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The Flaky Gene: Cassandra

By falingard
Re: Flaky Gene Meme by falingard >>The Flaky Gene<<

Name: Cassandra. Specialty: being fabulous.

Paint me like one of your french minettes by falingard
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I love all the purple in this picture.
being fabulous is a job? why no one told me that when i was young?
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And she truly is! XD  Really nice design :)
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Ah, but is she a bookworm like her mother? Because that would be truly fabulous.
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Well, maybe she reads a lot of magazines? :D
Naekim's avatar
I guess that works. =)
I notice that both your meta-canon products are Gabriel's get. Is that because (with the possible exception of Reptilis) he's the one least likely to actually produce heirs?
falingard's avatar
It's because those two happen to have the most votes in the popularity polls! I just haven't gotten to drawing others yet.
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She really looks that way :) Fabulous. And those hair :heart: curls.
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she looks so fabulous >w<
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One does wonder what her home life was like growing up.  I mean, I can't imagine mom and dad were exactly close. :O_o:
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Well, duh.  But she was raised by a tube.    ...or maybe she was.  I haven't quite gotten the hang of the rules of the FP multiverse yet.
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Tubes can be very loving parents!
HarukoHoshiko's avatar
hmm, Gabriel seems to be the lucky one in these.
falingard's avatar
He's so handsome, of course his kids are going to be good-looking :eyes:
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I am terribly torn.... Cassandra is really cool but the idea of Marelle and Gabriel getting together is agony incarnate.  D:  (But seriously her hair is amazing)
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Just tell yourself these were all grown in a tube! :D
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Her hair is indeed fabulous.
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Gabriel would have to get over his anti nonhuman prejudice, Marelle would have to get over her anti meathead prejudice, and Gabe would have to get over his being drained of all his blood* by a vampire, so aside from those minor inconveniences, I'm gonna consider this girl canon!

*Did he die?
falingard's avatar
I consider that he didn't die! Though he had to stay in the hospital for a while. See him being carried away here: flakypastry.runningwithpencils…
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