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Heart Of Wildfire - Happy Holidays! by FallenAngelGM Heart Of Wildfire - Happy Holidays! :iconfallenangelgm:FallenAngelGM 11 8 Heart Of Wildfire - Chapter 01 - Page 01 - Sketch by FallenAngelGM Heart Of Wildfire - Chapter 01 - Page 01 - Sketch :iconfallenangelgm:FallenAngelGM 11 2 Suggesting Daily Deviations... by FallenAngelGM Suggesting Daily Deviations... :iconfallenangelgm:FallenAngelGM 1 3
A Sword's Sheath: Epilogue 02
The grand day, alas! I felt these past three years had gone by within the blink of an eye.
Four years since peace’s return to Hyrule. A lot of work had been made and accomplished to re-establish the kingdom to its former glory. And now that all had been done, I had been left in awe to see how our world was greater than the one we had a century ago. Seeing our people more united than ever seemed like a heavenly dream; except it wasn’t. It was reality. Our reality.
Castle Town had been restored to an even larger area. It had quickly became a beacon to the hyrulean economy. Trades flourished across the lands and between the different tribes. The city’s energy had been beaming with optimism and strength since its reestablishment.
Hyrule was great, strong, proud... and beautiful! And with those tasks finally at their conclusions, one remained; the most crucial and important one of all.
Without taking my sealed years in account, tod
:iconfallenangelgm:FallenAngelGM 4 0
A Sword's Sheath: Epilogue
A Sword's Sheath

I could feel the morning sun shining its light upon us, but the warmth that cradled me in his arms was by far better. My dreamy thoughts relived those memories now sacred to Link and I. The vow we made, the kiss we shared, the night spent together in each other’s arms; this was our paradise. I thanked the goddesses to have brought us together.
A soft contact landed on my nose. I tried to wiggle it off, but it kept on dancing annoyingly. I laughed to the ticklish feeling.
“Stop it!” I giggled. “That tickles, Link!”
I opened my eyes. Here he was. In his sleepy allure, he looked lovely and otherworldly, like an angel. He moved closer and kissed me softly. I savored his lips for long seconds. Never would I stop enjoying the sweet pleasure of kissing him.
“Good morning to you too,” I told him tiredly. “Ready to continue our work in Hyrule field?”
Link humm
:iconfallenangelgm:FallenAngelGM 8 6
A Sword's Sheath, part V
A Sword's Sheath

We walked in the peaceful night to the Great Fairy Fountain near the village. During this small path, never once I let go of Link’s hand. I looked behind me as I led him to our destination and smiled. His face lit brighter than the sun. I was glad he shed away his shock from earlier.
During a full moon, the fountain was a marvel to explore. Fireflies and fairies waltzed gracefully in the air, silent princesses and blue nightshades glowed with a divine light. It was blessed a place, as if Hylia herself had given this piece of wonder to us mortals.
We sat down, still holding hands and Link looked very timid. I never thought he could be this adorable. It was a side of his charm; a side I was very fond of.
We remained silent watching the beautiful spectacle of nature around us. It felt like we were the only ones in the entire world. It felt perfect as such. Thinking about it, I believed Link and I never
:iconfallenangelgm:FallenAngelGM 7 0
A Sword's Sheath, part IV
A Sword's Sheath

The moon was high in the night sky, reigning like a beautiful goddess. I bathed in its moonlight unable to sleep and thinking about this... moment. If Link’s horse’s tail hadn’t whipped him in the face and broke the tension, I wondered what would have happened.
I could still feel the wet heat of his lips kissing the palm of my hand. I blushed just at the thought of it. My lips couldn’t help smiling of happiness; a happiness I’ve never felt before. What was wrong with me?, I asked myself ridiculously. I squeezed my kissed palm against my chest, reliving in my latest memories about this instant with nothing but gleefulness in mind.
Was he asleep as well? Or perhaps not? Should I bother him?
I had to. Well... I wanted to.
I knew it was late, but my heart wouldn’t find peace if I didn’t settle this on this night.
His room was just next to mine. I didn
:iconfallenangelgm:FallenAngelGM 9 2
A Sword's Sheath, part III
A Sword's Sheath

