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U.S.S. Nighthawk - Astrometrics Lab

Done for CaptainBipto. This is the Astrometrics lab on the Starfleet Intelligence ship, the U.S.S. Nighthawk.

Other U.S.S. Nighthawk interiors: Intelligence Centre, Brig

Modelled with SketchUp.
Based on and inspired by original designs from:
-Star Trek (CBS)
-Star map image by CaptainBipto
-Universe image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay
-Orion Nebula image by WikiImages from Pixabay
-Circuit board floor pattern Seamless by Gordon Johnson from Pixabay
Star Trek belongs to CBS. I am not associated with CBS Television Studios or Cryptic Studios and no copyright infringement is intended with this fan art.
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Realistically speaking, this is what the forward section of a bridge should look like, rather than the established ST convention of one screen displaying a single image, often of nothing in particular when underway.
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I agree. In fact, a modification of this room could be the following:

  • Make the two forward stations for Helm and Ops respectively

  • Add a Captain's Chair behind them, possibly with Defiant-style consoles

  • Add two additional stations behind the Captain:

  • for the First Officer and Tactical Officer

No Engineering or Science / Mission Ops stations are required directly on the bridge. Main Engineering and Science Labs exist for a reason, and only very rarely did we ever see the Chief Engineer leave Main Engineering to man a station on the bridge.

At the back end of room, you could add Mission Ops stations, which can be reconfigured at-will, if needed. Or alternatively, have a rear door that leads off to the Briefing Room / Lounge.

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That could work!
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Very nice! I always enjoy looking at pics of Stellar Cartography Labs. :)
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Glad you like it!
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