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The Flaky Gene: Philemon

By falingard
Re: Flaky Gene Meme by falingard >>The Flaky Gene<<

Name: Philemon. Specialty: Life, the Universe and Everything.
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So I am I to take it that he's wearing a towel and not a scarf?
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Whichever you prefer, as long as you DON'T PANIC! :D
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he looks so composed.
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He looks mercilessly sarcastic.
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Perhaps he is mercifully sarcastic!
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actually a time lord. :iconthumbsupplz:

Y'know, ALL of these potential scions could be introduced.

You have time travel. Not only that, but The Neighbor seems to be a time traveler of Gallifreyan proportions. On top of that, future Marelle and Zintiel have THE TIME STAPLER!, an artifact which was sent forward in time, but DID NOT RETURN WITH NITRINE when she and all of her other attendant artifacts resumed their proper place in the time-stream. Also, Marelle danced very nicely around the whole point of The Neighbor.

So: how do you catch up with, or maybe even catch, a time traveler?

You go where and WHEN you know he will be, and take it from there.

In the Chronal chaos that's unleashed, personages from several different divertent potentialities could enter the picture.


No wonder Zintiel is for it!

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I don't think the comic would survive having 36 new characters injected into its bloodstream! :D
They could just be cameos
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Why do I get the feeling he would make an awesome Doctor Who?
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He has his mothers ears. :)
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I got chills. For some weird reason, I just imagined meeting this guy and with one look he knows all my deepest secrets.
Slightly scary, yet fascinating.
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Nah, you're just imagining things.

He needs at least three looks for that
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[the grinding sound you hear is my sexual orientation shifting without a clutch]
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Well, one apparently. ^^;
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yes got the epicness of both parents~ 
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Glad you like him! :D

Just have to wonder... what "//////u//////b" means ^^;
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blush smiley face thumbs up 

all at once~
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Aaaah... it's the b=thumbs up that I was missing :XD:
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