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Rogue Skies: Riel reference

By falingard
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One of two characters I'm entering in :iconrogue-skies:, under Gimmick's crew.

Vehicle reference: the Clockwork Angel
Audition comic starts at Page 1.

You may have seen this guy before in my gallery.
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I've been following Flakey Pastry for a while but I never knew about this comic - it looks cool!  But I know there are not many of them so I must savor them slowly, slowly.
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falingardProfessional Digital Artist
Well, it exists! Glad you happened to find it, nad I hope you enjoy it! :)
It was that time that I decided making two comics at once was more than I could handle :XD: But I am rather fond of the results, even if it was for a contest
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I love the Rogue Skies characters and enjoyed the Audition comics.  Indeed, I'm going to hold my breath until you agree to my fanservice demands and start a semi-permanent side comic for Rogue Skies to go along with Flaky Pastry!!! 

*Hoolllpppp* .......  (better get started, I'm not sure how long I can do this)
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falingardProfessional Digital Artist
Just the characters and the audition? Not rounds 1, 2 and 3 that can be found in the relevant section of my gallery here in deviantart? :D

Incidentally, the reason I left that tournament (back in 2008 when it happened) was because I determined that I couldn't keep doing two comics at the same time :p
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Of course I was kidding about the side comics.  I imagine one keeps you busy enough!   Rogue Skies was a fun bit of back story for Zin(tiel) - including the rounds 1, 2 and 3.  I had forgotten about the reference pages for Riel and Zin (not to mention the Clockwork Angel and Elves in Black!) until this one managed to percolate back to the front page of your DeviantArt page.  Fun stuff!  Thanks again!
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Yoru12Student Artist
funny it looks exactly like Ezreal from League of Legends
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falingardProfessional Digital Artist
Thanks for bringing it to my attention! Guess I'll call my lawyer about them stealing my design, then.
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EmCaCoProfessional Filmographer
Aw, he looks so sweet! And I like the jacket.
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yourTOESareMISSINGStudent General Artist



i hope i dont have to fight you, cause i want our guys to be frieendndssss~
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love the jackets design, really unique, i look forward to flying with you!
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God I love that side profile picture of him. I ust love the way you draw noses.

Good luck!!
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falingardProfessional Digital Artist
Thank you :nod:
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oh wow, I love your style!
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Looks great!! :D
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Ah, nice to see him with colours ^^ Already liked the sketches I saw at your site, but the colours really bring the character alive :nod: The picture at the back of the jacket looks neat, and I really love those goggles of his ^^
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somechick73Professional General Artist
Nice jacket!
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Stigmartyr762Hobbyist Artist
All the makings of a hero. :)
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