The day was filled with hardworking and amusement. Link made these children’s day unforgettable; very noticeable on the fun they had by the dirt and sand his clothes bore. I thought this joyful moment would suffice for him to break the thin ice around him, but in failure, it seemed it became thicker.
I tried making conversation with him on our way home. He replied and participated, and even smiled. But the smile he did wasn’t the same. I felt he was drifting away. No, it wasn’t that. The way he acted seemed familiar. He was just as such when he was appointed as my personal knight.
Was he carrying the weight of the world on his shoulders once again? Despite the calamity’s defeat, was a knight’s duty never to rest? Not even a little bit? Or, perhaps, could it be that I was really at fault, for something I didn’t acknowledge yet?
Sunset claimed the sky as the day was bidd
:iconfallenangelgm:FallenAngelGM 12 0
A Sword's Sheath, part II
A Sword's Sheath

We travelled to Hyrule Field in the Central Hyrule region. There remained a lot of Guardians and I had asked the help of the people to their dismantlement. Other than the four divine beasts, I took the decision to take them apart. Though the events of the past made them Ganon’s slaves, it was a reminder of large and painful scars yet to be healed for all of us. I believed it was for the best of everyone and for the good of the kingdom’s future.
Link was taking a break. People wouldn’t let him have a moment of peace. He was popular with no surprise; even more with young women, which stung my heart most of the time. He was the hero of Hyrule after all.
I saw him having a playful moment with some children, playing knights with them. The scene lit me in admiration for him. He was a good man, but I had no doubt at all that he would make a great father someday.
I held the Sheikah slate in my h
:iconfallenangelgm:FallenAngelGM 8 0
A Sword's Sheath, part I
A Sword's Sheath

It has been a year since Link and I vanquished the calamity called Ganon. Hyrule had shown remarkable progress onto getting back on its feet during the past months.
When the news had been announced of my return, everyone across the lands had banded together to help return the kingdom to its former and glorious self. I felt relief and peace when the people didn’t forsake the Sheikah tribe any more. Just like everyone else, they, too, suffered Ganon’s wrath. Seeing people of all kinds working strong and united as one had brought such a beautiful joy to my heart. I know Father would have been proud to see what I was seeing. I was certain that his spirit saw everything from the heavens.
Though there was still much work to do, I was still baffled to see Hyrule Castle rebuilt the way it has been over a century ago. I had walked in its halls, the rooms; it felt so familiar and yet so alienated. 100 ye
:iconfallenangelgm:FallenAngelGM 11 0
Mature content
HOT N' SOUL - 50 shades of lust, part V :iconfallenangelgm:FallenAngelGM 0 0
Mature content
HOT N' SOUL - 50 shades of lust, part IV :iconfallenangelgm:FallenAngelGM 0 0
Mature content
HOT N' SOUL - 50 shades of lust, part III :iconfallenangelgm:FallenAngelGM 1 0
Heart 0f Wildfire - Preview of the Sirken Cross by FallenAngelGM Heart 0f Wildfire - Preview of the Sirken Cross :iconfallenangelgm:FallenAngelGM 20 2 A Promise Kept - A STRANGER THINGS fanfiction by FallenAngelGM A Promise Kept - A STRANGER THINGS fanfiction :iconfallenangelgm:FallenAngelGM 112 15 NAOA - Noah Arc Of Art by FallenAngelGM NAOA - Noah Arc Of Art :iconfallenangelgm:FallenAngelGM 2 0


