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Ref Sheet: Aiidedis

Some of you might remember Aiidedis... she's a character that has appeared a few times in this gallery. She's appeared a lot more (in all her forms, several times, and more) on Jogging.

Anyway, about this time last year I started this ref sheet for her, as I was considering the possibility of entering her into an OCT. I ended up joining Rogue Skies, where she was entirely inappropriate, and so I used different characters. BUT I always wanted to finish it anyway... because why not?

So I did! Hmm... it was a bit of work. I'm of course not going to enter her into any OCTs now, or I would put in more details. This'll do for a random pointless ref sheet.

Bonus! A bit about her species.

Stop reading now if you're not in the mood for verbosity!

Warned you.

They are shapeshifters. I haven't given them a name yet :p But they all start out with with their basic humanoid shape (not usually albino), and over time, through randomness, convenience, enlightenment, etc. develop new forms to transform into. There are several schools of thought about how these forms are "developed", but usually it just happens. The number of forms one has is a bit of a status symbol. Only very young children are stuck at one form (their original humanoid one); the second form usually manifests even before puberty. Progression rates after that vary wildly, though it's very rare for anyone to reach a old age without at least three forms. The average adult has 4-5 forms.

These forms can be anything, but the more shapes one develops, the harder it becomes to develop a new one, and the more "powerful" each new form is. Powerful is relative, of course, since these form tend to have very different abilities, usually ensuring that older forms never become obsolete. Supernatural abilities (like shooting fire, telepathy, energy projection) are more likely to be limited to the higher forms. Aiidedis, with her 7 forms, is among the most badass folk of her people, but not THE most badass.

Clothes! I long wondered how their clothing worked. I wanted them to have clothing in their humanoid forms, but not have them ripped or necessarily adapted into their other forms. And yet I did include some aspects of it in Aiidedis's forms (shoulders!)... I figure they have a special process which new clothing is put through, involving the intended wearer's own blood, which makes the clothing meld into them when they shift, and reemerge when they return to their humanoid form. Yep. How convenient! Thank you. But if they somehow lose their special clothing, POOP. And they can't lend each other a shirt, either.

So they've got this wonderful shapeshifting ability, which allows them to almost instant access to a wide range of more wonderful abilities. In addition to that, they are all psychically linked. They can generally feel each other's emotions, and easily communicate by thought alone. Though if it's possible for them to communicate verbally (because they're close, and in a form that can speak, and no one is listening in), it's considered more polite to do so. This not-quite-hive-mind makes them generally a very united people, proud, patriotic and well-coordinated.

It also makes them deadly xenophobic war machines. Luckily for other peoples, the shapeshifters' naturally very long lifespan has been artificially reduced by a curse/disease generations ago, causing them to die gruesomely after something like a human lifespan. Oops! Actually, the neverending quest to reverse this species-wide condition (or vent their frustration at it) is a big part of their bellicose disposition and mistrust of other species. It is theorized by some, and whispered in hushed tones, that if they were to stop shapeshifting all the time, this disease would never manifest... but you may as well ask them to stop breathing. Shapeshifting is part of what they are.

The only one to be exempt from this is their fearless leader, whose become a bit of a messiah figure. A century or two ago, he was cured. He has been leading his people on a crusade to acquire the power that cured him. Having lived longer and being healthier than most, he is rumoured to have developed a whopping 10 forms.

Aiidedis is a special case. She feels about her whole people the same way her people in general feel about other peoples. If that sentence makes sense. Is she just a bad apple? Did she not get hugged enough as a child? Was she made fun of for her albinism and love of the colour pink? Maybe all of those. Regardless, during a raid she came intothe possession of a compass - the one she wears on her vest. This compass is basically what their species has been looking for... it points the way towards the power that might cure them. So what does she do? Leave on her own to find it, and use it herself. And not share it. Gah! Aiidedis, you bastard.
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So awesome. x_x
Safeer-4's avatar
Interesting character, I agree she would make a good video game.
What happened to her Black widow form, the 8th one? Just wondering.
falingard's avatar
That was Pink Widow ;)
It (and the 9th form, and the 10th form) are "hypothetical" forms, I don't consider them canon... not that it matters much since I'm not really using her in a story :XD: But if I did, perhaps she would grow into them eventually.
Ocafi's avatar
Time and again you've proven yourself an adept character creator.

And not just the characters, but the backstory as well. Probably my favorite part of the whole shebang.
Starchasm's avatar
Heyyyyy, she takes Creatativity! :giggle:

Love the idea, very interesting character. She'd make an INCREDIBLE videogame...
Phantasm-D-Lagosa's avatar
Very cool reference sheet. I like all the forms; well thought out, and they seem like they'd cover just about any situation that she needs to handle.
falingard's avatar
Thanks! That was pretty much the idea ;)
Sabreur's avatar
Lagomorph form is cute beyond all words. Given the general dangerousness of the other forms (hell, even her human-ish form looks dangerous), I can only imagine that the Lagomorph form isn't something she usually lets other people see. It's like finding out Darth Vader has a collection of Beanie Babies. I wonder what her attitude is towards that form? Is she embarrassed to have it? Is being in that form something of a guilty pleasure? Does she use it freely to manipulate how people feel about her?
falingard's avatar
It's actually a very useful form for stealth, so she uses it as much as any of the others :D She's not above using the form's cuteness to manipulate others, but it's not usually the first thing she thinks of :XD:
HocusPocusFocus's avatar
falingard's avatar
I'm not sure the point gets across!
HocusPocusFocus's avatar
Next time, maybe you should use more the word big. just in case.
falingard's avatar
I'll keep your advice in mind! :salute:
Banana-Mana's avatar
Now this is what I call a good Ref sheet! The Mantis form is one of the coolest things I've seen :D
dragol's avatar
Wow! She is awesome, and so stylish.
That's different forms are good too, but her original appearance is even cooler than others.
falingard's avatar
Thanks! :D

Her other forms don't have clothes, though, so they can't compete with the pink dress ;)
dragol's avatar
That is sad truth XD
BigGrabowski's avatar
nice work. youre great at coming up with such diverse characters, and this one is like.. 7 of em. sounds like shed be the hero of an RPG game or something :)
falingard's avatar
Thanks! :)

And by hero, I assume you mean villainous protagonist :D
BigGrabowski's avatar
hey they don't always have to be good :D yes, that.
OutcastSpace's avatar
Lagomorph... so adorable. These are really cool... and I love how detailed your character sheets are. It's clear you put a lot of thought into them! <3
falingard's avatar
Thanks! :D I don't do a lot of character sheets, but this was definitely a big one. I had thought a lot about Aiidedis's forms long before doing the reference, though ^^;
mad-libbs's avatar
Wow, what a bitch! Though I mean that in a good way I suppose. Can there be a good way? I dunno. Wanting to keep the compass all to herself, sheesh. Question though, when she shapeshifts into a Lamia, her brain get's bigger, does that mean she's smarter than when she's say in Proteus or any of her other forms? And is there a limit to how long they can be in these forms?
falingard's avatar
Why thank you! ;D

Nah, the big brain thing is just to power her telepathy. Though she could just as easily have had psychic powers in a form without such a huge brain, it's all more magical than biological :XD: There isn't usually a limit on how long they can stay in any one form. They're all "natural" forms... though since each of them is different, there may be exceptions, like a gaseous form that starts to scatter if it's too windy or something (it's not the case with Aiidedis, though)
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