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line ver by Riyoshii line ver :iconriyoshii:Riyoshii 104 11 LA: Chained to crystal by ShiroiKrow LA: Chained to crystal :iconshiroikrow:ShiroiKrow 62 24 Dino by ThatsMeReira Dino :iconthatsmereira:ThatsMeReira 48 23 Futagoza Lullaby - Best Wishes by yuina-chan Futagoza Lullaby - Best Wishes :iconyuina-chan:yuina-chan 667 20 Chibi Miku - lineart by GaMu-ChAn Chibi Miku - lineart :icongamu-chan:GaMu-ChAn 1,241 798 ,,God save the Queen''- Jeffrey by LongingInTheRain ,,God save the Queen''- Jeffrey :iconlongingintherain:LongingInTheRain 31 53 Stand my ground by Puli-wind Stand my ground :iconpuli-wind:Puli-wind 13 8
Ch1Bleach Dark Dawn Ch1 - Beginnings
It has been several weeks since Aizen and his followers, Gin Ichimaru and Kannamae Tousen, betrayed the Gotei 13. After an elaborate plot to obtain the Hogyoku, followed by a retreat to the hollow realm Hueco Mundo. The Gotei has been left with nothing to do but prepare for the inevitable showdown with Aizen’s armada once the hogyoku awakens. However, despite all of their preparations, nothing can prepare them for the storm which is to come.
----- Soul Society, Squad 13------
A young man was meditating in the woods near squad 13's barracks, he appeared in age to be about 17 or 18. He wore the standard pants of a shinigami, long baggy black pants with a white rope belt. Instead of the usual matching shirt however, the man wore a chainmail shirt, their metallic grey standing out from, but not clashing with, the uniform bottom. The shirt was short sleeved, to reduce its weight and unwieldiness, and the man didn’t seem to notice them being any different than a
:iconcmd1095:cmd1095 22 23
Fanfic OC Rida Itazura
Name: Rida Itazura
Gender: Male
Age: 260
Birthdate Febuary 22nd
Current Residence: Sereitei
History: Rida's past is rather uneventful, he was born into a noble house that has fallen into ill favor as of late due to the previous head of the family being a bit...irresponsible. When it was discovered that he had potential the family wasted no time in using what little influence they had left to get him enrolled in the soul reaper academy. Rida was an exemplary student who became very popular. He was smart, strong, funny, caring, and above all good-looking. There probably wasn't a girl at the academy who didn't have a crush on him at some point or another. He graduated top of his class and joined the 13th division, which is where he met Torin. Something about Torin made Rida like him, and the two became friends after a particularly comical greeting. Since then Rida and Torin have been friends, though many of their exchanges seem to imply otherwise.
Visual age: 20 years
Division: 13
:iconcmd1095:cmd1095 41 13
Bleach Fanfic OC profile Aurora Keisa
Name: Aurora keisa
Alias: N/A
Gender: Female
Age: 230
Birthdate: January 27th
Birthplace: Rukongai
Currently residing: SS
History: Aurora was lucky enough to be born in halfway decent part of the rukongai,in a small village away from major roads and towns. Gang activity was non-existent, and other criminals only rarely passed through because there wasn't much of value to steal, and it was far enough out of the way to go unnoticed. It was a rather nice place to grow up in, a quiet town with friendly people and a supportive community. Everything a young girl born in the soul society could ask for.
Aurora was a bit of a tomboy as a kid, playing in the park at the edge of town with the other children most days. On one such day she and her friends discovered a large rock at the edge of the playground that none of them recognized. Like any group of young children it came down to a dare to see who was going to go check out the weird new rock, and so Aurora and two other boys approached it. Un
:iconcmd1095:cmd1095 40 74
Bleach Fanfic, main character, Torin
Name: Torin Izanki
Alias: Goes by Torin, or whatever else people decide to call him, he doesn't mind
Gender: Male
Age: 210
Birthdate: October 11th
Birthplace: Rukon district of the SS
Current Residence: Sereitei
History:   Torin has been alone for as long as he can remember, he was born into the Rukon district, but a hollow invaded and killed his parents just before the soul society could take it out. He was forced to live alone, surviving on what he could steal. He tried to make friends, but even among the citizens of a poor Rukon district he was an outcast. He met a couple of children like him, Asaj, Venyx, and Serena. They were in the same boat he was, outcasts amongst outcasts, and they became his friends. Torin led their group, trying his best to keep them all alive. He trained his fighting skills so that he could protect them, stole food and water to feed them, and guided them through tough times.
Life was still brutally difficult for them, even as the health of the other ch
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Professor Neva by Nevaart Professor Neva :iconnevaart:Nevaart 56 9 Cuddle by meago Cuddle :iconmeago:meago 12,940 579 Chibi Dactry by Moonzetter Chibi Dactry :iconmoonzetter:Moonzetter 28 3 SUPERDUPERwarptimeMEME by Jumpix SUPERDUPERwarptimeMEME :iconjumpix:Jumpix 1,972 615 Meme: Time Warp by jackettt Meme: Time Warp :iconjackettt:jackettt 1,586 227



I really love Zekkyo's(Toradora Manga Artist) Art style so I picked up a few volumes of it and have been using it as reference materials for my own characters and such, so if you see a lot of Taiga and friends in my recent uploads, that's why.


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I'm an Aspiring Manga Artist, though I still have a long way to go, I'm still looking for my unique style, but I'm leaning more towards a style like Kantoku.


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