LOL guess :iconfallennekochild:FallenNekoChild 1 0 Zombiewalk by FallenNekoChild Zombiewalk :iconfallennekochild:FallenNekoChild 1 20 I haz a Zenomorph! by FallenNekoChild I haz a Zenomorph! :iconfallennekochild:FallenNekoChild 2 0
CanadaXReaderBlack Cat Love
Black Cat Love
"Dude... really?"
"..... it is just a cat."
"it is not! It is a black cat!!!"
Both you and your best friend America, aka Alfred F. Jones were standing in the living room of his house. You stand in front of Alfred holding up a black kittenwith a red ribbon tied around its neck in a bow. It looks around at everything before bringing it's amber eyes back to Alfred's blue ones.
"Keep that thing away from me! It will bring me bad luck!" Alfred said backing up farther away. "dude there is nothing real about that black cat mumbo jumbo" you say walking closer, "just pet it. Please? It needs somebody to love it."
"NEVER!!" yells Alfred in a loud "heroic" voice, waking up Mathew (Canada) in the other room. "what are you guys talking aobut?" Mathew askes walking out of his room. "(y/n) keeps trying to get me to pet that evil thing in her arms!" Alfred yells to Mathew ducking behind him to hide from the ever watchfull eyes of the kitten. "R-really?" Mathew l
:iconfallennekochild:FallenNekoChild 0 8
Angel girl by FallenNekoChild Angel girl :iconfallennekochild:FallenNekoChild 1 0 Snaky surprise by FallenNekoChild Snaky surprise :iconfallennekochild:FallenNekoChild 0 0 Fallen Angel Girl by FallenNekoChild Fallen Angel Girl :iconfallennekochild:FallenNekoChild 0 0 my ID by FallenNekoChild my ID :iconfallennekochild:FallenNekoChild 0 88 Locket by FallenNekoChild Locket :iconfallennekochild:FallenNekoChild 1 0 Bunny Adopt? by FallenNekoChild Bunny Adopt? :iconfallennekochild:FallenNekoChild 0 0 Bunny 2 by FallenNekoChild Bunny 2 :iconfallennekochild:FallenNekoChild 0 178 Happy Zombie Jesus Day! by FallenNekoChild Happy Zombie Jesus Day! :iconfallennekochild:FallenNekoChild 1 0
Pic i have drawn!


Best Ebil Boi - Autumn Edition by BrokenDeathAngel Best Ebil Boi - Autumn Edition :iconbrokendeathangel:BrokenDeathAngel 176 24 Big rat with little frogs by dakr0819 Big rat with little frogs :icondakr0819:dakr0819 180 32 I need you by dakr0819 I need you :icondakr0819:dakr0819 58 17 Grieving by Lopoddity Grieving :iconlopoddity:Lopoddity 4,407 760
Lucio x Reader | Green

It's 11:45 PM and I was tRYING to go to bed but my brain was like "Bitch nah you're gonna write some fanfics cuz I'm boutta drop some good shit ideas for Lúcio."

