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Hello, again! It's been a while. Sort of. Not really.

I feel like I've just accomplished something. It started simply enough... a bunch of female characters from Flaky Pastry... a bunch of male characters from the same... a grid... and for each pairing, imagine what their child would look like. An interesting experiment... Thanks again to arger for her meme base, which is where I began.

I have to say, I didn't know for sure whether I would finish this, back then. When was it again? March 9th 2014! I was so not sure I would finish that I started by posting an unfinished version, then updated it progressively as I advanced...
Flaky Gene Meme by falingard

Just finishing the initial portrait grid took nearly the rest of the month... but hey, when something is fun, you keep going :D Was that enough? OF COURSE NOT. The next phase took almost a year! Taking each of these portraits and making them into a full-body picture? Yeah. DAUNTING. But here we are.. look at them now!

The Flaky Gene: Sophlin by falingard The Flaky Gene: Philemon by falingard The Flaky Gene: Mistrale by falingard The Flaky Gene: Aniel by falingard The Flaky Gene: Saiph by falingard The Flaky Gene: Valence by falingard
The Flaky Gene: Steven by falingard The Flaky Gene: Ines by falingard The Flaky Gene: Swuzann by falingard The Flaky Gene: Claude by falingard The Flaky Gene: Kai by falingard The Flaky Gene: Decker by falingard
The Flaky Gene: Vernali by falingard The Flaky Gene: Alyren by falingard The Flaky Gene: Yrmstrae by falingard The Flaky Gene: Coravine by falingard The Flaky Gene: Marci by falingard The Flaky Gene: Eider by falingard
The Flaky Gene: Limone by falingard The Flaky Gene: Alexis by falingard The Flaky Gene: Beck by falingard The Flaky Gene: Jean by falingard The Flaky Gene: Meredith by falingard The Flaky Gene: Simon by falingard
The Flaky Gene: Gail by falingard The Flaky Gene: Cassandra by falingard The Flaky Gene: Samael by falingard The Flaky Gene: Davill by falingard The Flaky Gene: Carol by falingard The Flaky Gene: Delilah by falingard
The Flaky Gene: Salascia by falingard The Flaky Gene: Varren by falingard The Flaky Gene: Zerda by falingard The Flaky Gene: Wolff by falingard The Flaky Gene: Lilith by falingard The Flaky Gene: Cincin by falingard

The Flaky Gene: Line-up by falingard

What can I say? I love designing characters. It is the greatest thing. Better than chocolate. Now that this particular project is done, I'm gonna have to find a new one. Design more characters. But don't worry, I'll figure something out. And you're sure to see it here in the coming months. Unless I get lazy and uninspired. That happens sometimes.

I hope you guys enjoyed this crazy thing I did. I know I did! It. And enjoy it. Also.

While I appreciate "Wow!" and "Good job!" comments, I also enjoy more in-depth ones... Just for fun, why don't you answer one or some or even all of the following questions... if you have the time and inclination, of course.
Bullet; Green Which of these offspring is your favourite, or which would you like to see more of? Did that change since the portraits stage?
Bullet; Green Which do you wish had turned out differently? Or which do you just not like?
Bullet; Green Which is the most different from what you had imagined with just the portrait?
Bullet; Green Which pair(s) would you ship? :eyes:
Bullet; Green Which three would make the most interesting room mates? Y'know... like in Flaky Pastry :B
Bullet; Green Name a type of contest (Fighting Tournament, Dance-Off, Spelling Bee, etc.) and explain which of them would win. You can also talk about the runner-up, or the one in last place, etc.
Bullet; Green What other question should I suggest people discuss?


Flaky Pastry - My weekly webcomic!
Jogging - My not-quite-daily sketchblog!

Commissions: No.
Art Trades: If I devwatch you, chances are YES. Otherwise no.

