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OCRP - filled (Meddling Kids version)



Hi! My name is Felix, and I have a problem.

And my problem is I don't have enough free time to keep doing these all the time!
i.e. I filled out my own OCRP meme again:
OCRP - blank meme by falingard
This time, I used the characters from here:
Sage and the Meddling Kids by falingard

GAB is the game master, and his world is of course filled with aliens... it is the 7th Star Century. Is it star-century the seventh? Is it the century of the seventh star? Who knows! It is pulpy space adventure at its finest.

SAGE plays Leia Lovelace. Diplomat. Scientist. Pioneer.

FLO plays the plant alien Sativa Newton J'onn. Fun-loving, wise and relaxed. Uses her hoverpot to get around.

RUSTY plays Kirk Brando, square-jawed spaceman. His heroic reputation is so entrenched he needs do no heroing anymore. Always wears parachute pants - for safety.

SASS does the best she can as Glassie, everyone's favourite robot dog.

And finally, GAB's little brother OLLIE (Ollivar Prometheus Newman) plays the atom-powered space pirate mercenary Buck Plasma.
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Nice! Sounds like a fun campaign!