Quadrant BETA: I'm running these 4 polls to see which of the FLAKY SPAWN people are most interested in seeing full-body pictures of. Might just do them all! but the more popular ones are likely to be done first.
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Saiph looks like a bad buoy and that's cool but he also looks a bit crazy so EEEHH NO.  Eider looks like she has a lot of common sense. And I like her face. So Eider, waddaya say ya wanna be my pokemon?!
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I honestly feel like Kurt and Morgana would be a good couple, which I didn't realize until I saw Claude. I mean, Morgana wants affection, Kurt wants a faithful girlfriend who is shorter than him... seems like it could work, right?

Plus, I adore the name Claude. I really do. I've got a character named Claudio who is at least partially based on myself. (Personality-wise, that is!)

I like Saiph and Marci a lot, but I had to vote for Decker. And now I'm wondering: CAN Prism have kids? Was she built with that, ahem, "functionality"?
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She's programmed not to alter her own programming, but nothing says she can't alter her body! :dummy:

That said it's unlikely to come up in the comic :XD:
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I find it kind of funny, that the winner so far here, is my second pick, and the one I wanted is second running. 
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Wow, something about Aniel really appeals to people.
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I'm a little surprised to see that I'm really interested in seeing more of Camambar's offspring... but since I chose one of his for Alpha quadrant, I'm going with Decker.  It was really interesting to see how many others picked him as well. ;-)
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Swuzann's my favorite; I'm a sad panda that she's not a finalist.
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She's in Quadrant Alpha :p
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Ah, thanks. For some reason the other three polls weren't showing up in the view I was in.
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Claude deserves some love! He's cute, plump and has epic sideburns! Decker is my second choice in this quadrant, then Marci, for their distinct noses and eyebrows :D
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Claude is a consummate halfling! ...aside from his half-halflingness.
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I am heartbroken that no one else has voted for Decker's crazy eyebrows.

(i really like this gene meme thing.)
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I am all about those crazy eyebrows
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Decker has it the most, clearly, but ALL of Kurt's children have the pointy-tipped eyebrow thing :D
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