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USS Nova - Corridor (refit) cutaway



U.S.S. Nova NCC-73515 Bullet; White Nova-class refit

I've been rethinking my Nova class refit interiors lately. Thus far I've based them mostly on Voyager's design style for a couple of reasons; firstly I really like Voyager's interior design, secondly the ships are roughly from the same era and lastly because of the usage of Voyager's interiors for the interior scenes of the Equinox in the episodes. But I really want my ship to have its own unique style and not just colour variations of Voyager's designs, even though it might still be roughly based on designs of other ships of the same era. They are all Starfleet ships, after all. So I tried my hand at a new corridor design for the refitted Nova. I really like how it turned out. Let me know what you guys think! You can see the previous version of my Nova class refit corridor here.

And some interior images of the new corridor here: Corridor 1 Bullet; White Corridor 2 Bullet; White Corridor 2 (Red Alert)

EDIT (19/04/2019): Changed floor colour to grey.
EDIT (28/07/2019): Changed door indentations to metal. Changed turbolift to reflect new design.

Modelled and rendered with SketchUp. Computer display textures made with Inkscape.
Based on and inspired by original designs and concepts from:
-Star Trek (ViacomCBS)
-Turbolift is a modified version of the Voyager turbolift model done by Redgeneral
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Will we see other rooms from the Nova-class in this colour scheme and with these style doors? I really love the pre-VOY colour schemes you have for a couple of the Nova interiors