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Miss OC Pageant Round 2 - Zintiel

By falingard
This round is about fitness and confidence, apparently. You want confidence? Zintiel's confident. Enough to pick a fight with sharks! And fitness? Well she's fighting sharks, isn't she?

I waffled a lot on the design of the actual suit. I like to think I ended up with something sporty and sexy.

Many thanks to *persekore, who provided the inspiration for this picture. :D

Still having lots of fun!


No actual sharks (or elves) were harmed in the making of this picture. For the record, sharks are awesome, and I don't condone any sort of violence against them. Especially not finning; i.e. cutting off their fins and dumping them back in the water to die, just so some rich folks can have their soup. That is disgusting, and unfortunately it's happening, on our planet, hundreds of thousands of times daily.
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Vreatif's avatar
SHe is one of the toughest elves in the Univerce!
anotalenthack's avatar
Zintiel punching sharks? Yes, please.
Flimflanboy's avatar
I feel like she purposely cut her ankle just to attract their bloodlust.
You know what, that's probably exactly what happened.
falingard's avatar
Clearly, Zintiel is an agent of the SPC: Shark Punching Center.
fidonia's avatar
And this, ladies and gents, is a perfect demonstration of why Zintiel is a perfect character.
magzie100's avatar
shes to awesome for air
Chezwald's avatar
Wow, I check my dA after AGES away and I get a picture of a girl punching a shark. Welp, that's my day complete!
falingard's avatar
thanks i could help bro!
ArtistsBlood's avatar
Only she could pull off beating the crap out of sharks and still looking graceful at the same time. absolutely love this, your art always makes me so happy. 
falingard's avatar
No point in beating up sharks if you don't do it with style!
Poor sharks..anyone for sushi?
Traitorous-Tortoise's avatar
Those sharks just wanted to be part of the pageant.
falingard's avatar
NOW they'll be part of it.


Ironghast's avatar
I see she's providing plenty of material for the entrants who like to mess with dead creatures! Awesome work!
falingard's avatar
I thionk there's a law... requiring such people to attach laser beams to the sharks' heads.
QueenGwenevere's avatar
Attention, this is your lifeguard speaking, all swimmers and sharks please leave the swim area, a wild Zintiel has been spotted offshore! Please leave the area for your safety!

Aaaaand Zintiel steals the show yet again. This is awesome. =D
falingard's avatar
She didn't mean to! You can have it back. Sorry if it's a little roughed-up. That was an accident as well. :dummy:
byrdiethemotley's avatar
I don't have a comment or fave on this picture? How awful! This is amazing!
Floetepus's avatar
sdfghjk, those poor innocent sharkies!:icontearplz:(the disclaimer at the end gives me peace, though! Sharks are my favorite animals<3 and asdfg f*ck how I hate shark finning! Damn that soup and those who serve it :C I'm gonna do my best to do something about it! Trust me on that! ) But anyway omgggg how amazing is this I don't even-
Zintiel looks so epic, her pose is like super awesome and I know she is the focus but omg I am so in love with how amazing these sharks came out!! You drew them really fantastic sdfgh
ObsidianPyre's avatar
So, just have to say, every time I look at this it's still freakin' awesome. XD
falingard's avatar
Eh, just wait a litle bit longer! ;)
Silvereye12's avatar
Omg, I hit the zoom because, well that's what ya do and immediately the thing that filled up my view was the shark in the upper left and I got the giggles over how worried he looks XD
I'm trying to figure this the bathing suit competition, or the talent portion?
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