So here we are. AU where if you make eye contact with your soulmate, you alla sudden see colors. And, to get into a proper mood and mindset, I'm listening to a bunch of Lúcio's music on Youtube.
You had always grown up with the stories in your head about how, when you look into the eyes of your soulmate, you'll see colors. You always wondered exactly what colors were like. You always thought that they'd be warm, bright, clear, happy. You always hoped they'd be far different and vastly better than the black-and-white filter you (and everyone else in the world who hadn't met their soulmate yet) saw every day.
It wasn't until you'd started listening to some very upbeat music that you finally got the chance to finally make the eye contact you'd been hoping to all of you
:icon00-nyx-00:00-Nyx-00 17 2
Erma Update- TV Friends by OUTCASTComix Erma Update- TV Friends :iconoutcastcomix:OUTCASTComix 255 64 Stolen by Lopoddity Stolen :iconlopoddity:Lopoddity 2,971 210 Company You Keep by Lopoddity Company You Keep :iconlopoddity:Lopoddity 4,554 284 The Fairer Sex by Lopoddity The Fairer Sex :iconlopoddity:Lopoddity 4,520 368 Meditation Frustration by Lopoddity Meditation Frustration :iconlopoddity:Lopoddity 2,703 105 Adult Smoky Concept by Lopoddity Adult Smoky Concept :iconlopoddity:Lopoddity 4,054 352 Pandoraverse Doodle stuff by Lopoddity Pandoraverse Doodle stuff :iconlopoddity:Lopoddity 2,295 76 Dumb Doodles by Lopoddity Dumb Doodles :iconlopoddity:Lopoddity 2,648 116 Comm: Acid Tears by Lopoddity Comm: Acid Tears :iconlopoddity:Lopoddity 2,026 82 Sibling Battle by Lopoddity Sibling Battle :iconlopoddity:Lopoddity 4,231 218
Pickup Lines (Crosshairs X Human!Reader)
“Can you help me with my science assignment? I need to know how to get to Uranus.”
___ Yaeger stopped what she was doing to turn her head slowly and stare at the green mech whose shoulder plating she was currently perched on. That irresistible smirk worked it’s way onto his face plates, but he didn’t return the female’s gaze, choosing to stare nonchalantly out one of the broken stained glass windows as though he hadn’t said anything.
Her eyebrow raised, before she went back to what she was doing, cleaning the barrel of a pistol Crosshairs had made for her. A couple minutes of silence passed, during which time Tessa and her boyfriend had returned from stealing “necessities” and goods for their later mission of breaking into KSI.
Thievery and socialization was fun and all, but ___ preferred her perch on the trench coat wearing badass’s shoulder, so she had stayed behind and let her sister do the dirty work. After all, that’s wha
:iconthewriter9:thewriter9 79 28



FallenNekoChild's Profile Picture
Artist | Student | Other
United States
I am a nursing student trying to not lose her mind and sanity. (not very good at keeping either anyway)

Current Residence: U.S
Print preference: don't really care.
Favourite genre of music: anything
Favourite photographer: myself (lol)
Favourite style of art: anime
Operating System: computer
MP3 player of choice: don't have one
Shell of choice: conch
Wallpaper of choice: black
Skin of choice: white
Favorite cartoon character: Jack Splicer (Xioulin Showdown)
Personal Quote: "Love me for who I am not how I look"
Welp I have been tagged! *gasp* lol I was tagged by :iconUnease-el-zorro:

- Rules - 
1. You must post the rules.

2. Each person must say 5 things about themselves in their journal.

3. Answer the questions the tagger set for you in their post and create five new questions for the people you tag to answer.

4. You have to choose 10 people to tag and post their icons on your journal.

5. Go to their page and tell them you have tagged them.

6. No tag backs.

7. No stuff in the tagging section about "You're tagged if you're reading this". You legitimately have to tag 10 people.

five things about me:
-Well i am currently in my second year of college
-I am a huge Homestuck, TF2, anime fan
-I am currently in college to become an RN Nurse and may become a BSN
-I love knitting and I have like five different projects to finish (probably never going to at this rate)
-I love to sew and i am very good at it, currently made a tunic, skirt, and two bags.

Questions I was asked:

1. What video game is your favorite?
    I would have to say either Skyrim, Halo, or Minecraft. It is a three way tie.

2. What time is it where you are?
    Currently it is 6:56 in my hometown of Alexandria, La.

3. What singers/artist do you like to listen to? 
    I have a huge group of music I listen to so I really don't have a favorite.

4.Five Nights at Freddy's 2? 
   HATE to Balloon Boy. and I feel bad for the new night watchman. 

5.What do you like to do in your free time?
   Well for the most time I will be found on Tumblr, username is freefallingfeline if you want to look at my stuff, or I am sewing.

Questions I wish to know:

1. What is your favorite thing to do on the weekend?
2. Did you see "Into The Woods"? If so, did you think it was too dark or not?
3. What is the worst movie you have ever seen?
4. Who is your favorite person in the world? (anime or real life)
5. Welp who is your favorite book?

I tag whoever wants to do it!
  • Listening to: Game Grumps
  • Reading: H.P. Lovecraft
  • Watching: tv
  • Playing: Minecraft
  • Drinking: tea


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