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OCRP - filled (Flaky Pastry version)



The Fictional Characters Roleplaying Fictional Characters Meme!
OCRP - blank meme by falingard OCRP - filled (Alternate Flaky Pastry version) by falingard OCRP - filled (Acrwright double meta version) by falingard

A meme I came up with and filled with characters from my webcomic, Flaky Pastry.

The Game Master is of course the neighbour, and the world his campaign takes place in is his own creation, which he calls Arcwright... a world of High Steampunk, where technology is like magic, and magic is like technology.

Marelle plays Mathilda Gearshifter, the half-dwarven charismatic leader, mechanic, ace pilot and paladin of the Cog-Nation.

Nitrine plays Flynn Capucine, an elven pit fighter who takes on all challengers with her daggers Ignis and Fulmin.

Zintiel plays the brilliant but unpredictable aethermancer wizard, Pier Scorn.

Leslie plays a demonborn rogue and femme fatale named Very.

Assembling the table by falingard
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