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Old Life Festival
Middas Evening Star 31st 204 4E 11:00 PM
There was nothing like being lonely in a room full of people.
I looked around Dead Man's Drink, the local tavern and inn for Falkreath, and took in the various groups drinking quietly. There was some conversation among the locals and even a bit of singing, but it was eerily somber for a holiday known for its drinking and overall good cheer.
Or maybe I was thinking about tomorrow's New Life Festival when gifts were given to loved ones and promises for a better year were made to be broken in the next two weeks.
Tonight, Old Life Festival, was a day for reflection. A day to think about the past...and according to some, a chance to resurrect the recent dead. That was why I was here instead of home in Dawnstar. I wanted to see if I could talk to the dead. It wasn't as if I hadn't done it before.
I tried to sip my mead, noting with dull surprise that the tankard was empty. I started to stand to get another drink when an older Imperial
:iconheiwako:heiwako 18 33
Taking Care of Business - Part 1
Part 1: How to Hunt a Sabre Cat
It was another typical day in the Cistern. Thieves were lounging around, either waiting for it to get dark enough to go on a job, resting from returning from a job, or trying to fence their illegitimate goods. Brynjolf was walking quickly past the members, ignoring them instead of his usual good-natured banter. The redhead was focused on talking to Mercer Frey as soon as possible.
"Mercer," Brynjolf said as a way of greeting when he got to the Guildmaster's desk. "I need to talk to you about Maven Black-Briar."
"Maven can go fuck herself," Mercer snorted, not bothering to look up from his ledgers. "I have enough to do without bothering with her."
"It might be a blessing if she did," Brynjolf said bitterly. "That woman just sent an invoice down here saying that she is going to increase her cut of our profits to fifty percent."
"WHAT?!" Mercer exclaimed, finally looking up. Rage painted his face. "Her cut has always been ten percent."
"I know, boss," Brynj
:iconheiwako:heiwako 13 16
Mature content
A Different Sort of Innocence Lost :iconheiwako:heiwako 19 37
Mature content
When Sovngarde Beckons :iconheiwako:heiwako 17 33
Mature content
Waking Nightmares - Part 5 :iconheiwako:heiwako 16 24
Mature content
Waking Nightmares - Part 4 :iconheiwako:heiwako 11 19
Mature content
Waking Nightmares - Part 3 :iconheiwako:heiwako 11 9
Waking Nightmares - Part 2
"Not every nightmare is about fear or terror," Vaermina mused. "Sometimes a nightmare can be simply around the idea of 'what if?'. What if I had said yes instead of no? What if I had turned left instead of right? What if?"
There was no actual form for Vaermina, Daedric Lord of Nightmares, but Erandur could sense its attention focus on the woman sleeping on the ground. "This one worries all the time of 'what if?' Fate has chosen her and given her life changing decisions time and time again with each one creating a ripple in reality. It plagues her to wonder what her life could have been."
Diana sighed as she stared at her image in the full length mirror. "What the hell was I thinking?" she muttered as she pulled at the heavy material of her Nordic wedding dress. The cloth was thick and warm, but essentially functional. The Imperial felt dowdy and fat in the form concealing outfit. Definitely not the wedding gown she had imagined she would wear when she was a small girl in Bravil. When s
:iconheiwako:heiwako 11 12
Mature content
Red Riding Hood and the Big Bad Wolf :iconheiwako:heiwako 14 21
Waking Nightmares - Part 1
This story makes more sense if you read "Red Riding Hood and the Big Bad Wolf" first, but it is not necessary.
Sequel to "The Dark Brotherhood Forever"
Cicero hit the ground with a sickening thud following the loud crack of being slapped by Elaninde, the High Elf Listener of the Dark Brotherhood.  Elaninde stood proudly over the prone figure of the Keeper, her expression disdainful and disapproving, but not quite a full frown or scowl. Elaninde never allowed such gross expressions to mar her exquisite features—and no Altmer ever presented anything but their best face in front of others.
"Cicero, my darling Keeper, do you wish to explain what this is?" the Listener said softly. She held a finely cut dress in one hand that used to be white but was now obviously slightly pink. Her manicured fingers ran over the cloth accusingly before throwing it in Cicero's face.
Behind Elaninde and to her right Arnbjorn stood smiling wolfishly. Ever since Elaninde saved the werewolf's lif
:iconheiwako:heiwako 11 26
Breath and Focus - Part 9
Chapter 9 30th of Frostfall
Fredas 30 Frostfall 205 4E 12:00 PM
The soldiers marched wearily along the earthen plain. They had been marching for what felt like forever. The litany of "left forward, right forward" still rang in their ears long after being put to bed at night. They rarely stopped for meals and they never stopped to merely rest. Their mission was too important.
Some had fallen from sheer exhaustion, but still they moved forward toward the enemy. Some marched because of their cause, but many marched because of the love they had for their commander.  The golden-haired god who followed in their wake was the reason they strode across the endless ground with the sunless sky high above them.
"Company, halt!" their commander's clear voice rang out.
The men fell easily into two lines, waiting for their lord's words of encouragement.
"I know you are tired," the general said, his voice full of understanding. "I know it has been hard, but we fight for our home. We fight for S
:iconheiwako:heiwako 10 28
Mature content
Breath and Focus - Part 27 - Breath and Focus :iconheiwako:heiwako 11 28
Breath and Focus 26 - Su'um ahrk morah
Turdas, 25 Evening Star 208 4E 2:00 PM
Lydia took a deep breath as she shifted in her meditative pose. She could hear the murmur of other prisoners of Castle Dour through the walls. Even after a few months, her presence still made them nervous. There were no other Stormcloaks here-only thieves, bandits, and murderers. The Imperial Legion had not been kind in taking prisoners when retaking their territory.
A notable side effect of hiring the Brotherhood to do their dirty work.
Personally, the Nord found it an insult to be left in the same place as these no good ruffians. She wasn't some common criminal. She wasn't even a criminal. Not really. She was just someone who was trying to save the people of Skyrim.
At least they had given her a private cell. Lydia didn't think she could have tolerated the first few weeks with a cellmate. There would have been either endless questions or some attempt to show who was the bigger bitch, and Lydia hadn't had the energy or patience f
:iconheiwako:heiwako 10 22
Breath and Focus 25
Turdas, 11 Evening Star, 208 4E 7:00 PM
It was a quiet day in the Dawnstar Sanctuary. Most of the family was out for a change, taking advantage of the nice weather while it lasted and earning gold with contracts instead of trying to figure out how to live in close proximity to their siblings in Sanctuary without violating a Tenet.
Especially the one about killing each other.
Currently Hecate and Aventus were playing a word game with tiles while Siltal quietly read a book nearby. Cicero was somewhere in the catacombs, no doubt tending to the Night Mother as usual.
"Your turn," Hecate said lazily as she tallied her score from her turn.
"You always just slam them down immediately," Aventus grumbled as he looked at his options again. "You never have to think about your turn."
"I do think about it," the Listener teased, "while you're taking forever with your move. I always plan at least two different possibilities so no matter what you play, I still have a choice."
"Don't l
:iconheiwako:heiwako 7 8


