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OCRP - filled (Acrwright double meta version)



The Fictional Characters Roleplaying Fictional Characters Roleplaying Fictional Characters Meme!
That's right, I took the Flaky Pastry characters' roleplay characters from the first time I filled this meme, and imagined what THEY would roleplay. Confused yet? Meta enough for you? YEAH!
OCRP - blank meme by falingard  OCRP - filled (Flaky Pastry version) by falingard

Even in the steampunk world of Arcwright, they're allowed to play roleplaying games!

Pier is the game master, setting the campaign in his world of Ruddy Earth, a savage wasteland on a distant planet, ruled by sword & sorcery, where the strong thrive and the weak tremble.

Mathilda plays Zarona the Loretaker: a teenage princess, orphaned and exiled, forming a plethora of arcane pacts in order to reclaim her throne.

Flynn plays the ever-hungry insectile mantermite Ishthran, and its beloved pet cat Muddles. (Fun fact: I originally added the cat only to show how big the insect-thing was)

And finally, Very plays Kormor the Raven: black-hair blowing in the wind, this manly man forges his own destiny in the world with nothing but a sword and a loincloth.

That should do it for a while.
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Okay, man. You really have a problem...
JK - I love these! xD