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On a whim, I decided I felt like uploading some of my really old (pre-Pastry) comic projects here. None of them ever got further than just a few pages, sometimes only one. There are quite a few, however, and... well... they're really old. So I'm just giving you a fair warning, these'll likely show up in my Scraps later today. If you're not watching my Scraps but this is the sort of thing you're interested in, take a look later on. If you -are- watching my scraps but don't want to deal with a small flood of things, then uh... at least you know it's coming!

EDIT: And here they are.
:bulletblue: The Mavericks
:bulletblue: The Masked Quebecker
:bulletblue: A comic with Zintiel in it
:bulletblue: One with a boy named Jimmu
:bulletblue: A grossly unfinished comic with Nitrine in it
:bulletblue: Carnie!
:bulletblue: Another one with Carnie
:bulletblue: Chaos Generation (starring Prism)
:bulletblue: Wizards! 1
:bulletblue: Wizards! 2
:bulletblue: Wizards! 3
:bulletblue: Wizards! 4
:bulletblue: Illimited Fantasy 1
:bulletblue: Illimited Fantasy 2
:bulletblue: Illimited Fantasy 3

I don't have any dates for any of these, aside from how they're all from before April 2005 (since that's when Pastry started).

Commission status: closed
Art Trade status: open to people I am devwatching

-Flaky Pastry - My weekly webcomic!
-Jogging - My not-quite-daily sketchblog!
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Violet-Kitsune-Lila's avatar
Wish I knew the context for that Zintiel page. That looks really cool. (They all look cool, but that one especially. I think it's the various elves.)
falingard's avatar
They're stalking her to try and capture her and bring her back home, but Zintiel is on to their wily ways and will have none of it!
Violet-Kitsune-Lila's avatar
Ah, so the gigantic armour complete with skulls and horns wasn't just for hunting deer then.
monkeynohito's avatar
I'm looking forward to seeing them.

On a semi-related note, do you have any advice on settling on an idea to go with and work on? I want to get something started myself, but I keep waffling on which of about five different ideas I should work on.

When I see something like Flaky Pastry, it can get easy to think, wow, this guy can just crap out solid gold whenever he feels like, since you really stick by your updates and the comic always looks so slick. I really appreciate being able to see that, there actually were some false starts along the way. As an artist on the cusp of only that point right now, it's easy to be intimidated to see a respected artist with gallery full of solid KOs.
falingard's avatar
The only recommendation I can give you about that is to make sure that whatever you choose is something you're confident you can stick with. If you don't like drama, don't do drama; the same applies to comedy, horror, romance, fantasy, science fiction, etc. etc. If you get tired of the same thing after a while, you can blend genres. If long epic stories fail to keep you motivated, do something more episodic, maybe even with a payoff in every strip :D

That last point is pretty much what made Flaky Pastry work for me, where the previous projects had not. Some people prefer to work on long storylines, though. The important is to find something that works for you!
monkeynohito's avatar
Thanks, that gives some really helpful perspective. It makes me realize I should try and better define some of my ideas into slimmer concepts and just plain see what I like better.
Mahadma's avatar
Im curious *makes an even wider grin*
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Belazuur's avatar
Uploading pre-pastry era comics, surely you jest?
falingard's avatar
Belazuur's avatar
Well I guess I can't argue with that.

On a side note, I would read The Mavericks had you continued it. The world needs more fairy berserkers.
falingard's avatar
The Mavericks lost some relevance as a parody the day D&D 3rd edition came out, and things like dwarf wizards and halfling paladins became allowed :D

BTW, since someone else asked to see the fairy berserker I thought you might want to as well: [link] [link]
Belazuur's avatar
That's true, dwarf wizards and halfling paladins weren't that unusual after that.

I may have to write up a fairy berserker now, for my next campaign setting. I'll mess with one of the fey origin races and put together a suitable barbarian build. Thanks for the idea.
No it wont be the strangest character I've played.
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