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Swimsuit designs: Clockgirl

By falingard
This is how I'm spending my quasi-vacation! I'm normal, right? hmm

Anyway, again with the gimmicks, and the names. I believe Clockgirl is less "cartoonish" and more lady-like than either Nitrine or Croissant... but perhaps twenty-four times as gimmicky.

Swimsuit designs: Nitrine by falingardSwimsuit designs: Croissant by falingardSwimsuit designs: Marelle by falingardSwimsuit designs: Zintiel by falingard
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Awesome designs so far, with great names to boot. And what do you mean "too" punny :p
falingard's avatar
When I say "SOME people might find them too PUNNY..." I mean "SOME people have no taste" :)
Monele's avatar
Haha, I like that better XD
Celsy's avatar
Hmmm, I really like a stitch in time.
ScarletMischief's avatar
If these were real swimsuits, I would wear them. They're all pretty awesome!
rassafraggin's avatar
Lovely suit designs.. the labels are so clever too!
falingard's avatar
Glad you think so! SOME people might find them too PUNNY...
persimmon's avatar
Sundial annnnnnddd Extinction Event!!!
writingbubble's avatar
Caller-of-Storms's avatar
I like A stitch in Time and High Orbit
Runya-EithelNar's avatar
A Stitch fascinates me as a design - really original for me^^ But hard to not showing things in it ^^;
Sundial is nice :) And Extinction is awesome! [I love fire^^]. High Orbit has nice pattern, but is a little too strange for me :)
ShadowSlayer74's avatar
I like this character specifically the Sundial outfit, but I do kinda have a thing for the towel wrap.
WargmoDesign's avatar
I really like the Sundial one. For some reason it just seems really right~ But I have no idea why. XD
ShadowSlayer74's avatar
It's the towel wrapped around her legs, gives it a bit of mystery.
VsubAS's avatar
Ooo, high orbit is nice.  Spring leaf is neat too. 
Kaelnoran's avatar
Is it bad that my first thought when seeing the Extinction Event suit was the "fire" song from the beginning of Hell's Kitchen?
falingard's avatar
I... couldn't tell you!
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Cuthillius's avatar
Redshirft, High Orbit, or Extinction event.
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