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As any one watching this journal may have noticed, I've been a little poll-crazy since getting a dA subscription. I'm posting this journal entry now to tell you: this won't be stopping anytime soon! But wait. Up until now, these polls have been pretty much only to satisfy my curiosity on various topics related to my work, but I've just thought of a new use for my polling (though I'm sure someone else has done this before).

Those who know me (and certainly a number of people who don't know me so well) know that I love creating characters. Not for any particular purpose, just because it's fun. Of course, trying new ways to create characters is also very fun. Occasionally I just come up with stuff, sometimes I start with a concept and build around it (super-pirates, Firefly knock-off, horror-themed dating game, etc.), and other times I put a bunch of random details together and see what they can amount to.

This is where the polling comes in! Over the next X weeks, I'm going to run a series of polls where YOU (yes, you) will determine the characteristics of a character that will be created. I'll run each poll for up to one week, probably less if one of the options is winning with a wide margin; but then we're not in a hurry, are we? Then I'll add the winning trait to a list below, until ... well, until I'm satisfied that we've got a cool character.

What will this character be like? I don't know! What will this character be FOR? I have no idea! Obviously I will draw it when we're done, and possibly before that, even. But I'm open to any suggestions. I personally don't mind creating characters that never end up being used for anything, but since all of you will have participated in its creation, maybe you'd like to see your hard work (clicking!) amount to something more. Post your ideas!

This is what we know about our character so far:

1. Initial character concept: Shapeshifter (Poll over)
2. Type of Shapeshifter: Can change gender (Poll over)
3. Occupation: Assassin // wizard's apprentice (Poll over)
4. Motivations: To make money to pay for its tuition (Poll over)
5. Gender(s): The apprentice identity is male; the assassin, female - both look like different-gender versions of the same person (Poll over)
6. Physical traits: Glasses, Hair and/or eyes of an unusual colour, Constant smirk, A striking, distinctive nose, and Very short hair (Poll over)
7. Motif and colour scheme: Panther. Dark blue, gold, and white. (Poll over)
8. Differences between the sexes: The guy doesn't really know how to put on make-up, but tries to anyway in his female form; The apprentice wears a long scarf and has facial hair; The assassin wears a catsuit; They each wear different glasses (Poll over)
9. Assassination weapon: No weapon, just apprentice-level magic (with stiletto in second place) (Poll over)
10. Setting: Renaissance Fantasy (Poll over)
11. Personal qualities: Incredibly lucky, and Charming (Poll over)
12. Personal flaws: Overly curious, and Forgetful (Poll over)
13. Age group: Young adult (20-24 y/o) (Poll over)
14. Random facts: The transformation spell is a tattoo that changes as the user changes gender; the character is also promiscuous; while this character sneaks about KILLING PEOPLE FOR MONEY, her curiosity also makes her solve (other) crimes like a detective; Has a rat for a pet/familiar(Poll over)
15. Face: (Poll over!)

Comment 09/05/16: Just three days and one option clearly has an undisputed lead... which it has had since the beginning! I didn't expect any option in the first poll to win so easily, or I would have thought twice about including that option. That's why I didn't include "pirate", for example. Shapeshifters are a type of character I have drawn before. Still, they -are- interesting, and there is still much room for creativity - which is why I did include that choice in the poll, after all.

Comment 09/05/18:  Another clear winner! Though during the first hour or two of the poll, that option was among the lowest, once it took the lead it never relinquished it. I had thought the gender-shifting option might be a shoe-in, and was warned against it... :XD: I even hesitated to include it right up until the last moment... BUT this was a much closer race than the first poll, and judging by the popularity of the runner-up option, that one would probably have won by a similarly wide margin if I had left out the gender option. So all in all I am happy!

Also... while I did originally say we're in no hurry with this thing, it seems the trickle of new votes dwindles a lot after 2-3 days, and I find this all very exciting personally, so maybe I will just speed things up a bit :bucktooth: If you think I am poll-spamming, don't hesitate to call me to order!

Comment 09/06/21: Have I mentioned that I like poll results to be unexpected and hotly-contested? Cause I do. Anyway! While the first result is another easy win by 'Assassin', this time around the second-highest result (which mattered!) was a very close call. I was afraid High School student might win for a while... that is probably the only result which would have displeased me, because I already have a character who is a high school (and earlier, elementary school) assassin! Though she's not a gender-shifter. A wizard's apprentice, though, is cool by me!

Comment 09/06/23: Nothing to say about the motivation poll. I like how it went!

Comment 09/06/25: Another easily won poll... with at least partly predictable results. I'm not really sure WHY the female assassin was so much more popular, but I definitely expected it. I didn't so much expect that the character would look the same when changing gender, though. It's possible I split the opposing votes between human and non-human, though. Oh well!