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I wonder how a 3rd generation of the flaky gene would turn out...
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Possible question: Who would you like as a merchandise option?
I ship Decker and Saiph, just because I suspect them of being gay. (sorry if offensive)
falingard's avatar
Nothing offensive! They may or may not be gay, I didn't decide either way for any of them, really.
However merchandise of anything is highly unlikely :p
I admit, when I first saw the layout, I was hoping to see Nitrine on both axes, yes, including herself, because she practically has gone the parthenogenesis route with the multi-form spell already.

That said, I will note that virtually any pairing with Neighbor seems to produce bewitchingly attractive individuals.  Of them all, I'd have to say my personal fave is Aniel, with Saiph a close second (Saiph closed the gap to almost nil once I saw the full portraits, in fact).

Hell, there's my ship: Saiph and Aniel, musical rivals in public (Aniel does whatever FP's version of Bubblegum J-Pop would be, while Saiph does next-level feminist grunge punk), secret lovers in private.

Wolffe is probably my least liked, though the negativity was softened when I saw him playing Hamlet (seriously, those portraits are all magnificent).  Jean and Steven were probably the two with the least interest as characters following the portraits.  This is likely partly a personal quirk--I find people who are interested in things to be interesting, and both of them come across as uninterested in most things, in different ways; Steven looks like a slacker drowning in ennui, while I get the feeling that Jean barely notices any world outside her office cubicle.

Although...  Jean, Simon and Decker work for me as a trio--they not only room together, they also work together, taking contracts for hits.  Think Grosse Pointe Blank, but with Simon and Decker as a buddy-hitman teamup in place of John Cusack's character, and Jean being a bit more active version of Joan Cusack's role--she can also do intel and hacking, ala Becky Farrah of Gunsmith Cats.  Comedy and murder all around!
falingard's avatar
But wouldn't Nitrine's children with Nitrine just be more Nitrine? :dummy:
I like your ideas for the pairing & trio, haha :D
though Aniel and Saiph are half-siblings *gasp* How scandalous
More Nitrine is never a bad thing.  Also, it would allow some wonderful "Nature vs. Nurture" experiments.

Ooh, somehow I completely missed that I was going with half-siblings there.  Okay, if that (completely understandably) is a bit much, even for a non-progeny-bearing pairing, then I would say go with both of them dating Kai, each unaware that the other is doing so.  A lot of street magicians like Kai are also grifters of one stripe or another, so her deftly juggling the pair could be pretty amusing, AND would provoke a lot of arguments among the readers over which of them should 'win' (including, of course, the folks who think they should get over it and both continue seeing Kai).
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All of Polly's kids are amazing, but Marci stands out from all of them to me. You've GOT to use her design for something at the very least. Like, omg!
falingard's avatar
I already did, didn't I? ;)
Glad you like her and the rest!
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I really like how this project came out!  I was surprised by the outcome -- my favorites seem to be Decker, Varren, and Limone.  Decker looks like he's completely calm under fire, Limone is adorable, and Varren has the whole "I banish creatures from the Otherness as a hobby, come at me," aura about him.  I don't think any of them I outright dislike, though I get negative vibes from Claude, but that's probably just the whole used-car salesman thing -- even Steven has some charm with the fluffy slippers and attitude. =)

Like I mentioned on her page, Zerda turned out completely different than I expected.  With Zintell's chaos and Reptilis's sneakiness, I expected her to be the villainous one, and not Lilith (who is *stylin'!*)  Instead she's this kickass chaotic painter, and I think she's fantastic. =)  Yrmstrae also turned out way different than I expected.
falingard's avatar
Glad I could entertain and surprise you :D
To be honest, Zerda surprised me, too! But as with most of these, once an idea got into my head, I just went with it :dummy:
Thanks for the feedback!
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Late reply is late!  But hey you put in a ton of work to this, the least I can do is answer all of your questions.

Bullet; Green Which of these offspring is your favourite, or which would you like to see more of? Did that change since the portraits stage?
Lilith turned out to be my favorite design, even though I didn't like her much at the portrait stage.  (haha oops indeed)  That said I never did successfully pick a favorite at the portrait stage. >_>

Bullet; Green Which do you wish had turned out differently? Or which do you just not like?
Steven.  It looks like he got the worst quality possible: being boring.  Let us hope Kurt and Nitrine never procreate. :B

Bullet; Green Which is the most different from what you had imagined with just the portrait?
Zerda.  She just looked so insidious in her portrait I expected something far more dastardly than painting.  But who knows, maybe she's twisting public perception as a means of villainy?

