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Visual Kei - Hair and make up2

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Yes, that is a Heechul necklace xD
My friends don't call me Heechul for nothing ;D

Anyways xD

Hair/makeup done by me~
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PENTAX Optio E40
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Aug 1, 2009, 6:14:50 AM
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I like your necklace! I mean HeeChul's necklace XDD
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I dont wnt to sound strange... but would you mind if I draw you? I want to re-draw/use as base this amaizing photo (and maybe speedpaint :) )
You look really Awesome :3
Anyway sory if Im bothering, and have a nice day
Fallen--Angel's avatar
Of course not, go right ahead! I'm very flattered~ :) I'd love to see the result, if you do!
Ro4le's avatar
Cool, I am excited and grateful for your permission
(I need some more practice in realistic art) but I will do it as soon as possible
Thanks and keep one's fingers crossed :)  
also for music over speedpaint - I would use Icon for hide- Counting on Hearts...
but better will be ask what song woud you want there :)  )
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very coooool♡♥(。´▽`。)♥♡
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Thank you very much~
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Woah~ you remind me of ruki *^*
Awesome work <3
Fallen--Angel's avatar
That's super flattering!!
Thank you so much! :D <3
follow-my-pawprints's avatar
^ w ^ Oh~ Glad to help X//D
No problem~<333
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*_* woah I really LOVE your hair!
And you look very beautiful ^^

I've found your picture by google, 'cause I'm searching for a picture, that I can use as an submission and I really hope it is okay, if I use your picture >.<
Fallen--Angel's avatar
Thank you! ^ ^

What submission did you want to use it for??
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I wanted a new Haircut and try to use your picutre as an submission, but the hairdresser seems to have trouble with that and made it more like she want -.-'
Fallen--Angel's avatar
Oh, like a reference picture? Sure! Sometimes it's
a bit of a challenge to find a hairdresser willing
to work at a certain haircut. Just keep trying until
you find one who does it the way you like! If not,
you could always try cutting it yourself, or get a
friend to ^ ^
Rai619's avatar
I don't know if you'll get this soon enough, but can I ask you a question?
I'm going to get my haircut today and I really love this cut. You don't seem to be bothered by other people using your style and you even help out, so I thought I would ask you if you thought that this would work for a side-spike look. I started trying to do side spikes recently, but my hair is too long for it right now and the spikes don't stay up. >.> So do you think it would work with this cut?

I love your look, by the way. :)
Fallen--Angel's avatar
Sorry about the wait for the reply! Hope I'm not too late!
I think this cut would be a -little- too long for the side spikes, but it's definitely worth a try! My hair is really thick, and I have a lot of it, so even this hair was a bit tricky to do with this length. But, everyone's hair is different, and so it might work out for you! Try styling with as little product as possible to keep the weight off, this hair was styled with literally just hairspray and a hair straightener xD add a bit of gel if you want pointier tips. But yeah, all else fails, just take off an inch or two until you're able to achieve the side spikes!
Rai619's avatar
Sweet! Thanks for the reply!
I went ahead and got the cut, and I agree with you that it seems a little long for side spikes. But I haven't tried it yet. I have thick hair too, but the stylist thinned it. I really just need to try it out.
I mean, either way I like how it looks. lolol Thanks for the tips! ^_^
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Alright! The thinning should help a lot! Just play around with some hairspray and back combing until you get the result you want :) I'm sure it looks awesome! Good luck :)
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