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Official-ish Flaky Pastry meme

For fans of Flaky Pastry! Things like comics sometimes have memes associated with them, right? I think?

Anyway, it seemed to me a good way to get to know my readers and what they like, and maybe for them to have some fun along the way? Besides, these things are POPULAR on dA.

I'll add the filled ones I get to the appropriate gallery in the group.

Also check out these other fine memes to fill out, by yours truly:
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mari-chan's avatar
*ganks to fill out* X3
Chrilith's avatar
Falingard, you magnificent bastard! You know I have to do this now! ...someday. I'm kinda without drawing tiem at the moment.
falingard's avatar
But thou must!
Aakami's avatar
omg, that's so cool and I SO am gonna do it :3
CheskaMouse's avatar
I must pass this along to a Pirate I know.
rachaelwrites's avatar
Someday I shall have to do this. MORE COOKIES FOR MY FRIENDS >:]
falingard's avatar
I'm not sure if that's what you were implying, but cookies aren't pastry!
ThiefNinja's avatar
This sort of thing makes me want to break out my tablet again, and practice drawing everybody. Especially Neighbour :3 *plots*
RogueRider's avatar
I think you've done most of the crack pairings already so I'm gonna have to think up something good if I do this
falingard's avatar
Well you could just draw your favourite existing pairing :p
I think there is still room for more crack, though!
RogueRider's avatar
There always is, as you've proven time and time again. Now that you have them all goblinized there's so many more options XD
oOCrystalOo's avatar
Ha, ha! true. ;)
Still I will stay with the more (un-)traditional ones.
Can't get more cracked than Zintiel and his highness Prince Camembe.. äh Camambar and they are officially engaged in the canon if I remember right.:D
shadowring123's avatar
i will try my best not to fail at meme's like i usually do XD
MiracleMili's avatar
Eeek!! I am doing this :D
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