Stay with me by AkiZero1510 Stay with me :iconakizero1510:AkiZero1510 800 15 Flower (free stock) by Rittik-Designs Flower (free stock) :iconrittik-designs:Rittik-Designs 319 70 Commission : Cihuahua by Sa-Dui Commission : Cihuahua :iconsa-dui:Sa-Dui 248 5 Riju by bellhenge Riju :iconbellhenge:bellhenge 1,090 26 Summer party by Quiss Summer party :iconquiss:Quiss 113 7 Pinku stuff by nidoriko Pinku stuff :iconnidoriko:nidoriko 9 1 CM: Inked and Toned [June/July Slot] by nidoriko CM: Inked and Toned [June/July Slot] :iconnidoriko:nidoriko 37 1 chapter 1 by revista-paradoja chapter 1 :iconrevista-paradoja:revista-paradoja 9 1 Negative Frames - 31 by Parororo Negative Frames - 31 :iconparororo:Parororo 901 99 Malahidael, Angel of Aries - Timed Edition by PeteMohrbacher Malahidael, Angel of Aries - Timed Edition :iconpetemohrbacher:PeteMohrbacher 1,736 26 Full Moon by joodlez Full Moon :iconjoodlez:joodlez 211 7 Megumin ~~ The explosion Girls by sengcreate Megumin ~~ The explosion Girls :iconsengcreate:sengcreate 11 2 Dress warmer by raikoart Dress warmer :iconraikoart:raikoart 4,391 81 Tanglewood Wildspeaker by raikoart Tanglewood Wildspeaker :iconraikoart:raikoart 3,702 58 Valeera by raikoart Valeera :iconraikoart:raikoart 5,916 127 mercy 094-113 by shiniez
Mature content
mercy 094-113 :iconshiniez:shiniez 741 208


by Nijuuni

I must that is picture of Zuko and Azula is the best of its kind. First I would like to compliment on the colors. From my point of view...

You know, I see a lot of drawings amazingly done with fantastic graphic, splashing colors and cool used techniques. But you, I see you'...

Truly an original and astonishing entry for the HEART OF LOVE contest. I'd like to start on the vibrant colors. Not only it was a good ...


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"Yeah, I'm so cool right now!"

Name: G.M.
Nickname: "Fallen Angel"
Profession: Graphic Design & aspiring author
Projects on the road: HEART OF WILDFIRE (manga) & 8 VALKYRIES (novel)

Current Residence: Canada
Favourite genre of music: Many ones
Favourite photographer: Anny (
Favourite style of art: Manga
Operating System: Windows (unfortunately...)
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Favourite cartoon character: Too many, loll
Personal Quote: Stand up and you will walk, believe and you will fly.

ANT-MAN & THE WASP Live Reaction and Trailer:… 

4 deviants said SO EXCITED!
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(If interested, do not comment here. Send me a note instead)


I am writing a shonen-type manga project and I am searching for a manga illustrator/artist. The previous artist had to leave the project due to personal and health-related circumstances.

In terms of references and style, I'm looking for something close to these:

Manga commission: Xiphos Games by AnaKris
SDL Duel 28 : AreKara p06 by ryuuen
SDL: The TenRyuuShoBatsu p01 by ryuuen
Comic commission: Kiome-Yasha PT2 by OverlordJC
Sample Pages by zaionic
Commission: Battle scene by dziqker

I am looking for an artist that:
- possesses a great sense of communication
- is versatile in her/his art style
- is experimented in actions and fighting scenes, along with machinery (nothing heavily detailed)
- lives in a time zone close to GMT -05h00 (not obligated)

If you're interested, DO NOT COMMENT HERE, SEND ME A NOTE with references/examples of your work and we'll discuss. Take note that I'll only reply to those I'm interested in.

Thank you for your time.

Greetings everyone,

I am officially announcing a hiatus in the HEART OF WILDFIRE manga project.

As much as I want things to continue and evolve for this long project (and dream) of mine, I must step back once again into the shadows to reorganize so many things regarding this project. I love this project with a passion and there is no way I’ll ever give up, despite the occasional moments of hopelessness.

I promise to you all that I will make sure to give you the story you all have been waiting for. This is a promise that I cannot allow myself to break.

Hard decision will be taken once again, new directions as well, but after all this rough journey, I have faith that it will be worth it.

Wish me luck! Thank you all for the support!


I Speak French Stamp by Apple44 Korrasami - stamp by Lilly225
Interfaith tolerance stamp by Nayzak :thumb213257407: +Stamp+ Get Away Unharmed... by TenshiNoFuu Comment Stamp by Poiizu :thumb190893990: :thumb207673251: I love my OCs Stamp by Reina-Kitsune :thumb189713487: Stamp: don't judge our characters! by Jeshika-Haruno Writer v2 Stamp by barefootphotos :thumb153251238: Artist Rights by taruto Tradi AND Digi Art Love stamp by izka197 One Piece Strawhats Stamp by Zocho Dragon Soul Stamp by Dbzbabe Stamp: Stop SOPA by TheRyanFord

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