Comment 09/06/26: This poll filled up fast! Altogether a good experience. The whole "everything with 10% or more counts" concept works pretty well, though in the beginning things were fluctuating wildly... Another pleasant surprise is the NOSE got voted in! And here I thought I was (almost) the only one who liked characters with funky noses :D

Comment 09-06-29: A good poll. Though the three top options were the three top options the whole time. Too bad for the manticore! I like manticores. It took me a while deciding on the next poll... not that I'm running out of ideas, but... I'm wondering more and more which idea is WORTH polling, and at what point I should draw the line and fill in what blanks are left on my own. I could make a poll about it :bucktooth: but I'm just asking informally: Should I stop hella soon or go all the way to FIFTEEN (15) polls, which was the limit I originally set myself?

Comment 2009/06/30: A few things surprised me with this poll, and some others did not! I fully expected the catsuit to be extremely popular. The scarf and the different glasses did not surprise me. I wasn't sure how the make-up thing would turn out, I guess it being the top result was somewhat unexpected. What really surprised me is WHY the facial hair was popular but also, and mostly, how come the domino mask was so UN-popular? Pff... I mean seriously. Domino mask, people!. In closing, while it's cool that the apprentice gets some distinctive feature in the form of a scarf, you gotta admit... an assassin with a catsuit and a scarf would have been badass. Not practical, but certainly stylish. Oh, and I've decided to continue these, if only for a little while. I had thought to get into the character's background and situation with the polls, but I think I'll stick to things that are relevant to its appearance.

Comment 2009/07/02: Surprise! People don't like weapons? Well, I guess some just like magic more. Hmm... moving on!

Comment 2009/07/03: One poll per day until we reach 15! Can we do it? Maybe. Anyway... renaissance-era catsuit? INTERESTING. Must be magical.

Comment 2009/07/04: Oh dear. I think it's a sign that people are no longer as interested in this thing as they were when it started: The last poll had lots of votes, but no one posted any comments on it! Well... hmm... I guess I'll wrap this up quick, then?

Comment 2009/07/06: Okay, I skipped one day because I couldn't find an idea for poll 13 - but now that I have, it seems stupid of me not to have thought of this before. Now, though, I have plans for the next (and last) two polls - the 15th one will take some time to get ready, though :bucktooth: So THE END IS IN SIGHT.

Comment 2009/07/07: Last result predictable, but not unwelcome! 20-24 is a good age for a wizard's apprentice/assassin. Time to mix it up, now.

Comment 2009/07/08: Random facts added! And now for the last poll...

Comment 2009/07/10: Postmortem

Commission status: closed
Art Trade status: open to people I am devwatching

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monkeynohito's avatar
This started ending up so random, I honestly just started phoning in the worst combinations I could think of, but they've been coming out on top.
falingard's avatar
As a rule, I don't include anything in these polls that I couldn't live with if it got picked :p
JonShot's avatar
Go for fifteen polls I say.
DepressedHeartling's avatar
Just keeping on going until u have the concept maybe a personality poll after the differences one but after that I think you can have some artistic freedom.

You doing this poll makes me want to make a character~
falingard's avatar
Creating characters is fun!
DepressedHeartling's avatar
Yes, yes it is. You donmt mind if I draw a little something using your poll thing do you? I wont post it up I just have an idea in mind.
falingard's avatar
I'm not sure what you mean by "using my poll thing", but if you don't post what you draw, I have no way of knowing what it is, and thus, I can't really mind...
But either way, go ahead :XD:
DepressedHeartling's avatar
:D well then, have a nice day!
egog-industries's avatar
keep polling please!
Flynn-the-cat's avatar
Or just make the last few polls reeeeally minor. Eg, title of one of theor favourite schoolbooks :D
falingard's avatar
That doesn't address the main issue, though. Which is: Polls annoy people :D
Flynn-the-cat's avatar
Eh, it's got a time limit for spamming and the random ones are fun. I was thinking more of the 'limiting you' part
Hellwolve's avatar
I say, go for 10 polls. I bet you want some creative freedom for yourself ;)
falingard's avatar
A dude once said (and in fact, he said it all the time) "Restrictions breed creativity"
Hellwolve's avatar
I've heard that one before, but, and this may be different for you, I'd be less happy if everything was restricted :)
falingard's avatar
I don't think fifteen polls that I write myself will take me into that territory :D
Hellwolve's avatar
Ah, well, obviously it'll be up to you :) And the result will be interesting at any rate :D
Hellwolve's avatar
I really like this idea :) If/when I get a subscription, I'll probably do something simmilair :XD:

Oh, and, while I'm at it, any chance of an art trade? Would like some more/new PixelArt for my PixelID :)
rowan1364's avatar
I like assassin + student idea. Male student, female assassin!
Dahila-Mockery's avatar
Oh this is going to be fun!
Fflurs's avatar
Sounds like a fab idea, can't wait!
falingard's avatar
Well... you don't have to, since it's started ;p
Fflurs's avatar
Well thats good, since I have no patience. Your timing is perfect
fusspot's avatar
Poll away, sir. I look forward to seeing what horrors the community will unleash.
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