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Rogue Skies: Round 1 pg 1

By falingard
My first round of Rogue skies :iconrogue-skies:, facing off against :iconmetalsliver:

Silas belongs to :iconwallabri:
Gimmick and Zane belong to :iconliamous:
Norton belongs to :iconoly-rrr:
Hugh and Giselle belongs to :iconpersekore:

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I'm faving page 1 so I can come back and read it all later. This is how I book mark.
DepressedHeartling's avatar
Giselle! Thats my name :D. Sorry I don't here that name often.
This story seems interesting~~reads on~~
falingard's avatar
I believe it's a more common name in french-speaking areas (like here!) I know a Gisèle (which is the same name spelled slightly differently)

BTW the Giselle in here is :iconpersekore:'s character
DepressedHeartling's avatar
Yeah Giselle's french<3 I'm pretty happy that its not common in America. Happy New Year btw since you're checking comments
*drops by her/his page*
kessalia's avatar
Congrats on advancing! ^_^
persekore's avatar
Finally getting time to read through other entries, and I'm already looking forward to yours. Not the least because your version of the Twins are absolutely adorable! Your style is really wonderful.
falingard's avatar
Thank you! And congratulations on winning your match! I was rooting for you :D
As for the twins looking adorable, it's a lot because you designed them adorable to begin with :)
persekore's avatar
Congrats to you, too - I can't believe I forgot to say it already. I really can't wait to see what you come up with for the next round.
Oly-RRR's avatar
I like this page on many levels :D

Hey, we need the MONKEY! it's the first think anyone would think of it situation like this!.. or maybe not =P

And I love how you draw Norton!
falingard's avatar
It's because of Norton that everything that happens! :D
Selene-Eclipse's avatar
Nice setting ^^ The black-and-white colour fits this somehow really well.
Got to follow what happens next...:)
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