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Swimsuit designs: Marelle

By falingard
These... are... definitely... getting... harder to come up with. :faint:

Swimsuit designs: Nitrine by falingardSwimsuit designs: Croissant by falingardSwimsuit designs: Clockgirl by falingardSwimsuit designs: Zintiel by falingard
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   Cause she's all about that Base.Chili Anime Emoji (Listening to Music) [V2] =^_^=
Celsy's avatar
Soft boiled.
MerchManDan's avatar
Softboiled. Oh yes.
Dahila-Mockery's avatar
The first one is the best
Alysandir's avatar
For Marelle, it's got to be the Neapolitan.
Hell-is-a-56's avatar
I can see her wearing Strawberry Quik or Neapolitan, but my favorite is Sheer Audacity!

I'd really like that suit for myself!
DEMarq's avatar
    Well, somebody likes them birth giving thighs, nice art.
falingard's avatar
I've never heard of thighs giving birth :dummy:
DEMarq's avatar
 LOLZJunko Enoshima (Insane Laugh) [V2]   It's a term for a females with huge thighs sir. = Birth giving thighs.

>I'm quite surprised, you usually ignore me, go fig.. :shrug: or :dunno: 
falingard's avatar
I don't ignore anyone, sir! I just don't always have something to say.
DEMarq's avatar
   Np, you don't have to take me seriously sir. You'll find I'm much more a lite-hearted joker. =^_^=
Topologist's avatar
I didn't realise she was this voluptuous :) Ophiuchus looks great from the front but is a little strange around her bottom. Neapolitan is really cute!
falingard's avatar
Sometimes when I draw the comic quickly I don't give her figure the attention it deserves :p but yes, she has curves!
persimmon's avatar
Awe Marelle (shh don't tell the others but she's kind of my favorite) I def agree with softboiled though maybe with just a hint of yellow somewhere? I like Strawberry Quik too she just looks so adorable in pink <3
falingard's avatar
Your secret is safe with me!

In the process of messing around with the designs, the one currently called Softboiled was grey with a splotch of rainbowy pattern on it at one point... in fact at one point it was all multi-coloured... and actually Parting Mist was blue with a sun on it at one point... and... well I could go on for a while like this XD Not sure what I was even getting at :dummy: it was probably meant as a response to your yellow suggestion
persimmon's avatar
Hahah I get what you are saying ^^ ART WHAT EVEN hurgleburgle, right?  At any rate will you continue with designing swimsuits for your ladies (and gents) ? I am so loving seeing all the summery designs!
falingard's avatar
I'm doing at least one more set, I'll see whether I'm burned out after that one :XD:
persimmon's avatar
Good luck friend! Use plenty of Anti-Burnout Art Lotion as needed! :D
Runya-EithelNar's avatar
I don't know why, but I see her swimsuit as boring, simple one ^^;  For her I really like Strawberry and Softboiled :) Personally I also ove Sheer and Mist designs :heart: but they are a little too provocative for her [in my opinion of course ;) ]
falingard's avatar
You're not wrong! For that reason it (and the fact that I'd already done 21 designs for other characters) it was hard coming up with swimsuit designs for her :D
WargmoDesign's avatar
Softboiled~ I think it suits her the best.
eranovablack's avatar
I think Marelle would go for something decent... Just saying.
falingard's avatar
Are any of these not decent? :O
eranovablack's avatar
Well, the Sheer Audacity and Parting Mist might be a bit much, but Ophiuchus looks to be up her alley. And it's got a name I don't even know where it came from!
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