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U.S.S. Concordia - Bridge

This was another commission for CaptainBipto. This time the bridge of the Sutherland class U.S.S. Concordia.

Modelled and rendered with Blender. Computer display textures made with Inkscape.
Based on and inspired by original designs from:
-Star Trek (CBS)
-Star Trek Online (Cryptic)

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Great bridge design!

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Thank you very much!

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Very cool. I like the table consoles for science and engineering and the two displays in the back.

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Thanks! Those consoles were the Captain's idea. I even added a tiny hologrid to the ends of those side consoles for holographic displays. It didn't turn out very noticeable, but I thought it would be a nice touch.
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Interesting layout, different but still very Trek.

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It's indeed a little different, but was interesting to work on.
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Reminds me of my old High School Auditorium. I am getting dizzy just by looking at it too long.

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Haha, how's that?

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It was very high from stage level up but it was narrow in width and length. If you stood near the upper sections and looked down it was almost like it was straight up like a tower with seats. It would make you lightheaded and dizzy by looking down. Everyone felt the same way but the school was built in like 1900 and was still in use during the early 1990's when I went there. The Auditorium was built about a year after the rest of the school. They had no other large open space for presentations. They used it for Graduations too. It was just way too steep. They kept using the same buildings as it was the only school that could accommodate so many students. My Graduating Class was over 1800 students. Then we had Grades 9, 10 and 11 along with the 12th Graders. Each classroom could hold up to 35 students per class, with approx. 28 being the classroom average. The school was Four levels and each level was very large. There was also the cafeteria where the basement would be, so if you counted the cafeteria the building had five levels. There is no way the school district could afford to build another one to take the place of the old buildings. One issue was WHERE they could build a new school as it would take up a lot of land. The school was so old it was of course said to be haunted. When I went there it was almost 90 years old. It could pass for a sanitarium if you walked down the halls and you didn't know it was a school.

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That's interesting. Yes, they do tend to build buildings sometimes that aren't quite as practical as they should be due to not having much choice or poor planning. But yes, that usually makes it not so nice for the people that have to use it.
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Least it looks like a proper star fleet ship bridge - the excellent attention to detail always astounds me :D

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Thanks, I'm always happy to hear it's appreciated.

I really like this, how much do you charge for commission work?

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Thanks, glad you like it! My fees vary, based on the work needed. You're welcome to send me a note and we can discuss it there.
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I really like this style. I also like how this is not a typical bridge that we see all the time on Star Trek, but has a new feel to it, while retaining familiar design elements. Well done!

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Thanks, I'm glad you like it. That's exactly what I was trying to achieve. I'm happy it worked!
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Nice job :-)

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Awesome bridge

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What a unique looking bridge, great work!

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Excellent work with the layout, with the addition of an office for the first officer and the fact that the ship's MSD isn't directly behind the Captain's chair.

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Thanks! Yes, I've heard from quite a few people over the years the issues they have with an MSD behind the Captain's chair. This does seem more secure.

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