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Well, you guys have voted for it in my last poll, so I am going to make a contest. Here we go! Anyone can enter, with basically any kind of fan work. Drawings, paintings, cosplay, fanfics, poems, 3D models, flash animations, songs, stained glass, bronze sculpture, land art, etc. etc. The theme is anything related to Flaky Pastry (as in the webcomic).

You can submit your work in one of the following ways:

    * By e-mail, to: contest (at) runningwithpencils.com
    * On my forum, just post a link to it in the thread there: runningwithpencils.com/forum/v…
    * On the Sage Comics forum, in the thread there: sage-comics.com/forum/viewtopi…
    * Here on deviantart; either reply to this journal post or send me a note.


    * The deadline for the contest is October 16th 2009, at midnight. That gives you two months!
    * What you enter must be your own work, obviously.
    * You can enter more than once, as long as you enter another kind of fan work (a drawing, a fanfic, and a puppet show, for exemple) - you're still only eligible to win once. Yeah, the only reason for this is to encourage diversity!
    * PG-13, please!

After the deadline, I will pick winners! The criteria for attribution of prizes will be "Most awesome". Yes, that is a bit subjective. There is also a strong possibility of honourable mentions. And definitely all the entries will be listed in the Art page of the comic site. The winners will get prizes, which they will choose from this list:

    * A full colour commission from me
    * Three pencil commissions from me
    * A cameo (almost certainly non-speaking) of the character of your choice in Flaky Pastry
    * A 25$ gift certificate from the online vendor of your choice (as long as it does offer gift certificates)

The first place winner gets to pick two (2) choices from this list.
The second place winner gets to pick one (1).
The same option may be picked more than once, by either winner.

But wait! There's more! If the contest ends up being really popular, I might kick things up a notch.

If there is a total of 100 entrants or more in the contest, then I will be really surprised. But also:
The first place winner gets to pick three (3) choices from the list.
The second place winner gets to pick two (2).
The third place winner gets to pick one (1).

So get cookin'!

Commission status: closed
Art Trade status: open to people I am devwatching


Flaky Pastry - My weekly webcomic!

Jogging - My not-quite-daily sketchblog!

© 2009 - 2021 falingard
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Katay-chan's avatar
Incomplete entry for thee- [link]
SatsugaiKaze's avatar
Felix, good man!

I have a submission for you!
Do with it what you will ;D

falingard's avatar
I believe I will... add it to the list :D
SatsugaiKaze's avatar

Thanks. XD
Vangandur's avatar

I'd like to submit my art to that contest!

The link to my entry is here: [link]
monkeynohito's avatar
You know, you really have a knack for making things overly complex. I suppose, this is the good kind of overly complex though.
falingard's avatar
Who? What? What did I do? What? :omfg:
monkeynohito's avatar
You. Complex contest rules. You thought them up, the complex rules.

I think the sliding participation rankings scale was what really pushed the dial from complex to overly complex. And with the honorable mention corollaries, that's a lot of big words to describe what you're doing there. Just face it, you're a glutton for complexity.
falingard's avatar
I'm... really not ^^;

I guess some of those things are complex, but really, there's not much you need to worry about when entering :XD:
Leorica's avatar
Three weeks? Should be enough time. :D
Now what to draw..what to draw? ..
Safeer-4's avatar
Here is my contest Entry Thanks.
falingard's avatar
Farthingale's avatar
I'm glad I saw the reminder on the webcomic page, or else I would've forgotten. I'm done inking mine as of a few minutes ago. It's what I hope is a humorous attempt at humour. ;) I got to draw all three girls in varying degrees of accuracy.
falingard's avatar
Good thing you remembered! :D
I shall look forward to your entry, then!
Farthingale's avatar
I'm having so much fun with it, dance dance dance! Unfortunately my computer is in a coma, so I'm hand-colouring with much dedication. I just hope the colours scan ok. Otherwise, I'd like to post you the original.
falingard's avatar
Hmm.. it doesn't seem a sure thing that the picture would make it here in time for the contest deadline by mail anyway :XD: So scanning is probably better?
Farthingale's avatar
Have done and have posted!
MiroIsLost's avatar
Wah! I figured I had plenty of time when this contest was first posted, and now it's down to three weeks! I need to stop procrastinating and get to it already. T_T
falingard's avatar
It's not too late! But yeah, can't be slacking off! ;) :D
Hellwolve's avatar
Too silly and bad I only read this now...I could've/would've given this a shot...Now I don't have enough time :|
falingard's avatar
Three weeks left!
Hellwolve's avatar
Trust me, for me, that would be cutting it really, really close :P For instance, I know 100% sure I won't/wouldn't be able to work on it the coming weekend :)
Starchasm's avatar
Here's a sneak peek at my second entry! Still a wip, but it should be finished soon...
falingard's avatar
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