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Caesar's Legion Battling Gauls

Caesar's Legion Battling Gauls
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Que bonito,me encanta!
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superbe ! un Connolly que je ne connaissais pas !
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war isn't nearly much fun since they invented guns
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How much would you charge for work like this? How long would it take to complete?
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Well, hate to be the bringer of bad news but this isn't my work and unfortunately the man who did this particular piece, "Peter Connelly," just recently passed away about 2 or 3 years ago. He was a very famous ancient warfare historian, author, and artist.
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Best Iconic picture of the Gallic Wars.
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Damn, Peter Connolly was awesome! Have always loved his artwork, books and level of detail and research. Got a few of his books back when I was 13-14 years old and a few others over the years. Greece and Rome At War has been a great resource for some of my paintings.
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You are right! A TITAN and a good man!
Also I grow up with his works, there is something in the meaning of life I'm still unable to deal with: The lost of such persons...I cannot accept he's no more on this world, people as him or Angus should live forever...the years pass but the I'm still unable to deal with the feeling of the lost.
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Sadly he was just working on the new book,which was devoted to the campaigns of Julius Caesar:-(.I read somewhere that this was his dream for a long time,but for a long time he also could not find anyone who would publish it...which is something I cannot understant-Peter Connolly and problems with finding someone who would publish his magnificent works,like if there was something better?
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My dear friend, I fear that sadly the problem today is exactly this: The work of Peter was too good for our disgusting times!
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Also,as another great artist Peter Dennis remembered,Peters illustration were at first rejected by publisher who hired him to illustrate the book containing depictions of Roman soldiers.Peter did it fantasticaly,actually no one up to date draw more accurate roman soldiers,but publisher said to him that they dont look like roman soldiers.This was because he imagined romans as he know them from movies.But after Peter supplied him instantly with the latest findings and scientific(not Hollywood like)knowlidge of roman equipment,publisher must admit he was wrong:-)
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Is it Connolly?..Fantastic image!
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Without any doubt.Although I don't know where this was published,I would put my hand into fire for it.His style is very recognizable.Especially for someone who was growing up on his first book on roman army and was initiated by him to learn more about ancient history:-).

He was/is a TITAN.
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I love this pictures. What is name of its creator ?
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Its Peter Connolly
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Wow, I berly noticed your comment. Thanks for providing us with the proper info. :)
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Unfortunately, I honestly don't know who did this. However, I know of one guy who has done some superb paintings that I have here on my account. Here's some of his stuff: [link]
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