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Swimsuit designs: Zintiel

By falingard
The more of these I do, the more I think I'm completely crazy. HOW APPROPRIATE, you fight like a co... I mean that I finish with Zintiel, then. Did I say "finish"? Yeah, I don't know. We'll SEE.

Swimsuit designs: Nitrine by falingardSwimsuit designs: Croissant by falingardSwimsuit designs: Clockgirl by falingardSwimsuit designs: Marelle by falingard
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DFroGGotten1's avatar
Heh, I like Back to Plaid. That's one crazy design.
Celsy's avatar
Black Widow, because I think it matches her personality and character design.
Mr-Ru's avatar
I'm kinda surprised there isn't one with just her wearing magical pixelated censors.
falingard's avatar
Because they needed to be fun for me to design :p
Runya-EithelNar's avatar
Zintiel is the best for designing, because you can go loose with her clothes :) All of them suits her :) [Jogging and Scabbard for more "normal and boring" moods ;] Very long I thought, that plaid is too simple, but later I noticed, that there aren't material, but holes ^^; Laser Beam looks cool, but it's impractical for action - the upper strings will fall down. Banana is really provocative and I can imaginate girls from our world in this ^^' I like the best Electric blue for her - crazy, but not too erotic^^; And for myself I would take Jogging ^^
purpleumpa10's avatar
For this sets votes I find 'Black Widow' to be the most interesting and 'Body Scabbard' the most amusing.
ObsidianPyre's avatar
Oh my God I love these so much. xD
Otterrang's avatar
I burst out laughing at 'Frickin Laser Beams'. That one and 'Black Window' are my favorite--they're really inventive. * w *
Alysandir's avatar
My first thoughts was, "Hrm...weird tan lines," and then I realized she will...never...tan. /boggle
falingard's avatar
Maybe with LASERS! :dummy:
persimmon's avatar
black widow for def XD although I kind of like frickin' laser beams and body scabbard too!
eranovablack's avatar
The Black Widow would fit her, but I think she'd go for the Jogging one. More practical and not so many straps to get caught on.

However, the Body Scabbard looks simplistic and fashionable <3
DEMarq's avatar
  Yes, the black Widow one matches her quite well, I'd say.
WargmoDesign's avatar
Black Widow is my favourite out of these~
cayra's avatar
Aw, does that mean we will not get the Neighbor in swim trunks? XD

Very nice designs, I like Electric Blue especially.
LorienInksong's avatar
Oh gosh I love the Black Widow design!  (Seriously I wish I could get one of those.)  I think Frickin Laser Beams is the most fitting for Zintiel though. :)
Kaelnoran's avatar
Body Scabbard is my favorite, followed by Electric Blue. Although, knowing Zintiel, I think she would go for the old Roman Olympics game, swimming in full armor.
TLupien's avatar
I like the Frikkin Laser beams. Please tell me she has a fake shark fin for the pool.
falingard's avatar
Isn't it standard equipment for every swimming pool? :D
TLupien's avatar
Yeah, but knowing Zintel, she'll take it a step further.
falingard's avatar
Actually take large bites out of people, you mean? :dummy:
Revelati0n's avatar
Black widow. Sorry, but hands down Black Widow.
Topologist's avatar
She looks great in all of them, but the Body Scabbard is particularly hot :thumbsup:
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