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Serve No Evil

By falingard
Happy Fanservice Day!

This... was cooler in my head. Hope you guys and girls enjoy it anyway!
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Abs no evil
Ass no evil
Tits no evil
MageArt's avatar
I feel like Marelle has a sudden two places...
falingard's avatar
Oh! Oh! Is one of them...  your face? :iconteheplz:

...I don't know where the other one is
MageArt's avatar
you know, if she wants to throw a punch, I'd make that sacrifice for the cause!
MerchManDan's avatar
Zin in workout attire? Sure, that's hot. Yummy 
Nitrine showing off that goblin booty? Getting hotter. Phew!
Marelle...oh my.I'm on fire!   I just kind of feel bad that she's so annoyed by this.
falingard's avatar
She's looking at you! Stare 
Rottgiest69's avatar
It pays to serve. Very enjoyable.
PurdueMatt's avatar
"Hey, Marelle!  Catch!"  Woo hoo hoo hoo!    ;)
falingard's avatar
You're throwing her a shirt? How nice! Flirtatious 
Cuthillius's avatar
Vanilleon's avatar
"Rear no evil..." Pfffheehee. XD

(I wonder how they persuaded Marelle to pose for this... maybe just by hiding all her shirts?)
falingard's avatar
Persuaded? I think you mean tricked! :D
itypeslow's avatar
It's too bad this comic doesn't update any more, I really miss it.

I hope you get the chance to bring it back some day.
falingard's avatar
Surely, you jest.
itypeslow's avatar
I have not seen an update on the RSS in almost a year, also when I went to go check just now the page was a wall of gibberish text.
falingard's avatar
In all that one year, the only time you went to check the actual website was during the couple of hours when inadvertantly slipped an error that slipped into the code during an update? :D Talk about bum luck

Anyway, THAT's fixed now, and the comic has been updating all this time. The RSS is a longer story, but suffice it to say that there's a new one that works. Right here: flakypastry.runningwithpencils…

Good news! You can archive binge and catch up :)
OmegaDez's avatar
It's so perfect.
I wish I had time to do something like this too.
falingard's avatar
Clearly you need to get less of a life ;)
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WargmoDesign's avatar
Best. Day. Ever! :dummy:
Ravenhull's avatar
The ears flattening out was a nice touch. ;)
falingard's avatar
She actually does that fairly frequently in the comic already ^^
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