Quadrant ALPHA: I'm running these 4 polls to see which of the FLAKY SPAWN people are most interested in seeing full-body pictures of. Might just do them all! but the more popular ones are likely to be done first.
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Vernali was on my meme overall list as well but ok it was hands-down with Philemon. My anthro +smart+swag-o-meter+sexy senses were screaming. What does he digivolve into? I'm a bit late with the polls but I like polls.
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I love all of the characters in the meme, but I have a minor critique: I feel like all of Marelle's children should have slightly darker skin than they actually do. Sophlin and Philemon have nearly the same skin tone, even though Marelle's is darker than Nitrine's.

Also: I thought Mistrale was male at first, then realized she wasn't and was super disappointed. He would've made the most FABULOUS drag queen EVER.

Someone needs to make a meme like this one, except it's "If X character and Z character were fused together in a freak lab accident, what would the resulting two-in-one character look like?" Because I totally want to see what Zintiel plus Prism, or Camambar plus Leslie (prettiest character ever?) would look like.
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Skin colour wasn't always 50/50 averaged, there was some variation when I felt like it, so maybe I happened to err on the side of lighter-skinned Marellids without noticing.
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This is the cool kids quad.   Like, the highest percentage of awesome looks is right here. You make it SO hard to pick.  

Vernali is awesome, and I'm glad she's leading, but I couldn't pick between her and Yrmstrae, swuzann, and mistrale.

I have no idea why philemon is so high though, he was kind of meh. 
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Holy smokes, that was a tough choice. Finally had to go with Ines, mostly because of how much she resembles Marelle. ;)
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Not how much she resembles Kurt? :dummy:
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so I went with the one who looked like she'd have an interesting backstory... Alyren
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Oh? What kind of backstory do you see for her, I wonder? :D
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definitely philemon - both because of the awesomness of the character and the canonity (lol) of the ship! <3
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The best ships have cannons!
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yes they do!
i'm kind of supprised that philimon is #2 his parents are my favorite shipping. but i like the look in swuzzans eyes so i would love to see more of her
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Aw... no one else wanted Alyren? Boooo on all of you! lol 
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Hehe I did! Which is why I said no one ELSE! :p lol I voted and saw my vote was alone at the time... XD
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Without trying, I voted for the most popular character in each quadrant.  I feel so.... mainstream.
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They can only be popular if lots of people like them! :dummy:

also: which one is the most popular can vary over time! (and has already)
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I'll probably never get over the fact that Philemon is partly feline and shares a name with an actual cartoon cat I grew up watching (reruns, I'm not that old).
Also he's the prettiest boy in the alpha quadrant, just had to vote for him ;) Mistrale would be the second choice, with her truly outrageous looks :D
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I was unaware of that particular cat!

...I actually considered naming him Felix at first :B
But... that's my name, so that would have been kind of weird.
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And you named him "after" my cat :lol: Thank you!
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I assume your cat's been around for a while, so yes, most likely, I named him AFTER your cat :dummy:
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I can only imagine how weird it must be for people with names widely recognized as "zoological" to name characters related to their associated animal.
Though most fascinating part about it seems that the strength of the beast connection is often arbitrary, not etymological. It's really funny how when most people hear your name, they think "cat" first instead of "lucky", just because it sounds kinda sorta like "feline" (and because of cartoon character, let's be real), yet no-one's thinking about any Arthur or Ursula as "bear" even though that's exactly what those names mean (Bernard, though? same meaning, but more likely to ring the "bear" bell).

As we're on the subject of names, I noticed how you gave most of Leslie's children gender-neutral ones ;) Fitting.
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There is no end of feline Felicias!

And yes! My theory is Leslie cluelessly chooses those names without realizing the implications :XD: I almost felt bad after I named Simon so masculinely!
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Alpha quadrant is best quadrant! I really want to see Sophlin, Philemon, Swuzann and Yrmstrae...
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