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Miss OC Pageant Round 3 - Zintiel

By falingard
The list I got of possible costumes for Zintiel this round was:
*Nintendo's Luigi
*A magic user from any video game
*A gijinka/costume of a fruit or vegetable

I'm not big on fan stuff to begin with, and Zintiel (this version) being from not-Earth -and- from the future limits what she would be familiar with. That leaves fruits and vegetables. I still hate that word, "gijinka"... why not just say anthropomorphic like normal people?

But anyway! At first I considered... what fruit/vegetable is purple, so Zintiel's hair wouldn't be out of place? The answer, eggplant. Which led me to think of... Eggplant Wizard, a magic-user from Nintendo's Kid Icarus video game... ... 2.5 out of the 3 costume prompts! That tickled my fancy, but because of the reasons above, I wasn't sure I wanted to go with that.

Eventually, I thought of dragon fruit. That is one badass, spiky fruit. And the result is what you see here.

Any reference to a video game in this final picture is purely coincidental.

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lets us pray zintel nevers hears of kamen rider gaim

can you say

 dragonfruit arms
Ironghast's avatar
Who would have thought the skin of such a mild-tasting fruit could contain such a spicy lady? That vibrant exterior definitely suits her!
Fruit Warrior? :iconheplz:
Ironghast's avatar
Good luck to Zintiel in round 3 by the way!
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Thank you! Best of luck to you as well! :)
dragol's avatar
Did she just owned Fruit Ninja?
falingard's avatar
She just likes cutting things! Is that a crime? :dummy:
dragol's avatar
I can undertstand her XD
Mystificateur's avatar
waah this is super creative *_* love it
falingard's avatar
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Gaaaah, this suit looks so fantastically awesome! QwQ Omgggg, I just want that costume so much! x'D Love the chopped fruits over the floor, it is such a good detail to it all :'D And gah, that sword- so freaking cool! xD
Gosh, Zintiel looks so stunning in this costume! ;w; I really adore how she grins so widely, she is amazing<3333
falingard's avatar
Hehe, thank you! Glad you enjoyed it :D
Elixia-Dragmire's avatar
this was mega inspiring :meow: thank you!
falingard's avatar
It... it was? Well! Good, then! Happy to be of assistance :)
Elixia-Dragmire's avatar
yup! thanks dude for being awesome!
AngieR3741's avatar
Epic costume. just epic. seriously.
Good luck! :D
I love the brutality and playful style. Zintiel through and through. So yes, that's a really awesome outfit. Take it off.
AuromKantana's avatar
She... She's... she's the fruit ninja....
falingard's avatar
Pff... you really think there's only one?
Perry-Pictures's avatar
how could anyone NOT love this?!?! Its pure awesome sauce!!
jclv's avatar
She's as beautiful as she is scary!
falingard's avatar
Perhaps more! :dummy:
chlove-art's avatar
I love the texture you used for Zintiel's skin/body. Very nice pic overall<3
falingard's avatar
Thank you, ma'am! :la:
DannyboyO1's avatar
Less fruit ninja... more barbarian. Though, I guess if she had a warhammer instead of a giant sword, she'd be a Gallagher.
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