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Swimsuit designs: Croissant

By falingard
CONCLUSION: This is a fun way to pass the time!

Croissant's designs ended up (even) more gimmicky than Nitrine's... whether that's cause I was running out of ideas, or cause Croissant is naturally more gimmicky, I don't know for sure...

also: names

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Croissant is the only one who I like -all- of the designs for! However; my -favorites- are "Service with a Smile", "Cherry Pie", and Angel Food Cake".

Just going on looks, Croissant is actually one of my overall favorite characters in "Flaky Pastry". LOL :-)

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All these tasty-named suits and none of them are called The Flaky Pastry? C:<
falingard's avatar
Tsssh... that wouldn't be ORIGINAL :D

Or, more to the point, it would be too much pressure to create THE perfect design that deserves such a special name :la:
persimmon's avatar
Cherry Pie definitely! Also for some reason Coquille St. Jacques is appealing to me maybe it's the cutie pants ^^
falingard's avatar
Heheh... "Cutie pants" :D
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she doesn't look like a croissant, but I like 'short crust' and 'cherry pie' as her outfits :)
Caller-of-Storms's avatar
Yellow and the blue!
falingard's avatar
Caller-of-Storms's avatar
*facepalm* Just realized you named each one. Sorry.
Chromatic Strudel and Imagawayaki are my favs of this batch
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OK, now Croissant always struck me as a one-piece kind of lady; my vote is for Chromatic Strudel.
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gah all of these are too cute. But I liek the first the most. 
CassidyPeterson's avatar
"Service with a Smile" makes me think of Leslie :giggle:
falingard's avatar
Oooh... that's right. His barmaid uniform is indeed similar to that.
Might not be meant for swimming, though.
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Chromatic strudel or Cherry Pie
LorienInksong's avatar
Oh gosh these are so cute... Cherry Pie and Short Crust are my favorites of the batch.  Do you have a favorite thus far?
falingard's avatar
I try not to!
And thanks! :D
Ekuneshiel's avatar
Oh man, they're all awesome! I love the little wings on Angel Food Cake!
falingard's avatar
And they like you. Cause... they're like... wings of love. ...or something... yeah.

Glad you like them all! :D
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I'd like some Service with a Smile, thank you~
falingard's avatar
That's her Tennis outfit!
(But not really)
WargmoDesign's avatar
And she'll wear it around ten-ish?

...... >.>

I'm gonna show myself out now. <.<
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