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The Flaky Gene: Aniel

By falingard
Re: Flaky Gene Meme by falingard >>The Flaky Gene<<

Name: Aniel. Specialty: crafting love.

Fitting! by falingard
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I don't think any of my first choices won in the polls, but Aniel was definitely my second choice in her quadrant (something about Marci caught my eye just a tiny bit more ... no idea). I can't imagine it's easy finding shoes for big feet attached to skinny ankles ... unless she makes them herself.
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I'm sure she made almost everything else, so why not!
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I voted for this cutie, she does not disappoint. =)
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Ah sweet, one of the ones I voted for! She looks great!
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Glad you like her! :D
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Is that a plush eldritch monster or an actual eldritch monster?
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Translation: Both.
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I like her outfit!
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It was crafted with love!
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Haha I see what you did there... Cthulu...
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But she does enjoy actually crafting love! And she loves crafts. Yeah.
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she's cute!  ~<3
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You were supposed to be tired and asleep, how did you do it? :stare:
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It's a Cthulhu doll!! And, omg, that style of her. It's gorgeous!
I think I'm in love. :heart: u :heart:
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Crafting: complete!
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Nice Chtullu doll!  And I see the neighbor's hair doesn't play nice so to speak.  (With the split hair colors)
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That -could- be a style she decided on herself!
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