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All I got is 4 different alien creatures eventually meeting up as some twist of fate(s) that they meet with the big one in the background being the most important story wise perhaps being the first to be set on a path that in turn would lead the others
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thanks for looking and your idea 
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Disturbingly enthralling.
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Yeah! Love that composition! <3 :)
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It seems very interesting though,it needs an idea!
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These guys kinda look like the Parshendi from Stormlight Archives
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interesting, someone else told me the same - but i've never read it or heard about it before
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It's an epic fantasy series by Brandon Sanderson, the same author behind the Mistborn series, and the last three books of the Wheel of Time series. 10/10 recommend! 
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Yeah, seems like many people recommend it. 
Not sure if I can motivate myself to read fantasy books again. It was so often a big disappointment...
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This is absolutely fantastic.
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