Bullet; Green Which pair(s) would you ship? Eyes
Hmm... Simon and Carol I think actually.  They could have a Mr. and Mrs. Smith thing going, maybe team up against a mutual nemesis.

Bullet; Green Which three would make the most interesting room mates? Y'know... like in Flaky Pastry Bucktooth
Delilah, Sophlin, and Jean.  The comedic possibilities are endless, but I think they'd have enough synergy to make it work.

Bullet; Green Name a type of contest (Fighting Tournament, Dance-Off, Spelling Bee, etc.) and explain which of them would win. You can also talk about the runner-up, or the one in last place, etc.
Mortal Kombat!!!  Alexis would be the obvious choice, being a consummate gamer, but perhaps the consummate warrior 
Yrmstrae would win.  The console they're playing the game on may be the real loser though.

Bullet; Green What other question should I suggest people discuss?
Which one would we want to see pop up and Flaky Pastry, parentage not withstanding?  I'd pick Aniel, both for her design and specialty.  Valentines day is coming up after all.

falingard's avatar
I just want people to answer these if they feel like it, not AT ALL COSTS :D But thanks, I appreciate it!
Delilah, Sophlin and Jean does sound like a good mix :D
I as kind of surprised when you suggested Alexis would win at mortal kombat... until I realized you were talkign about the game, and not actual mortal combat :XD: Haha
LorienInksong's avatar
XD  Well I did want to answer them.  :)
Glad you think so.
Heh yeah, I figured spelling it with a K would get it across.  While Alexis would win any game I figured Yrmstrae might be a sore loser and either 'train' really hard to beat him or put a sword through the console out of frustration.
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Q: Which of these offspring is your favourite, or which would you like to see more of? Did that change since the portraits stage?

A: Since my favorite characters in Flaky Pastry include The Neighbour, Leslie, Marelle and Prism (whoah, all of them are of the intellectual type), I was initially most interested in their offsprings. And my favorites 

Sooo, cherry-picking my favorites (not in the order of favoriteness but rather in the left-to-right-up-to-down order):

- Sophlin: Nitrine's perkiness and cheekiness combined with The Neighbour's mysteriousness and general goodguyness results a pretty magical girl :D If she comes after her mom by her personality, that's gonna be interesting.

- Philemon: One of top favorites. It would be interesting to meet a person like him in real life. I have an impression that while he is incredibly smart and sassy, he is also a friendly person.

- Valence: Makes perfect sense: Goodguyness + effectiveness = police officer

- Swuzann: I initially thought something like, "Meh, just a crazy Zintiel copy", but the "cool gym teacher" concept was great :D

- Vernali: Pretty... except does she want to be called that? ANYWAY PRETTY. I DARE HER TO BE PRETTY in her non-generic way. She turned out more tomboy-ish than her portrait indicated.

- Yrmstrae: I was pretty interested how he turns out, given that his parents engagement is canon. But what made the day was you and LoveBell's conversation about him:
LB: very sexy sir and hella badass~
F: Yes, you better call him sir, or your ass will wind up worse than his :D

- Coravine: Lady, pretty, lady, adorable, and lady.

- Eider: She is overall beautiful.

- Limone: She is overall fun! Her portrait was among the most eye-catching ones, probably due to her expression.

- Alexis: In some way, he appears perfect comedy cast material. In the straight-man role.

- Beck: Her design is rather eye-catching too.

- Gail: Typically I'm not into dumb blonde type characters, but Gail and apparently acts fun enough to pass. Also, her personality makes perfect sense given her parents.

- Cassandra: One of the most fabulous designs. I even listed her full-body portrait as one of my favorites among your deviations, that one time :D

- Zerda: BIG ANGRY TREES. Her full-body portrait surprised me positively.

