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Nova Class Refit - Captain's Quarters (Render 2)

By falke2009
Part of my series attempting to visualise the interior of the Nova class refit/variant from Star Trek.

You can see the cutaway isometric drawing here: Isometric view.

Modelled with Sketchup. Rendered with Kerkythea.
Based on and inspired by original designs from:
-Star Trek (CBS)
-Nova class deck plans by John D. Lees
-Orchid model by pmraenm (modified by me)
Star Trek belongs to CBS. I am not associated with CBS Television Studios and no copyright infringement is intended with this fan art.
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© 2017 - 2021 falke2009
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Intrepid and Nova, always a mix between luxury and utilitarian.
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It's not the flagship, after all. 😉
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Fan vessel I like
Nighthawk class, named after the F-117 stealth bomber
The idea of a stealth starship without an actual cloak. Officially it's a "Long-range, hostile environment Reconnaissance/exploratory vessel" Unofficially, she's a stealth warship, though introduced to late to serve in the dominion war.
During the Dominion war, Starfleet wanted to hit Dominion logistical lines, however with comprehensive sensor grids made that...difficult. Their ad hoc solution was hijacking a dominion ship for infiltration purposes. Given the constraints of the Algeron treaty prohibiting Starfleet from using cloaks, Starfleet engineers simply worked around the problem and adopted means of fooling, masking and inhibiting enemy sensors.
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That's a very impressive design, I really like it. Looks like an evolution of the Nova class - but bigger.
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Since the Nighthawk doesn't use a cloak...Starfleet Engineering jerry rigged solutions around the problem: How to mask yourself from sensors. The Nighthawk uses a multi-layer network of various technologies to disguise it's approach.
Stage 1: First, it uses several special low-power chroniton field emitters, a typical navigational sensor scan would pass right over it. Without the scan determining a significant metal presence or heavy mass, it would largely be ignored if it did however arouse suspicion...2nd system brought online. The ships deflector is also augmented for multiple uses in particular acting as a particle field emitter, thus mimicking the magnetic or radiological aspects of it's surrounding environment.
Stage 2: Uses a silicon based biological compound impregnated on the hull that like a cuttlefish mimics the local color and lights of it's surrounding environment.
Since these devices use very little power compared to a real cloak, the Nighthawk can use it's weapons.
The Nighthawk also engages in deceit. Decades of sensor scans undertaken by Starfleet Science on enemy/friendly vessels is put into an independent computer; emitters on the ships nacelle allow the Nighthawk to produce varying degrees of false warp signatures or mimic warp signatures of other vessels.
The Nighthawk also uses the "Eagle Eye" long range sensor system. A dedicated amplified long range sensor system with focused pulses, allowing her to scan for things far out of range of typical ships, putting a several lightyears distance between the Nighthawk and other ships, combined with a fast warp drive of Warp 9.99; enough time to retreat with a headstart of several lightyears if threat of detection is perceived.
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Wow, very interesting. This is very well thought out.
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