Quadrant OMEGA: I'm running these 4 polls to see which of the FLAKY SPAWN people are most interested in seeing full-body pictures of. Might just do them all! but the more popular ones are likely to be done first.
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I choose you! Varren! I think he looks intelligent.
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This is the one that blows my mind. Because I wouldn't have figured those results whatsoever. I felt cassandra was the least interesting of the bunch. It was a difficult choice though, because this is the least interesting quad to me. I had to pick Verda, She was the most interesting.    Gail I liked, but I had a feeling she'd be either too "cutesy" to be appealing, or somehow snobby. 

Varren though, omg. SO stoic, so intellectual, so... unusual for the rest of this chart. 
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Rrrgh, another tough choice! Ummm....Salascia. (who knew that slug Reptilis would have such attractive offspring?)
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He's smug for a reason! :D
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Cassandra because of her awesome hair, but Samuel and Zerda are really striking too
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Oh, I bet they are striking people all the time! :dummy:
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haha, with all my votes, I voted with the majority! :D and frankly I think cassandra was my favourite out of all!
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Cassandra and her hair! I love that hair! Gail... she looks adorably snooty. Probably takes after her daddy the most. lol And her mommy... can't forget the mommy. heh
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I want to see Beck discoursing knowledgeably on Kant's Critique of Judgement. :D
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Oh no, this quadrant is the most difficult to choose from! So many delightfully mischievous kids... Gotta vote Zerda, cause she looks just so cartoonishly evil...
My next choice would be Samael (OMG, Zintiel's psychotic smile and hair + Gabriel's jockiness), thein Gail, the perfect adorably smug little diva. I can imagine the two being the most insufferable siblings with the most insufferable daddy.
All those designs are so pretty though... all the best hair goes to Marelle's kids in this quadrant :)
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I think you GET Gail and Samael pretty well! :dummy:
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Gail, because she's adorable~
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Suuure... but only until you get to know her! ;)
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