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Artist | Varied
United Kingdom
Other places you can find me:
Very slow updating webcomic:

I'm Aisling also known as nightspirit174 on some other sites. I've just finished college, did animation the first year and portfolio prep the second. Before then I was home educated. I've spent most summers at music festivals and most winters in India.

Hmmm....not really sure what else to say, I love fantasy, steampunk and folklore. I play a lot of RPG games both computer and tabletop, want to read more than I have the time for and can't afford near all the comics I want.

Currently I'm mostly working in watercolour and digital, though I like most mediums I encounter and like to dabble in a bit of everything.
Hi everybody, I'm slowly starting to recover. :)

I've still got concussion but I'm getting too restless to not get on with things now and my official resting time is up. For the most part right now it means if I exhaust myself going shopping or what ever I have to sleep for two or three hours afterwards...I'm getting a lot of sleep. If I'm careful with energy management I can stay awake for a full 14 hours now which is a huge improvement from the beginning where I was awake for half an hour then asleep for two on and off.

I'll have quite a long scar down my ear but at least it follows the curve of my ear and there's no long term damage to my hearing...that could have gone so much worse. And it used to look so much worse, I'll spare you the details.

Shoulder's still quite badly swollen and gets sore easily. One knee has a giant scar wrapping around it but I think that will fade within a year. The other knee can't take all my weight by it's self, walking is fine, running or leaning on it makes it buckle.

Both my elbows got the force of the bike hitting the wall washed through them so now I can't straighten them without it hurting but I can use them both, just not lift much. I'm starting to think they were wrong about one arm being fractured...It was really bad at the start, I couldn't move or turn it without using my other hand, but now it's nearly as good as the other one.

Every little achievement's been an the start I couldn't stand up without help or fainting, couldn't walk by myself. It took me ages to be able to go up and down the stairs without them being a serious danger (dodgy elbows means the railing really doesn't help much) Staying awake for more than an hour was hard....if it got too noisy or bright I'd end up exhausted, that's how little energy I had. But I can do stuff now...I have to take it slow and make sure I don't push myself but I'm getting there.


