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Introducing the Fallen Factory, where all of your Falls needs are met. Yarn falls are beautiful, colorful, temporary, synthetic, hair extensions. On this website we have pictures of the different types, textures, and colors of yarn that we use. Each pair of our yarnfalls, are handmade and designed just for our customers. All of our yarnfalls come on thick elastic bands and have variable numbers of braids, though the average would be between 50-100 braids.

All of our yarnfall sets are display only. If you order a premade color set like the one above, we will remake that design specifically for you, brand new, never worn.

Any orders should be sent to factoryofthefallen@gmail.com. If you order a premade set, just give us the name. If you want to create your own, we will need:

~ A list of colors (from our color chart found here.)
~Take a fabric ruler and measure from the crown of your head to the point where you would like the falls to end on your body. We would like the measurement to the closest inch.
~What type of braids you would like i.e; loose, tight, thick, small... etc.
~Shipping Address and your name

When we receive your order, we will send you a PayPal request for payment. This ensures that we never see your credit card information and all transactions are completely safe for all parties. Once your payment has been processed, your falls will be made and shipped directly to you.

How to care for your Yarnfalls

Your yarnfalls are not hair, do not use shampoo conditioner or other hair-styling products on them. If anything spills on your Yarnfalls, do not put them in the washer, use a damp cloth and clean the spill as much as possible and allow to dry.

Try to keep your yarnfalls, straight at all times, either by hanging them up, or laying them on a flat surface.

While the bands your yarnfalls are tied to are reinforced to withstand quite a bit of stretching, do not attempt to overstretch them. If something occurs and the band breaks, you can thread the falls onto a ribbon or open ended elastic band and tie them into your hair rather than twisting.

How to Put in your Yarnfalls

Step One:

Put your hair into two high pigtails, or a single ponytail, but make sure they're high! Experimentation will show you just how you will like to wear them. Twist the pigtails into buns--if possible. If you have short hair, it just needs to be long enough to pull up.

Step Two:

Your yarn falls will be attached to thick elastics, so while having the yarn hanging forward over your face, twist the part of the elastic that does not have yarn on it, around each bun.

Step Three:

Flip the yarn back over your buns and out of your face. Run your fingers through them to get them to fall properly and arrange them the way you like. Some can be pulled over to the opposite side and pinned there, or arranged pretty much any way you like.


Sometimes prices may vary from the ones below due to an extra amount of braids, different types of braids used, or added 'decorations.' If you special order, we will tell you the price when you tell us what you would like. Our prices include all of the supplies needed to make the falls, along with the amount of work involved as each set are hand-braided and take about two weeks in time to complete.

Extra short - 8-12" long; you may choose up to *three* colors.-$25.00
Short - 13-18" long; you may choose up to *four* colors.-$35.00
Medium - 18-20" long; you may choose up to *five* colors.-$45.00
Long - 20-26" long; you may choose up to *six* colors.-$55.00
Extra Long - 27-36" long; you may choose up to *eight* colors.-$65.00

Shipping: If you are in the United States, shipping is free! International buyers, please state in your email where you would like them shipped, and we will get back to you as per cost.

New stuff!

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We haven't been online forever, however, we're coming up with some new stuff and will soon be selling not only yarn-falls, but also fuzzy leg-warmers, fuzzy gloves and hopefully tutu's of EVERY color! Commissions welcome, please contact me via note, and or send an email to danninaveen@gmail.com
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We're back!

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And we've got a few new projects under our belts, so keep an eye out. Not only in the form of yarn and cyber falls, but also some very unique accessories. ;)
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Uploading soon!

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Working on quite a few pairs of yarnfalls currently. Danni: Cotton Candy, and Rainbow Kimkay: Grey and Black, Pale pink and Orchid Micha: Green and Black, White and Orchid None of these have been 'custom ordered' and should be up soon for purchase. Keep your eye out. :) ~Danni
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hello's its Marissa thanks for taking the time to make my falls
You're welcome =] Got the yarn for them today. I'll be starting them soon.
If you could do them in layers and various thicknesses? I don't want them to look uniform if ya know what i mean?
I have three different braid sizes so far, and I normally do different layers so that you can wear them a different way each time. =]
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Thanks for the fav! ^-^
Ah, another fall-crafter :) Welcome!! I haven't posted but one of my half-done falls on here, but still :XD: Beautiful braids~ I've been thinking of moving to kanekalon (sp?) dreads. Hurr~