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Miss OC Pageant Round 1 - Zintiel

By falingard
Round 1: Evening Wear.

Zintiel on the catwalk is like dynamite!

I mean really. Exactly like dynamite.

Which, clearly, cannot have any negative repercussions.

So Zintiel noticed a small, insignificant snag on her dress before the show... but couldn't be bothered to have it mended. Just run with it, Zintiel! Haha.

Clearly I am having way too much fun with this whole thing.

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"Which one of you pyrotechnics fools authorized dynamite on stage???"
"No one, boss, she brought her own."
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Did Michael Bay sponsor the explosions?

Very nice clothing! 

The audience would need helmets!
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Aaaand Zintiel not only steals the show but vaporizes it for good measure... Classic. :XD:

(Also for some reason I really dig the lighting on her legs...)
falingard's avatar
Some people like to make a splash! And others like to make a boom.

And thanks! I did spend a lot of time on those legs X3
and destruction folloew in her wake...again.
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One day she'll surprise everyone and NOT cause destruction.
or maybe she did'nt agree with the pagent judes decision.
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You have a very awesome style and Oc!
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I put in as much snazz as I could!
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Man, this Zin is so much different from the first Zin I encountered way back in the day in Rogue Skies. She's fantastic; maliciously delightful!
falingard's avatar
Well, being a few hundred years older will do that to a person! :D
...turn them into casually destructive mutants with chaotic powers....

chaserxfly's avatar
Omg your dress is defying physics and you make it look so good! And dem shoulders. Perf
Was going to make a really witty pun but it blew up in my face
Badumm tsss
falingard's avatar
Not sure what physics are being defied at this time, but glad you like it! :D
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She's such a scamp!
Tindome-Art's avatar
She's such a total babe, and what an electric personality! *starry eyes of admiration*
Shadow-wing2's avatar
I hope they've good fire extinguishers.
Or a fireproof catwalk.
LemurDnoc's avatar
Quite an explosive entry
Quite an awesome surprise to see you and TVsKyle in this :D
falingard's avatar
Well, I know TVsKyle was in the last edition of this, so I suppose it's not so surprising. As for me, I probably WOULD have been in the last one, if I had known about it before it started :D
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