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Swimsuit designs: Nitrine

By falingard
I probably coulda kept going o.0

(possibly for :iconocpartytime:)

EDIT: Gave them names. Cause names are cool.

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   I would love to commission you for an  PG action scene with my Goblinette from w.o.w in the near future sometime sir. ^_*
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Juicy Melon is soo cute!
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Juicy Melon, Orange Blossom and Bubbly Sprite are my favorites!

(also I am doing this too! See you there! :D)
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Looking forward to seeing you there! :dummy:
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Surprisingly conservative.
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I have no clue what you were expecting
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I vote High gear, if voting is a thing.
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It's funny ... normally I'm all for bikinis, but all the designs that are really catching my eye here are the one-piece suits. The Jealous Heart pattern seems very iconic of Nitrine in general, very sporty and functional. The laces on the front of the High Gear are extremely awesome. The Bubbly Sprite says to me "I am ADORABLE, dammit, and don't you forget it!"
As far as the two-piece suits, the Zesty Lime is a good, classic style, but I feel like the color clashes harshly with Nitrine's hair. It could use more of a pattern on the fabric, too, IMO. Maybe if the fabric was a deep purple and the strings were this color. I like the pattern on the Skewed Perspective as well, but I think it would work better in magenta and violet than the current shades.

I might be biased toward certain colors, though.
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They're all cute designs but my favorites are the watermelon and the green one, bottom right
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The watermelon one is the cuteeeeesssst, followed by the green and white suit at the end. XD
She cute in all of them, but those are the best.
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Knowing Nitrine, I'm surprised she would consent to even wearing a suit to swim in.
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It would seem you don't know Nitrine very well ;p
Despite the suits, finally we see that nothing is bad with Nitrine's hands! This is the first picture of here (including the comic), which she didn't wear her gloves.
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Nope, not the first time by any means. See here, for example: flakypastry.runningwithpencils… :D
Though yes, it is extremely rare.

And they're huge is what's wrong with her hands! (not that that's why Nitrine wears gloves - she just likes being ready for dirty work)
1:0 for you! But I don't think that they are huge.
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Gosh I love the first two especially! :D
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I loooove watermelon. '________'

*insert Hartbeat dance here*
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I like all of the one-piece designs but I say "gears" for the win.
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Too bad I'm never drawing that one ever again :XD:
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Wow nice batch of designs... I think the first three are my favorites of the batch.  (That light lime green color really suits Nitrine, as does the watermelon colors and the purple)
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I do like how that yellow/lime pops against her skin Eyepopping
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