I suppose now that I can spend time typing I should actually explain what happened. I was in a mad rush to catch the post office and tried to go round a corner at the bottom of a hill too fast...I remember thinking 'shit...I don't have control' when I went onto the grass and then I hit the wall, scrapping my shoulder first. other than my shoulder I don't remember any of the crash, later worked out I was unconscious for about 10/15 minutes.

Woke up lying on the grass with my bike facing the wrong way, and in my disorientated state that really confused me...I was trying to work out if I'd somehow crashed on the way back from the post office. Pulled myself onto the dirt next to the was a hot day and I was randomly worried about getting bitten by an adder (poisonous snake) instead of the fact a tractor might hit me if I got too close to the road. I was bleeding from my head, at that time it was my leg and side that were actually the most sore so I couldn't walk...and the thing is I live in the middle of nowhere, maybe a tractor might go past but the only person I knew would find me was my neighbour in about eight hours time. Considering the state my mind was in I'm surprised I did so well at phoning for help as I did, phoned three people based on who had cars and lived nearby (even attempted a landline number but knowing my mobile needed extra numbers to the start to phone a land line I just added my phone number to it instead...still, I tried) but for one reason or another all of them were off in random cities but at least me doing that got those people to start doing a mad phone tree in an attempt to find someone nearby who could come to my rescue.

Eventually someone did arrive (time got really muddled over that day, it took seven hours for my mum to get from one city to the one I was in hospital in but to me it felt like two) though I only realised I knew them or that there was someone else in the car by the time they offloaded me into the ambulance, I don't remember anything about the car journey, apparently I was talking to my mum on the phone and everything.

The ambulance drive was uneventful, I was on a stretcher with a neck brace so could only look at the ceiling and wasn't allowed to sleep but the guy in the back talked to me for the hour or so it took to get to the hospital. I don't remember much of the first night in hospital...I got wheeled about a lot and only had ceilings to look at, a lot of people talked to me and asked me questions, my clothing got cut off, a water drip put into my hand, I got put in a CT scanner and then x-rayed a couple of times. I ended up in a room with two other people was given something to eat (I hadn't even had breakfast yet and it was about eight at night) and my mum and her boyfriend eventually arrived. Spent a while reassuring my mum and making sure she didn't see the bloody side of my head and just talking. Didn't sleep great and a nurse woke me twice to ask me random questions to test for memory loss.
The next day they did another x-ray, a nurse tried to wash my hair and then take some of the blood off my ear to see what was going on which hurt a lot (I don't know how it was then but later I had so much gunk on it it felt like a solid wall on my ear, they might have added something to harden around it...or my body just encased it by it's self) Then a guy basically pierced my ear a whole bunch to stop me getting cauliflower ear...that hurt a lot, even him just scraping of the blood hurt a lot...but the nurse did find me two tubs of ice cream afterwards.

Eventually I was let out of hospital, the next few days I basically spent asleep or eating...occasionally talking to my mum. A while later I went back in, had the bandage taken off my ear and was given cream to put on it and then later I went in again to get my hearing checked.

I guess the lesson to learn from this, and the one I really hope I remember: is that everyday normal things can be dangerous if you just push them a little too far. I got stressed out about getting the post delivered on time, I pushed the speed I could go on that track I've been up and down a thousand times and I ended up in hospital for it. The stress of failing to get the post delivered? It is not worth the stress of hospital, damaging my body, stressing out everyone I know and the three weeks recovery time. it was a stupid thing to put myself at risk for.

...I could have been paralysed, brain damaged or died.....I got really really lucky.


Also wow my DeviantART's been busy whist I've been raven painting's done amazingly, it's got over 500 favourites, like four or five times more than the average so thank you all for that. Love 
However I've got a serious backlog of things to reply to, I've been slowly working through it, still dealing with the concussion though.  

Also I'm also heading off to Skye for a week tomorrow, we'll be off camping in a motorhome on my friends' land but unfortunately I won't have internet there. Might be able to get some in a cafe but I'm not sure. It'll be fun though, hopefully going off sight seeing and doing some painting. :)

So unfortunately my replies will continue to be delayed for a while, I'm sure you understand.  

Also I think my next journal will just have to be for my watchers there's a lot of you now.:o (Eek)

  • Listening to: Web DM: Post-Apocalyptic Campaigns
  • Reading: The Mammoth Book of Celtic Myths and Legends
  • Watching: Overlord
  • Playing: Not managing to right now
  • Eating: Can't remember what dinner was
  • Drinking: Water


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