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The Flaky Gene: Carol

By falingard
Re: Flaky Gene Meme by falingard >>The Flaky Gene<<

Name: Carol. Specialty: Kicking ass. Secondary specialty: Taking names.
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Here, hold my jacket.
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She's spotted trouble and for once it's not from looking in a mirror.
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It seems to be coming from above!
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Typical Brujah
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The description says is all... and is right!
I now ship PollyXGabriel, for the simple reason that someone this badass has no reason not to exist.
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Maybe Polly has a breeding program, like the Bene Gesserit...
LunaBell's avatar
Boss ass bitch seems so fitting for her ^^
HarukoHoshiko's avatar
Hmm, Gabriel and Polly make a nice kid together 
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Oh, she can kick my ass ANY day~ * u *
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That's right. :|
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I imagined her a bit chubbier for some reason, maybe because she reminds me of a relative of mine a bit. Anyway, very cool! :D
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Her parents are a gigantic beefcake and an incredibly thin beanpole, she has no fat genes! Which isn't a guaranty, but still :D
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She's exactly how I imagined her, just even better XD
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and by "better" you mean she has a heart pattern on her top, amiright?
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"Hold the jacket. If it gets messed up, you get worse than he's about to."
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"Specialty: Kicking ass. Secondary specialty: Taking names." and she doesn't carry a pen or paper!
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She's got them memorized!
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