- Lilith: Classical villains!

- Cincin: Final bosses!


Q: Which do you wish had turned out differently? Or which do you just not like?

A: I expected Mistrale to be sorta... flashier and wilder, given her wild hair, make-up, and mom. So that was kinda a disappointment. Nothing else specific pops into my mind. 


Q: Which is the most different from what you had imagined with just the portrait?

A: Probably Zerda and Mistrale. First one surprised me positively, latter one negatively.


Q: Which pair(s) would you ship?

A: Well, I'm not much a shipper person, so I skip this question.


Q: Which three would make the most interesting room mates? Y'know... like in Flaky Pastry.

A: Hmmmm... there are several options, but let's pick up Philemon, Wolff, and Steven. I could imagine Philemon sassying at an overdramatic Wolff, with his merciful sarcasm, and Steven being a straight man.

Another set... Alyren, Beck, and Davill. They'd probably team up and found a shared blog? Or rather, start rivaling blogs?

Alsoooo... Cassandra, Coravine, and Gail (yup, half-sisters there). Gail and Coravine might have arguments about each others' fashion senses, and Cassandra (who might have more general sense of fabulous and be better aware of that fabulousness isn't limited to certain styles) acts as a mediator?


Q: Name a type of contest (Fighting Tournament, Dance-Off, Spelling Bee, etc.) and explain which of them would win. You can also talk about the runner-up, or the one in last place, etc.

A: A fighting-game-like tournament! Yrmstrae would probably almost tie with Cincin and finally win him, blowing up the arena in the process. Limone could also offer interesting fight scenes, as I imagine her skills being based on speed, dexterity, and agility.

Mentioned earlier, blogging rivalry (including also other characters than the three earlier mentioned ones). Beck would be the obvious winner, IF the game is fair and honest... and I doubt it is!

"Show your work to a school kid" day? (Not an actual competition but anyway, there is still some scale for succeeding in that...) There would be a good selection of reasonable babysitters (such as Valence, Ines, and Swuzann), people like Lilith and Yrmstrae may make things more interesting...

Aaaand... specifically to Reptilis' kids... BRAWLING OVER THE GOBLIN THRONE (that originally belongs to Salascia). And it would be a very ugly fight full of dirty tactics and plenty of damage all around. Varren drops out soon (or doesn't participate at all) due to noticing Mystic Powers taking over the throne room and he wants to investigate them. Zerda and Wolff fight first, but then they get inspired by all this chaos and leave to pour all this inspiration into their works. Salascia, Lilith, and Cincin continue brawling, but the fight is very even, and eventually they knock out each other by using goblin trickery.


Q: What other question should I suggest people discuss?

A: Which kids simply make most sense given their parents? I don't mean which parents make most sense, but rather, which kids have such personalities / appearances / careers that make most sense given their parents?

My answer? GAIL. Take Nitrine's genes, add Gabriel's upbringing. Voilá. Also Philemon sums up his parents' intellectualism nicely, and Valence also shows vital elements of her parents. Yrmstrae? Don't expect his daddy had much power to influence his upbringing.
falingard's avatar
Very complete reply, thanks :D
I'm sorry you didn't like Mistrale! But glad you liked so many others!
Too bad about no shipping :eyes: but all your room mates ideas are cool!
I especially wouldn't have thought of the blogging competition :XD: One can have a photo blog, one a fiction blog, and the other a blog blog :p
NuttyNuti's avatar
No need to feel sorry, they are your personal creation. Maybe we just don't know enough about her to give her the respect she deserves!

Hmmm, indeed they'd probably have different target groups for their blogs... but does that prevent them from contesting over the number of the followers? :D Especially when there is a blog blog tying blogs together!
DEMarq's avatar
  IT was a fun ride sir. ^_*
WargmoDesign's avatar
They turned out absolutely amazing! I'm so impressed with your work, and the general design of them all. Character design is my one, true passion in life, so it's always the first thing I look at when I play a game, watch an anime/movie/TV-series, or read a book/manga/comic, and your talent within character design is just jaw-droppingly fantastic. I truly admire you, and your skills, and I just have to say that you are definitely one of the artist I place on the top shelf of where I one day wish to be.

