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Miss OC Pageant Round 4 - Zintiel

:iconmiss-oc-pageant: is back! The topic this round: Winter wear.

I don't think Zintiel (especially Future Zintiel) is very bothered by the cold... but if you're gonna wear clothes to keep warm... might as well go all the way. What could be better to beat the cold and stay toasty than a suit made entirely out of lava? You tell me!

Just... you might want to check your ski equipment there, Zintiel.

Miss OC Pageant Audition  - Zintiel by falingardMiss OC Pageant Audition  - Sage by falingard
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I have a sweet spot for gals who are immune to extreme heat.
ObsidianPyre's avatar
Haha, sweet! Gah, I love the way you painted the lava, it makes me want to touch it. owo Prolly not a good idea though.
falingard's avatar
Zintiel's touching it! That must mean it's saOMGITBURNS :onfire:
ObsidianPyre's avatar
Whatever you do Zintiel, please don't give me a hug. :noes:
Elixia-Dragmire's avatar
awesomely creative! I love it, sometimes i wish i could wear that when its winter .. without dying of course
falingard's avatar
I'm afraid the lava tailors don't get much business!
dragol's avatar
Zint, can you at least try not to burn like EVERYTHING?
Ironghast's avatar
I guess you could say that this round is really... heating up?
falingard's avatar
Or it might be... cooling down :p
chaserxfly's avatar
Her ski-goggles must be made of pure magic
falingard's avatar
They're made of friendship!
pixelfigment's avatar
Zintiel, that's not how you do that!
falingard's avatar
That's not how you do what? Wear a snow suit? I think her arms and legs are all in the right places, so I don't see what she might be doing wrong :O
pixelfigment's avatar
That's not how to do snow! Snow! Snooooooooo~w!
NightMargin's avatar
I was about to comment on how much I love the snow melting behind her until I realized she's also melting the ski equipment. I laughed so hard xD
falingard's avatar
A thousand degrees'll do that, I hear! :D
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Q: Why did Zintiel wear a magma-skisuit?

A: A bikini was out of the question

AngieR3741's avatar
Now that's what I call really, really warm clothes for a really, really cold season! Very original outfit there :la:
SmoothlyDoesItFreely's avatar
Ekuneshiel's avatar
Haha wow, that'll certainly keep her warm and toasty!
falingard's avatar
Might even improve her tan!
Floetepus's avatar
Omg, she sure looks hot in that! x3 Just oh my gosh, I love the realisitic detail to the lava suit! It is sooooo amazing!! <3
But... how can she build snowmans now??
falingard's avatar
Floetepus's avatar
Indeed it must be very quickly! xD
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