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Like I did last year, I participated in #swordtember over on Twitter again this year. However, instead of going with the suggested prompt list, I came up with my own theme. Magic: the Gathering has a series of famous and powerful cards all named "Sword of X and Y" that follow a pretty tight template. They have things like Body & Mind, War & Peace, Feast & Famine, etc. So I decided to draw a bunch of swords based on expressions not used in the game.

1. Sword of Kiss and Tell
2. Sword of Thick and Thin
3. Sword of Nuts and Bolts
4. Sword of Duck and Cover
5. Sword of Pen and Paper
6. Sword of Hunting and Gathering

If you're curious, I did in fact design custom cards to go with all these drawings. You can see them on the twitters.
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