It's hard to pick a favourite of these ones, cause they're all pretty amazing, but I know I generally liked the initial look of all of Neighbour's kids (since he's my favourite character in the webcomic) in the grid, with Philemon and Saiph being my favourites. I also liked Vernali, Cassandra, and Delilah. After seeing them all in full picture... Philemon, Alexis, Delilah, Salascia, and Sophlin - in that order. The more I look at them, the more I think that Philemon is my favourite. XD I'd like to know more about him, first and foremost, but I'd also love to know more about all of the others as well.
I can't really think of any good answers to the rest of your questions though - at least not right away, so I might need to give it some thought and then I'll get back to you. As for pair(s).... Can -I- have them all? XD Ah, but on a serious note, nothing really pops out at first glance, so I'd have to give that some more thought.

Anyway, amazing job with all these! Seriously impressed. And actually quite inspired. Now I feel like doodling something. XD
falingard's avatar
Aw, thanks a lot :blush:
I'm happy my work inspires you!
biasedeyes's avatar
Philemon is my favorite, used to be Swuzann.
Swuzann was a bit disappointing, but Valence and Sophlin more so. Sophlin is a magical girl? Seriously?
I really like Beck, who's probably the most like what I imagined in the portraits stage.
Also, Cincin is wasting his potential! Final Boss? If he was serious, he'd be doing some masterminding.

As for the question of second generation, you have 212 non-incestuous pairs. So, unless you have a year or so to spare, I'd recommend sticking to a single generation.

EDIT: Third generation non-incestuous pairings ~10,000. Then you're in trouble because having the same great-grandparent isn't generally considered incest. Even if you consider it incest for your purposes, I'm not sure you'd ever finish a fourth generation, at least not in anything approaching this quality.
falingard's avatar
If there's one thing I learned reading these comments, is that it's impossible to please everyone. Anything someone loves, someone else will hate. Anything someone hates, someone else will love. :D

Actually, I'm lying, I already knew that.
CassidyPeterson's avatar
You should do this again, swapping out sons for daughters and vice-versa :giggle:

Oooh, questions :eager: lessee...

:bulletgreen: Who are my favorites?

The ones who caught my attention most out of the original spreadsheet were Sophlin, Saiph, Swuzann, Limone, and Carol.

Saiph and Limone are probably the two I was happiest with once their individual profiles came out; Saiph looked like a rocker to me from the start so actually being a rocker was a big plus, and Limone's profile satisfies me for reasons I can't clearly define. I remember expecting Carol to be a little shorter and bulkier, and while I like her personality, I just didn't really like her overall design. Swuzann held steady with a ranking of "pretty neat" and Sophlin's profile made me giggle but didn't leave much of an impact.

Out of the characters who didn't catch my eye from the start, I'd say that Wolff, Samael, and Kai got the biggest boost once their profiles were released, though I'm still not really sold on Samael's face and hair.

I also really like Marci... but keep forgetting about her!

:bulletgreen: Who do I wish had turned out differently, or do I not like?

As mentioned above, I expected Carol to be shorter/bulkier, and I'm not terribly impressed with Samael's general head-region.

I don't like Claude. Not sure why. The suit-and-sandals combo doesn't help, though.

:bulletgreen: Who's the most different?

I didn't really have any specific expectations for most of them, so it's hard to say!

:bulletgreen: Who do I ship?

Saiph and Limone! :la: I've been shipping them from the start, and with their full designs out, I still ship it hard.

Who else do I ship, though? Hm... Gail and Wolff, because I like Odd Couples. And Alexis and Kai, because they seem like they'd enjoy each other's company.

:bulletgreen: Who would make the most interesting roommates?

Carol, Gail, and Philemon. I imagine Carol bullying Philemon and Gail ceaselessly whining at him as he desperately tries to introduce both of them to class and culture.

:bulletgreen: those other two questions

:B I dunno...
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