Flaky Pastry 500 is coming up this January! As is often the case, it will be a story spotlighting some side characters. Wanna try and guess who they will be? (I already know!)
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Mona, Morgana and Prism again
Sir Manfred Adalbert Portrind of Frownshire the Twenty-Fifth, the dragon in the kitchen
The neighbour
Griplen, Graplen and Groplen
Leslie and Daran
Damian, the over-eager young adventurer
Kurt, Nitrine's ex-boyfriend
Cryptos the Omnipotent
Polly Theist
Gabriel, the musclehead
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Published: November 4, 2013
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I miss The neighbour.
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Another Daran/Neighbour luncheon!
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Daran Fangirl reporting for duty !