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U.S.S. Nighthawk - Brig

This was a commission for CaptainBipto. It is the brig of the Starfleet Intelligence ship U.S.S. Nighthawk.

Other U.S.S. Nighthawk interiors: Intelligence Centre, Astrometrics

Modelled with SketchUp.
Based on and inspired by original designs from:
-Star Trek (CBS)
-Star Trek Online (Cryptic)
-Door model by Redgeneral
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I liked this design so much that I took my own stab at a brig with the same basic layout. Hope you don't mind.

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Not at all, I'm glad you like it. And yours turned out great! I especially like the bluish lights on the cell walls. Well done!

Incredible work as always! With a little modifying, this would be great for Nova refit LOL!

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Thanks. Yes, the style could definitely work for that.

Where are the washrooms lol? :D

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Who knows. Must be in the same place as Voyager's. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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Why use forcefields instead of solid doors..............
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I wonder... Must be a Star Trek thing.
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WHY use forcefields at all, they require constant energy, they fail in case of incident or power failure. Brigs using conventional doors are safer. In the voyager episode "Repentance" a ship attacks Voyager carrying a group of prisoners, the force fields fail permitting the prisoners to escape, while the cells are made of "Tritanium" bulk heads, strong stuff. But use forcefield doors. Solid doors require NO energy consumption
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You have a good point. It was probably more for the sake of the story than practicality.
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Specially when Transparent aluminum is now a real thing.
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Wow, really? That's interesting.
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Aluminum oxynitride. They take aluminum, oxygen and nitrogen, in a ceramic mix (AL2O3) with nitrogen and bake at over 2000 degrees celsius, then they polish it til it's transparent; Artificial gemstone, made into a window. Transparent ceramics have been around since the 60's but were really expensive to make.
Because of it's expense; It's mostly used in defense products.
A 1.5 inch thick plate can stop a 50 caliber bullet at point blank range, weighing less than a 4 inch thick glass/poly laminate. It's used in
- Sensor windows for Infrared, military cameras that need to withstand years of abuse
- Missile optic fronts…
- Military vehicle windows 
potential/upcoming uses for spacecraft windows, space helmets, civilian protection windows, aircraft/helicopter windows. Cellphone/computer screens, basically anything where durability and transparency is needed.
Scuba gear/diving equipment that withstand greater pressures.
police/military face shields, ski goggles.
Transparent kayaks and canoes. Greenhouse panels
See thru containers. solar panel protectors (and light focusing lenses)
And my favorite, Sunglasses
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I did not know that, very fascinating.
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Very nicely done.  I'm curious as to the purpose of the console located against the far wall.  Routine monitoring?  Doubtless the cells transmit medical telemetry to Sickbay.
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Thanks. It's just an additional computer interface that can be used if someone is already busy at the other console. I didn't have a specific use in mind for it.
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Excellent job with the layout. 

What I find most amusing is that there never seems to be any indication of a toilet and wash basin in a cell.
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Thanks. Haha, yes that's true. The Ent-A had them at least.

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Very cool! What's the purpose of the bigger cell? :)

It can be modified for non class-M environments, larger life forms, or whatever I decide the plot to require ;)

What did you provide in terms of guidance? Like, did you sketch out the plan, or did you just say, "I want 3 standard cells and one large cell"?

I left the over all design to Falke, but with elements that I wanted (3 cells, 1 large cell, reinforced door and console). As this isn't my first commission, he known my preferences regarding display colours and other aesthetics.

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Designed for a larger life form.
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